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TNPL 2018: Chepauk Super Gillies vs VB Kanchi Veerans Live Score Commentary & Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 31, 2018 22:34 IST

Follow all the live updates as Chepauk Super Gillies take on VB Kanchi Veerans at Dindigul.


22:34 (IST)31 JUL 2018

Chepauk Super Gillies beat VB Kanchi Veerans by 13 runs. The defending champions finally get on the board in TNPL 2018.

22:29 (IST)31 JUL 2018

12 runs came off that over but when the required rate was 18 at the start of the over, it is still well below the asking rate.

VB Kanchi Veerans 157/8 after 19 overs

22:25 (IST)31 JUL 2018

The last rites are being read for the Kanchi Veerans. Just three came off that over and now they need 36 off the last two overs.

VB Kanchi Veerans 145/8 after 18 overs

22:22 (IST)31 JUL 2018

Another expensive over but the game seems to be beyond Kanchi. They still need 39 off the last three overs.

VB Kanchi Veerans 142/8 after 17 overs

22:17 (IST)31 JUL 2018

M Ashwin ends his spell with figures of 2/22 and that looks to have sealed the game for his side.

VB Kanchi Veerans 131/8 after 16 overs

22:14 (IST)31 JUL 2018

OUT! Ashwin gets another and Sunil Sam departs attempting another big slog. That looks like the end of the chase for Kanchi Veerans. Sunil Sam c Sasidev b Murugan Ashwin 12(6)

VB Kanchi Veerans 130/8 after 15.3 overs

22:12 (IST)31 JUL 2018

13 runs off that over from Harish Kumar and somehow Kanchi Veerans are still hanging on in this contest. The required rate is just a smidge over 10 now.

VB Kanchi Veerans 129/7 after 15 overs

22:11 (IST)31 JUL 2018

10 off two balls! This time it is Sunil Sam. The first was a streaky four over the keeper's heads and the second was a six over long off. That went up a mile in the air but just had enough legs to clear the ropes.

VB Kanchi Veerans 126/7 after 14.4 overs

22:08 (IST)31 JUL 2018

OUT! K Deeban goes for one more but he holes out at deep mid-wicket. Harish Kumar gets the breakthrough and the dangerous Deeban has to go. K Deeban c Samruddh Bhat b Harish Kumar 18(11)

VB Kanchi Veerans 116/7 after 14.2 overs

22:08 (IST)31 JUL 2018

Expensive over from M Ashwin comes to an end. 12 runs came off it and it was courtesy of some clean hitting from K Deeban.

VB Kanchi Veerans 115/6 after 14 overs

22:06 (IST)31 JUL 2018

10 off 2 balls! K Deeban hasn't given up just yet. First it was a boundary that bisected both deep midwicket and long on and the second was a massive six over cow corner.

22:05 (IST)31 JUL 2018

Seven overs to go and Kanchi Veerans need 78 to win. They only have four wickets remaining and here comes M Ashwin.

22:03 (IST)31 JUL 2018

RUN-OUT! S Karthik can simply do no wrong as he gets rid of Francis Rokins. They try to scamper through for a legbye to the keeper but Rokins is short of his ground as the keeper hits the stumps. Francis Rokins run out (S Karthik) 16(14)

VB Kanchi Veerans 103/6 after 13 overs

21:59 (IST)31 JUL 2018

12 came off that over but Chepauk wouldn't mind as that was the over which saw the end of the dangerous Sanjay Yadav,

VB Kanchi Veerans 94/5 after 12 overs

21:57 (IST)31 JUL 2018

RUN-OUT! Excellent work in the deep from Sivakumar who stops the boundary at deep point and then delivers a perfect throw to the keeper, which finds Sanjay Yadav short as he was looking for a third. Sanjay Yadav run-out Sivakumar 12 (7)

VB Kanchi Veerans 94/5 after 11.5 overs

21:52 (IST)31 JUL 2018

Just when it looked like Sivakumar was on track to bowl another terrific over, a six from Francis Rokins makes things slightly better. But even that isn't enough as the required rate creeps up to 11.

