Commonwealth Games 2018, Women's Hockey Semifinal: India vs Australia, Live Match Updates

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The match is scheduled to start at 4.45 pm


18:15 (IST)12 APR 2018

Join us at 1715 IST tomorrow as the Indian men meet New Zealand in the sem-finals. This is Subhahish. Goodbye. 

18:14 (IST)12 APR 2018

Australia 1 - India 0 is the final score.

18:13 (IST)12 APR 2018

Australia are through to the final. India will play the bronze medal match against England. India played well but Australia looked superior for the most part. The Aussies have not conceded a goal yet in the entire tournament. India were great in defence. Tidy tackles and good clearances meant that the Aussies managed to score only once. But India were unable to find the target with the few chances they had. 

18:09 (IST)12 APR 2018

58' GREAT CHANCE for India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ooops!!! Rani misses!!!

18:08 (IST)12 APR 2018

57' Good ball for India but cleared by Lynch. Time running out for India

18:06 (IST)12 APR 2018

56' India take their goalie off. Can it work?? Four minutes to go!!!

18:06 (IST)12 APR 2018

55' Great ball for Lalremsiani in the Aussie 25. Ashlea Faye is solid as ever in defence for Australia. Savita leaves. India will press hard now

18:04 (IST)12 APR 2018

54' India trying to attack with hard hits into the Aussie circle but unable to find their own players.

18:02 (IST)12 APR 2018

53' India yet again unable to enter the Austalian circle. Neha Goel does her best but the Aussie defence is strong as ever.

18:01 (IST)12 APR 2018

51' Harendra Singh shouts out instructions. What can India do differently?

18:00 (IST)12 APR 2018

50' Ten minutes to go. India will look to attack for all they are worth. 

17:59 (IST)12 APR 2018

PC wasted. India have to do better than that.

17:58 (IST)12 APR 2018

49' PC again for India. Can India equalize?????

17:57 (IST)12 APR 2018

India earn a PC. Gurjit Kaur is on the pitch. Great defence by the Aussies. 

17:56 (IST)12 APR 2018

47' India need a PC. They do not have a referral!!! 

17:53 (IST)12 APR 2018

Who will meet New Zealand in the final?

17:53 (IST)12 APR 2018

Australia 1 - India 0

17:53 (IST)12 APR 2018

The Aussies keep their referral but dont get a PC. India have 15 minutes left on the clock to produce some magic. They simply have not managed to control the game or manufacture a single move!! 

17:50 (IST)12 APR 2018

44' Just a minute to go before we enter the third quarter. Harendra Singh will have a talk with the girls for sure. India have to take a risk and advance. Australia want a PC!!!!!

17:48 (IST)12 APR 2018

43' India unable to find any way through the Aussie defence. India have to change their approach quickly. 

17:46 (IST)12 APR 2018

41' The Aussies looking ominous now. India unable to organize a single attack. 

17:45 (IST)12 APR 2018

40' Get back and organize is the call from Harendra Singh. India need to find a way forward quickly. 

17:43 (IST)12 APR 2018

39' Grace Stewart scores for the Aussies and now India have their work cut out. Can India score??

17:41 (IST)12 APR 2018

38' Green card for Rani. The test begins for India. What can they do now? They cannot hold back in defence any longer.

17:40 (IST)12 APR 2018

37' Australia coming at India again and again. GOALLL!!!! Australia 1 - India 0 

17:38 (IST)12 APR 2018

35' Yet again, some outstanding work done by India in defence. They have excelled today. But how long can they do it?

17:37 (IST)12 APR 2018

34' Australia coming at India with fire and fury early in the second half!! This is going to be a real test for the Indian defence.

17:36 (IST)12 APR 2018

Ball too high. Lucky for India!!!!

17:35 (IST)12 APR 2018

33' Oooopss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PC for Australia!!!! Danger for India

17:34 (IST)12 APR 2018

32' Who will break the deadlock? 

17:27 (IST)12 APR 2018

Question is, how long can India hang on? Australia will come hard for sure in the second half as they haven't scored yet. What will India's approach be? Find out after we return.

17:26 (IST)12 APR 2018

India had a great chance early in the first quarter, but none since then. India have looked solid in defence and clinical with their passes in the midfield. They have kept the Aussies out of the circle and cleared cleanly when the Hockeyroos have found a way in. India havent let Australia score but havent looked like scoring themselves apart from a solitary shot on goal. 

17:22 (IST)12 APR 2018

HALF TIME India 0 - Australia 0

17:21 (IST)12 APR 2018

29' Green card for Claxton. India control the ball in midfield. 

17:20 (IST)12 APR 2018

28' Two minutes to go. India holding on. Australia unable to get a shot on goal

17:19 (IST)12 APR 2018

27' Lalremsiani tries to find a way through down the left flank. India unable to capitalize. 

17:17 (IST)12 APR 2018

25' The Aussies can't seem to believe they havent scored yet. The frustration is showing!

17:16 (IST)12 APR 2018

24' Australia getting a bit desperate. India committing players back in defence. Very tidy with their clearances

17:14 (IST)12 APR 2018

22' India look calm, composed, and disciplined. But how long can they hold on without scoring against the mighty Aussies???

17:13 (IST)12 APR 2018

21' Desperate clearance by India. The Aussies try to find a way into the Indian 25. 

17:11 (IST)12 APR 2018

20' India unable to attack but managing to keep the Aussies away from their own circle. 

17:09 (IST)12 APR 2018

18' Can India soak up the pressure with a player less on the field? 

17:09 (IST)12 APR 2018

17' Oooooops!!!! Yellow card for Navneet Kaur!!!! India down to ten players!

17:08 (IST)12 APR 2018

16' Australia pressing hard early in the second quarter. GREAT SAVE by Savita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17:06 (IST)12 APR 2018

India have done exceedingly well so far but can they face up to the Aussies if they step up in the second quarter? What will Harendra Singh tell his team? 

17:05 (IST)12 APR 2018

At the end of the first quarter, India 0 - Australia 0

17:04 (IST)12 APR 2018

13' Great work done by the Indian defence. They are in the contest and fighting hard!

17:02 (IST)12 APR 2018

12' India looking good but they have to score early to put some pressure on Australia.

17:00 (IST)12 APR 2018

10' India not allowing the Aussies to dominate. Good work by the Indian defence. 

16:59 (IST)12 APR 2018

9' Great move by India down the left flank. Counter-attack by the Aussies. Infringement by Sunita Lakra. She gets a green card.
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