Commonwealth Games 2018: Men's Basketball Group Stage, India Vs Scotland, Live Scores & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 08, 2018 12:32 GMT

India loses 81-96


12:32 (GMT)8 APR 2018

India have gone on 0-3 in the group stage, similar to the Indian Women.

12:29 (GMT)8 APR 2018

It's a pity how one quarter ruined everything for India. The disastrous third quarter just lost the plot otherwise India was very competitive against a team that was unbeaten in the group stages before this game. 

12:28 (GMT)8 APR 2018


12:22 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Scotland's huge lead down to 14. Can India make a spirited comeback? Can they carry this fourth quarter momentum?

12:20 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Some spirited scoring by India, so far they've outscored Scotland 15-9

12:15 (GMT)8 APR 2018

A couple of minutes into the fourth quarter, India and Scotland trading buckets. While that's great, India already trail by 26

12:11 (GMT)8 APR 2018

29-11 advantage for Scotland in the third quarter.

12:10 (GMT)8 APR 2018

One quarter to go and India down by 26. The promising first half is lost with a dreadful third quarter.

12:08 (GMT)8 APR 2018

With just a minute left, they've been outscored 11 to 25.

12:07 (GMT)8 APR 2018

The third quarter turning out to be another terrible offensive quarter for India. 

12:05 (GMT)8 APR 2018

On the other hand, they've given up as many as 16 points.

12:04 (GMT)8 APR 2018

India having one of those quarters once again. Six minutes into the quarter, the team has only scored 4 points. 

12:04 (GMT)8 APR 2018

As we say that Amjyot knocks down a 3, cuts the lead to 17 

12:03 (GMT)8 APR 2018

India beginning to lose the plot. 

12:02 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Now a 20-point lead for Scotland, halfway through the third quarter.

12:01 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Satnam gets India's first points on the board but Scotland strike back. Lead at 18 with six minutes to go in the third quarter.

11:55 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Only two substitutions by India. Fatigue is bound to set in at some point. 

11:54 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Make that 8-0 run for Scotland.

11:53 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Not a good start for the Indians, coming out of the break. They let Scotland go on a 5-0 run for the first 1:30 minutes of the third quarter.

11:40 (GMT)8 APR 2018

India had a better half in GAME 1 against Cameroon but this first half is a huge boost as compared to their game against England. 

11:38 (GMT)8 APR 2018


11:33 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Satnam Singh makes one bucket. Trims the lead to six but Scotland quickly strike back. 

11:31 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Important for India to close the quarter well. 

11:31 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Within a minute, Scotland go on a 4-0 run. Lead has gone back to 8. 

11:29 (GMT)8 APR 2018

After almost five minutes without a basket, Scotland knock one down to increase their lead back to four points. 

11:28 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Finally some much-needed substitutions for India. 

11:27 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Amjyot makes a bucket now. India have bought the lead down to 2 (35-37)

11:26 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Aravind really keeping India in the game. He's up to 13 points now on 6-of-8 shooting. Not to mention his 5 rebounds as well. 

11:20 (GMT)8 APR 2018

India is fighting hard. With an AND-ONE play by Satnam, they get within six points of Scotland but at some point fatigue is going to set in if all starters continue to play all through the game. 

11:18 (GMT)8 APR 2018

All Indian starters have played all through the first quarter and continuing to start the second quarter as well. Not very sound strategy.

11:16 (GMT)8 APR 2018

India are completely throwing the towel in this one. Still within 7 (26-33) with one quarter in the books. So far Aravind Annadurai has been India's best player with 9 points and 3 rebounds on 80% shooting (4-of-5).

11:13 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Scotland slowly distancing themselves. With 2 minutes left in the quarter, they have been shooting 63% from the field and have taken a 29-23 lead.

11:09 (GMT)8 APR 2018

They've taken a 21-20 lead with 3 minutes to go in the first quarter.

11:09 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Scotland starting to take control by dropping bombs from beyond the arc. 5 of their 8 field goals are three-pointers. 

11:08 (GMT)8 APR 2018

After six minutes in the first quarter, India leads 17-15. 

11:07 (GMT)8 APR 2018

After 5 minutes, they lead 13-12

11:06 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Similar to the previous two games, India has started hot and strong on offense. Can they keep it going? 

11:06 (GMT)8 APR 2018

India's starting line-up: Joginder Singh, Yadwinder Singh, Amjyot Singh, Aravid Annadurai and Satnam Singh.

10:03 (GMT)8 APR 2018

On Day 4 of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, the Indian Men's Basketball Team will play their third and final group fixture against Scotland. They've lost their previous two games, a winnable one against Cameroon (lost by 9 after leading by 24 at halftime) and another embarrassing blowout against England (lost by 46).

This game is rather insignificant as India has already lost both their games, meanwhile, Scotland have won both their previous games. The Scots have already assured themselves of a berth in the Qualifying Finals, along with the England squad. 

Other than Amritpal Singh, who has announced that he has suffered a knee injury, here’s the available roster for the game: Yadwinder Singh (Captain), Ravi Bhardwaj, Arvind Arumugam, Satnam Singh, Arshpreet Singh Bhullar, Aravind Annadurai, Akilan Pari, J Justin, P Jeevanantham, Joginder Singh, and Amjyot Singh. The team is headed by coach Rajinder Singh.
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