Commonwealth Games 2018: Men's Basketball Group Stage, India Vs England, Live Scores & Updates

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India loses 54-100


09:19 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India play a rather insignificant third group game against Scotland tomorrow at 4:30 PM IST. 

09:17 (GMT)7 APR 2018

With this loss, India are more or less out of the tournament. There's no way they can make it to the next round. They needed to win at least two games. A disappointing end, really. The first game could have been clinched and this was just an embarrassment. 

09:17 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Despite the game being so lopsided, Amjyot Singh played all 40 minutes of the game. He registered 10 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists but no doubt, fatigue caught up with up at some point as he also recorded 10 turnovers for the game.

09:15 (GMT)7 APR 2018


09:15 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India at 54.

09:14 (GMT)7 APR 2018

England reach 100 points!

09:13 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India with their highest quarter tally of the game, with 16 points but then too, they allow England to score 18 in very insignificant fourth quarter.

09:10 (GMT)7 APR 2018

With around two minutes left in the game, India trails 38.

09:09 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Really no silver linings in this game, unlike the Cameroon game. 

09:03 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Really weird why Amjyot is clocking minutes in the game, with the game more or less done given the size of the lead.

09:02 (GMT)7 APR 2018

All points just a consolation right now. India up to 46, with 9 in this quarter so far.

08:56 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India begin with a 3 but it's really insignificant. Lead reduced to 37.

08:54 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Once again, Amjyot Singh has played 10 minutes of the quarter and the team has gone nowhere. Just scoring 9 points and allowing 29. Surely Amjyot should be sitting in the final period, given the lead is at 40 points.

08:51 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India tie their points tally from the second quarter, score 9 in the third period. 

08:49 (GMT)7 APR 2018

The disastrous quarter continues. Only a minute left, India have only scored 7 points and have allowed 27. Trail by a huge unassialable margin of 42 points with just over a quarter to go. 

08:44 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Make that 24 that India have allowed. India trailing right now by 44.

08:44 (GMT)7 APR 2018

1It's been a terrible quarter again for India. Halfway into the quarter, India have only scored 2 points and given away 21.

08:35 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Just two minutes in and England are on fire. Already outscored India 11-2 in the quarter so far. Lead at 57-26

08:33 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Once again, England begin a quarter with a three-pointer. Increase their lead to 25 (49-24).

08:32 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Third quarter is minutes away. Stay tuned!

08:20 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India are out-rebounding their opponents 19-12 but they are simply lacking in number of field goals made. It's as simple as that. 

08:18 (GMT)7 APR 2018

It's scary. The team's best player Amjyot has played all 20 minutes in the first half but still the team is down by 22 at the half. 

08:17 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Against Cameroon, India led by 24 at the half. In this game, however, their trailing by 22 heading to the locker room. It's been a disappointing half, to say the least, especially the second quarter, where India only managed 9 points. 

08:15 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Satnam knocks down a bucket but it hardly makes any dent in the England's huge lead, which now stands at 18. 

08:14 (GMT)7 APR 2018

The lead has now ballooned to 20 as India have only scored 7 points in the second quarter, while allowing 23 with two minutes still to go in the quarter.

08:09 (GMT)7 APR 2018

This game is blowing open. England score five more points while not allowing any. They now hold a tremendous 16-point lead.

08:05 (GMT)7 APR 2018

England starting to solidify this lead, scoring four more unanswered. They now lead by 11 (30-19)

08:03 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India register a couple of buckets via Satnam and Jeevanantham Pandi but the team simiply can't stop England from scoring. England score 4 points as well, maintaining their lead at 26-19.

07:59 (GMT)7 APR 2018

England begin the second quarter with a 3, extending their lead to 7 (22-15)

07:59 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Aravind was India's best player through the first quarter, scoring 7 points on 3-3 shooting including one 3-pointer.

07:56 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Last four minutes of the quarter, India score four points and let England score five. No ground made. At the end of the first quarter, India trails England 15-19, despite starting 11-4.

07:47 (GMT)7 APR 2018

10 unanswered now for England! India losing the plot early? They've gone from being 7 points up to 3 points down. 

07:45 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Make that 8 unanswered for England. They now hold a 12-11 lead. These two points coming from Callum Jones.

07:43 (GMT)7 APR 2018

England score six unanswered, the two additional points coming from Adam Thoseby. India hold slim 11-10 lead.

07:42 (GMT)7 APR 2018

England aren't letting up so easy. They once again score a couple of buckets in succession, this time by substitute Jamell Anderson. They still trail 8-11.

07:42 (GMT)7 APR 2018

A hot start from Aravind. He records two more points, to move on to 7 for the game. India now leads 11-4

07:40 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India opening up this game now, with five quick unanswered points. A three-pointer from Aravind and a bucket from Satnam. India leads 9-4

07:40 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India strike right back. Yadwinder Singh dishes it off to Aravind for a bucket. Scores are tied at 4 after just over 2 minutes.

07:39 (GMT)7 APR 2018

England score a couple of quick buckets, both via Shane Walker, to take a 4-2 lead. 

07:36 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India are the first ones on the board. PG Akhilan scores the first bucket of the game, off the assist from Aravind.

07:30 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India's starting line-up: Akhilan Pari, Yadwinder Singh, Amjyot Singh, Aravid Annadurai and Satnam Singh.

04:48 (GMT)7 APR 2018

On Day 3 of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, the Indian Men’s Basketball Team is set to face England in their second match of the group phase in Pool B. Just like India, England too lost their opening fixture to Scotland (65-78).

India suffered a gut-wrenching loss in their first game of the tournament, giving up a 24-point halftime lead to lose by nine points (87-96) against Cameroon. In what was a very winnable game, Amjyot Singh was the team’s best player as he recorded 23 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists on 44.0% shooting from the field. The team had other valuable contributions from Aravind Annadurai (15 P), Joginder Singh (14 P) and Justin Joseph (14 P) but India couldn’t knock down buckets when it mattered the most, which is when Cameroon were making their second half comeback.

This fixture is a must-win for India, if they want to make it to the Qualifying Finals of this tournament.

Other than Amritpal Singh, who has announced that he has suffered a knee injury, here’s the available roster for the game: Yadwinder Singh (Captain), Ravi Bhardwaj, Arvind Arumugam, Satnam Singh, Arshpreet Singh Bhullar, Aravind Annadurai, Akilan Pari, J Justin, P Jeevanantham, Joginder Singh, and Amjyot Singh. The team is headed by coach Rajinder Singh.
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