VB Kanchi Veerans 82/4 after 11 overs

21:49 (IST)31 JUL 2018

A successful over from M Ashwin means that Chepauk are now in the driver's seat. Just three off that over including the big wicket of the Kanchi Veerans captain.

VB Kanchi Veerans 74/4 after 10 overs

21:45 (IST)31 JUL 2018

OUT! Aparajith picks out the fielder at long off and that is a huge wicket for Chepauk. That was there to be hit but the Kanchi skipper just couldn't clear the ropes. Baba Aparajith c V Arun b Murugan Ashwin 13 (13)

VB Kanchi Veerans 73/4 after 9.4 overs

21:43 (IST)31 JUL 2018

A tidy over from Sivakumar despite being hit for a boundary off the first ball from Baba Aparajith. Just seven off it.

VB Kanchi Veerans 71/3 after 9 overs

21:40 (IST)31 JUL 2018

Seven runs off Ashwin's first over but no boundary was scored as both batsmen were looking to consolidate after the flurry of wickets.

VB Kanchi Veerans 64/3 after 8 overs

21:35 (IST)31 JUL 2018

M Ashwin was the hero with the bat towards the end. Can he do it with the ball as well?

21:34 (IST)31 JUL 2018

What a start from Sivakumar. The right arm pacer has blown this game wide open in the space of six balls. Three runs and two wickets in that over.

VB Kanchi Veerans 57/3 after 7 overs

21:33 (IST)31 JUL 2018

OUT! Mokit is caught behind. He doesn't think that he is out and he stands his ground but the umpire has raised the finger and he is out for a duck. Mokit Hariharan c Karthik S b Sivakumar 0 (2)

VB Kanchi Veerans 55/3 after 6.5 overs

21:31 (IST)31 JUL 2018

Now there are two new batsmen at the crease and neither have faced a ball. Just what Chepauk would have wanted.

21:29 (IST)31 JUL 2018

OUT! Arun is trapped lbw. Two in three balls for Chepauk and that brings the Kanchi captain to the crease. Arun lbw b Sivakumar 27 (19)

VB Kanchi Veerans 54/2 after 6.1 overs

21:29 (IST)31 JUL 2018

A power play that both sides will be relatively happy with. Kanchi crossed fifty with the loss of just one wicket and that one wicket off the penultimate ball of the power play means that Chepauk are still in with a chance.

VB Kanchi Veerans 54/1 after 6 overs

21:26 (IST)31 JUL 2018

OUT! M Ashwin takes a good catch running back to get rid of Vishal Vaidhya. And finally Chepauk get the breakthrough they wanted off the penultimate ball of the power play. Vishal Vaidhya c Murugan Ashwin b Samruddh Bhat 24(18)

VB Kanchi Veerans 53/1 after 5.5 overs

21:22 (IST)31 JUL 2018

Tight over from Harish Kumar as he concedes just six runs. Still an over to go in the power play and Kanchi are closing in on 50.

VB Kanchi Veerans 48/0 after 5 overs

21:18 (IST)31 JUL 2018

Another good over for the Kanchi Veerans in the power play. Two boundaries in this over that goes for 11.

VB Kanchi Veerans 42/0 after 4 overs

21:14 (IST)31 JUL 2018

The Arun-Vaidhya duo are turning it on here. Two boundaries and four singles, 12 off the over.

VB Kanchi Veerans 31/0 after 3 overs

21:11 (IST)31 JUL 2018

Samruddh Bhat has leaked 14 runs from the over. While S Arun hit a six off the fourth delivery, Vishal Vaidhya got a boundary on the last.

VB Kanchi Veerans 19/0 after 2 overs

21:06 (IST)31 JUL 2018

Despite two wides, B Arun has managed to keep the Veerans down to five runs.

VB Kanchi Veerans 5/0 after 1 over

21:05 (IST)31 JUL 2018

And the chase is on!

20:47 (IST)31 JUL 2018

Will that be enough for Chepauk to win their first game in TNPL 2018? Join us again in 15 minutes to find out.

