Commonwealth Games 2018, Men's Hockey: India vs Pakistan, Live Match Updates

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The event starts at 10:00 am at the Gold Coast Hockey Centre.


11:43 (IST)7 APR 2018

Confirmation of the final score India 2- Pakistan 2. Thats all from us here. This is Subhashish. Join us tomorrow as the Indian women meet England and the Indian men meet Wales. Goodbye

11:41 (IST)7 APR 2018

India did well go to 2-0 up but Pakistan fought like wounded tigers. They looked like scoring many times. Sreejesh made some magical saves. So, did Imran Butt. Rizwan Sr and SV Sunil loooked good for their respective sides. 

11:38 (IST)7 APR 2018

The drama has been just unbelievable. A roller coaster indeed. India will be disappointed. What a match indeed!!!!

11:37 (IST)7 APR 2018

India 2 - Pakistan 2

11:37 (IST)7 APR 2018

GOALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! Pakistan has equalized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:36 (IST)7 APR 2018

Umpire thinks differently!!!! PC for Pakistan again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:35 (IST)7 APR 2018

No Indian foot seen on replays

11:34 (IST)7 APR 2018

Referral again for another foot after the PC!!!!!!!

11:34 (IST)7 APR 2018

High drama here. 

11:33 (IST)7 APR 2018

Oopps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PC for Pakistan!!!!!!

11:32 (IST)7 APR 2018

Still danger. Pakistan refer for a foot in the Indian circle

11:30 (IST)7 APR 2018

One minute to go. Can India hang on??????

11:30 (IST)7 APR 2018

57' Mandeep makes an absolute mess with a wold swing. Great run by Akashdeep. India have to do better than that!!!!

11:27 (IST)7 APR 2018

56' India playing to run down the clock. Lose the ball. 

11:26 (IST)7 APR 2018

Will India add a striker and take off their goalie????

11:26 (IST)7 APR 2018

55" India have a chance but unable to good a well-directed pass into the circle. 

11:25 (IST)7 APR 2018

Just over five minutes to go. India living dangerously. Pakistan look inspired and mesmerizing.

11:24 (IST)7 APR 2018

55' Pakistan keep pressing harder and harder. Look like scoring any minute!!

11:22 (IST)7 APR 2018

India hanging on by a thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:22 (IST)7 APR 2018

52' PC again for Pakistan. Tremendous pressure exerted by Pakistan. Sreejesh is up to the task. Cleared at last

11:21 (IST)7 APR 2018

PC for Pakistan. Pakistan should been up 3-2 had it not been for Sreejesh!!!!!!!!!

11:20 (IST)7 APR 2018

21' Sreejesh YO BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Magic from Sreejesh. Acrobatic as ever. Saves India 

11:19 (IST)7 APR 2018

50' India unable to string up a single move. Desperate long balls. Pakistan doing all the talking in the last quarter

11:17 (IST)7 APR 2018

48' India clear at last. To no avail. Pakistan come back. India looked unsettled.

11:16 (IST)7 APR 2018

47' Pakistan keep pressing. Danger for India. Defenders unable to clear

11:15 (IST)7 APR 2018

46' Pakistan back in the Indian circle. Trying to force the pace. India on the back foot.

11:13 (IST)7 APR 2018

India need to be at their best. Pakistan have looked ominous and skilful. Can India increase their tally?

11:12 (IST)7 APR 2018

With 15 minutes to go, India 2- Pakistan 1

11:11 (IST)7 APR 2018

India reduced to ten men. Yellow card for Chiglensana

11:11 (IST)7 APR 2018

44' Imran Butt makes a magical save. India very nearly got their third!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:09 (IST)7 APR 2018

43' Amazing stick work by Pakistan in the Indian circle. Harmanpreet brilliant in defence

11:07 (IST)7 APR 2018

42' Imran Butt called into the action!!!! Great move by India but saved by Imran.

11:06 (IST)7 APR 2018

41' Shot on goal by Kothajit. Dangerous play.

11:05 (IST)7 APR 2018

40' Pakistan look dangerous. Sjoerd Marijne looks worried. 

11:04 (IST)7 APR 2018

India 2- Pakistan 1

11:03 (IST)7 APR 2018

39' GOALLLL!!!! Pakistan come back with a great goal.

11:01 (IST)7 APR 2018

37' Great move by Pakistan off the left flank. India calm as ever in defence. 

11:00 (IST)7 APR 2018

35' Pakistan display great skill to enter the Indian circle. Cant get a shot in

10:58 (IST)7 APR 2018

34' Rupinder wasnt able to pick up the ball cleanly. PC wasted

10:57 (IST)7 APR 2018

33' Rizwan Sr has been the pick of the players for Pakistan.  Counter by Pakistan. Thwarted and India are back in the Pakistan circle. PC for India!!!!

10:52 (IST)7 APR 2018

The atmosphere is electric. The pace has been electrifying with the ball travelling from one end of the pitch to the other before one afford a blink. The players make their out after the break.

10:46 (IST)7 APR 2018

India are up but Pakistan havent done too badly. Sreejesh's acrobatics coming in handy for India. SV Sunil has been the livewire for India. India's defence has been solid. India's attacks have looked a lot better than Pakistan's with four shots on goal by both teams.

10:44 (IST)7 APR 2018

HALF-TIME. India 2- Pakistan 0

10:43 (IST)7 APR 2018

Great defending by India. Calm, composed, and disciplined.

10:42 (IST)7 APR 2018

28' Two minutes to go in the first half. Pakistan lurking outside the Indian circle. 

10:40 (IST)7 APR 2018

Sreejesh the Indian Wall does it again!!!! AMAZING save.

10:39 (IST)7 APR 2018

26' Pakistan still outside the Indian circle. PC again!!!! Pak exerting pressure.

10:38 (IST)7 APR 2018

Great defending by India. PC cleared. 

10:37 (IST)7 APR 2018

Lucky for India!!! No stroke- PC instead!!

10:37 (IST)7 APR 2018

Appeal for a penalty stroke!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ball hits the defender on the foot
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