Commonwealth Games 2018: Women's Basketball Group Stage, India Vs New Zealand, Live Scores & Updates

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India loses 55-90


09:14 (GMT)8 APR 2018

India go 0-3 in the tournament, losing all of their games by an average of 19 points. That averages leaps high because of their loss today to New Zealand by 35 but their first two games were very competitive, some would even say winnable. 

09:12 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Like I mentioned earlier, India actually goes neck-and-neck with New Zealand in the second half but that wasn't enough to turn the game around. They were only marginally outscored in the second half (33-36).  


08:56 (GMT)8 APR 2018

A gutsy second half effort by India. They've actually outscored the Kiwis 27-25 in the second half but like I said earlier, they were already down by 34 before the second half begins. 

08:49 (GMT)8 APR 2018

India score 19 points in the third quarter and also restrict the Kiwis to 19, the team's lowest quarter total in this game. Unfortunately, the Indians are already down by 22. 

08:43 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Still more than a quarter to go and India already has 23 turnovers.

08:42 (GMT)8 APR 2018

India's offense finding it's footing in the third quarter but it's too little too late. They've gone neck-and-neck with the Kiwis so far, both scoring 16 each in the third quarter.

08:33 (GMT)8 APR 2018

New Zealand showing no signs of slowing down. Early into the quarter, they've already gone on a 14-5 run. 

08:28 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Third quarter underway and onslaught continue with a 3.

08:18 (GMT)8 APR 2018

Another part of India's offense that has struggled, other than their shooting, has been their control of the ball. They've turned the ball over 17 times, as compared to just 4 by the Kiwis. 

08:15 (GMT)8 APR 2018

India were counted out of this game, during their previous fixture yesterday with Malaysia and rightfully so. They've been thoroughly outplayed by the Kiwis so far and by the looks of it, it's highly unlikely that any comeback is in the making. It's a pity that their tournament, where they fought so hard for the first two games, is going to come to an end with such a huge loss. 

08:12 (GMT)8 APR 2018


08:06 (GMT)8 APR 2018

A huge reason for New Zealand's onslaught is their #2 Micaela Cocks, who has put up 18 points so far on 89% shooting (8-of-9). Meanwhile the Indians' struggles on offense were quite clear in the first quarter. So far in the game, they've shot 40% from the field and only 18% from beyond the arc (2-of-11). 

08:04 (GMT)8 APR 2018

New Zealand playing some fantastic ball, having scored all of their points on 53% shooting while assisting on 11 of their 14 field goals. They really blew the game open in the first quarter, blitzing the Indians 31-12.

08:02 (GMT)8 APR 2018

The game is currently in the second quarter with India trailing 18-45. This was more or less expected given how favored New Zealand were going into this match-up. 

08:02 (GMT)8 APR 2018

We apologize for the delayed updates. We were suffering from some technical difficulties. 

07:27 (GMT)8 APR 2018

India's starting line-up: Barkha Sonkar, Raspreet Sidhu, Rajapriyadarshani Rajaganapathi, Jeena Skaria and Captain Shireen Limaye

05:09 (GMT)8 APR 2018

On Day 4 of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, the Women's Basketball Team will play their third and final group fixture against the heavily favored New Zealand. The Kiwis have already qualified for the Qualifying Finals, having won both of their previous group fixtures against Jamaica (+31) and Malaysia (+42).

On the other hand, the Indians having lost both of their previous group fixtures, have no chances of making it to the next round - the Qualifying Finals. Unlike the Kiwis, the Indians have lost both games, to Jamaica (-9) and Malaysia (-13), by relatively close margins. Both games were hard-fought and the Indians just couldn't play at a higher level consistently to ensure both games were wins. 

Here's the Women's Team roster: Shruti Menon, Madhu Kumari, Navaneetha Pattemane Udayakumar, Rajapriyadarshani Rajaganapathi, Raspreet Sidhu, Bhandavya Hemmige Mahesha, Grima Merlin Varghese, Anjana Prasannan Geetha, Jeena Scaria, Shireen Limaye (C), Anmolpreet Kaur, Barkha Sonkar.

The roster is head coached by Zoran Visic. Most probably, the team would be missing Grima Merlin, who suffered a calf or knee injury, in the team's previous game against Malaysia.
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