20:47 (IST)31 JUL 2018

With nothing but pride on the line for the defending champions, Super Gillies needed to show intent if they were to end their run of five successive defeats. That is just what they did right from the first ball but lost the plot after the 11th over. S Karthik was dealing in only boundaries early and raced to his fifty off 27 balls. Captain Gopinath gave him good company before he was dismissed. When Karthik and Sasidev were dismissed in the space of three balls, the collapse began. In the end, thanks to Ashwin, they posted 180/5.

20:47 (IST)31 JUL 2018

Ashwin finishes it with a six and the final over goes for 17 runs. This one goes over long on who was in with a chance till the last minute.

Super Gillies 180/5 after 20 overs

20:46 (IST)31 JUL 2018

DROPPED! Another dropped catch. This time, it is another dolly but at long off. R Sanjay Yadav drops this one. What is happening out there?

20:45 (IST)31 JUL 2018

Two drops in the space of three balls. Some stunning catches in the crowd but two drops for Arun at short third man. The first was followed by a collision and let Aarif off the hook while the second was a dolly that he didn't hang on to let Ashwin survive.

20:42 (IST)31 JUL 2018

Sunil Sam's final over goes for plenty and that is thanks largely to Murugan Ashwin's twin sixes. And another great catch in the ground, this time it is a one-handed catch by the ball boy who was behind the square leg boundary.

Super Gillies 163/5 after 19 overs

20:39 (IST)31 JUL 2018

SIX! Ashwin continues to be a bright spark for the Super Gillies. this was in his arc and he wasted no time in hitting that over long on. A good catch from a veshti-clad fan in the stands, who is over the moon after being shown on TV.

Super Gillies 153/5 after 18.1 overs

20:37 (IST)31 JUL 2018

Excellent over from Divakar as he concedes just four singles from the 18th over. Aarif hasn't been able to connect with much so far and Ashwin continues to find the fielders.

Super Gillies 147/5 after 18 overs

20:32 (IST)31 JUL 2018

10 came off that over from Aparajith and Murugan Ashwin continues to contribute with the bat for Chepauk.

Super Gillies 143/5 after 17 overs

20:28 (IST)31 JUL 2018

SIX! New balls please. M Ashwin dances down the track and just clobbers one over long on and out of the ground. What a shot! That too against a bowler who picked up two wickets in his previous over.

Super Gillies 139/5 after 16.1 overs

20:27 (IST)31 JUL 2018

OUT! Harish dances down and misses the ball, the bails are whipped off in a flash and he has to go. After an expensive start, Aushik finishes with two tight overs and a wicket off the last ball of his spell. Harish Kumar st S Chandrashekar b A Srinivas 3(4)

Super Gillies 133/5 after 16 overs

20:23 (IST)31 JUL 2018

Five overs to go and with new batsmen at the crease, how much more can Chepauk add?

20:23 (IST)31 JUL 2018

An excellent over from Aparajith, who gets rid of the two set batsmen and concedes just three singles. That is how you lead from the front.

Super Gillies 129/4 after 15 overs

20:21 (IST)31 JUL 2018

OUT! Aparajith has two in three balls. A simple return catch this time as Sasidev can only pick out the bowler with his straight drive. Sasidev c and b Aparajith 11(14)

Super Gillies 129/4 after 14.5 overs

20:18 (IST)31 JUL 2018

OUT! Karthik goes big after a couple of tight overs but is caught at deep mid-wicket. Aparajith gets the breakthrough as Francis Rokins takes a good catch near the ropes to get rid of the dangerous Karthik. S Karthik c Francis Rokins b Aparajith 76(44)

Super Gillies 128/3 after 14.3 overs

20:17 (IST)31 JUL 2018

After two expensive overs, Aushik finally bowls a tidy over as his third goes for just five runs. But it would have been much better had K Deeban taken a tough chance to get rid of Sasidev, who is living a charmed life so far.

Super Gillies 126/2 after 14 overs

20:11 (IST)31 JUL 2018

Excellent over of off-spin from the skipper. Just five singles came off it.

Super Gillies 121/2 after 13 overs
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