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TNPL 2018 Final: Dindigul Dragons vs Siechem Madurai Panthers Live Score, Commentary & Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 12, 2018 23:48 IST

Follow all the live updates of the TNPL 2018 final between Dindigul Dragons and Madurai Panthers.


23:48 (IST)12 AUG 2018

And that's it from us.

22:49 (IST)12 AUG 2018

They started the season without a win to their name in the first two years of the tournament and they finish by beating every team and winning the title. If that isn't a fairy tale finish, then I don't know what is. It has been a splendid effort by the team and they have done it, thanks in large part to KB Arun Karthick and Varun CV, who were instrumental all season, just as they were today.

22:47 (IST)12 AUG 2018

While KB will claim all the plaudits and rightly so for his unbeaten 75 and his 117-run partnership with Shijit Chandran that helped seal the win for Madurai, it was set up by the pacers. Abhishek Tanwar finished with a four-fer and Lokesh Raj picked up three while Varun CV finished with figures of 4-1-9-2.

22:41 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Madurai Panthers beat Dindigul Dragons by seven wickets and 17 balls to spare to clinch TNPL 2018

22:40 (IST)12 AUG 2018

KB Arun Karthick seals it with a boundary over mid-off and Madurai Panthers beat Dindigul Dragons to win TNPL 2018.

22:38 (IST)12 AUG 2018

11 runs off Trilok Nag's over and Madurai are just one hit away from victory now. They need four off the last three overs.

Madurai 114/3 after 17 overs

22:33 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Another 10-run over, this time from Varun Totadri and Madurai are just three hits away from victory.

Madurai 103/3 after 16 overs

22:32 (IST)12 AUG 2018

SIX! KB Arun Karthick isn't hanging around. He wants this done quickly. He waltzes down the track and hammers a six over the side screen to bring up the century for Madurai.

Madurai 101/3 after 15.3 overs

22:30 (IST)12 AUG 2018

10 runs off Silambarasan's over and that should be that. Dindigul need wickets and need them in a hurry to have any chance at all.

Madurai 93/3 after 15 overs

22:28 (IST)12 AUG 2018

The required run rate is now less than six and Silambarasan is back into the attack. What can he do?

22:23 (IST)12 AUG 2018

FIFTY for Arun Karthik. And that is his sixth fifty of the tournament. This one has helped Madurai inch closer to a win.

Madurai 83/3 after 14 overs

22:22 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Abhinav finishes a fantastic spell in which he conceded just 11 runs. Unfortunately for Dindigul, he wasn't able to pick up any wickets.

Madurai 79/3 after 13 overs

22:18 (IST)12 AUG 2018

10 runs came off that over from Hari Nishaanth including a huge six down the ground from Shijit Chandran.

Madurai 75/3 after 12 overs

22:14 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Just two runs off Abhinav's third over. He has conceded just seven in his three overs so far.

Madurai 65/3 after 11 overs

22:09 (IST)12 AUG 2018

At the halfway stage, Madurai are perfectly with two set batsmen at the crease

Madurai 63/3 after 10 overs

22:03 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Just two runs off Abhinav's second over but neither batsmen look particularly flustered.

Madurai 54/3 after 9 overs

21:59 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Even if the boundaries aren't frequent, the running between the wickets has been fantastic between Shijit and KB.

Madurai 52/3 after 8 overs

21:53 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Expensive start from Varun Totadri. 11 came off the seventh over and Arun Karthik is starting to motor.

Madurai 45/3 after 7 overs

21:47 (IST)12 AUG 2018

An eventful power play ends with Madurai on track with the required rate and with their two most experienced batsmen at the crease. Trilok Nag's first over goes for just seven despite a six off the first ball.

Madurai 34/3 after 6 overs

21:41 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Tight start from Abhinav as the leg spinner concedes just three off his first over. But both batsmen are looking relaxed at the crease.

Madurai 27/3 after 5 overs

21:37 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Shijit, who hasn't had a lot of time at the middle in this tournament has plenty in this game and his timing so far has been impeccable.

Madurai 24/3 after 4 overs

21:32 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Two experienced campaigners at the crease and they seem content to just pick up easy singles on offer and punish the bad balls.

Madurai 18/3 after 3 overs

21:30 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Some sanity has finally been restored to the proceedings. Shijit picks up a streaky boundary to third man and Madurai didn't lose a wicket in that over.

Madurai 7/3 after 2 overs

21:29 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Dindigul get the start that they couldn't have possibly imagined even in their wildest dreams. Three wickets and just two runs off the first over.

Madurai 2/3 after 1 over

21:28 (IST)12 AUG 2018

OUT! Two in two. The Madurai captain goes first ball. This one is plumb and just like that Silambarasan is on a hat-trick. D Rohit lbw b M Silambarasan 0(1)

Madurai 2/3 after 0.5 overs

21:26 (IST)12 AUG 2018

OUT! Tushar Raheja has to go. Edged and taken at first slip and Silambarasan gets the Dragons off to the perfect start. Thick outside edge and the fielder makes no mistake. Tushar Raheja c Chaturved b M Silambarasan 0(2)

Madurai 2/2 after 0.4 overs

21:25 (IST)12 AUG 2018

OUT! Thala is gone first ball. He goes for the sweep but misses and he is plumb in front. That is the start that Dindigul would have wanted. And they are lucky to get it as that looked like it was going down leg. Thalaivan Sargunam lbw b M Silambarasan 0(1)

Madurai 2/1 after 0.2 overs

21:25 (IST)12 AUG 2018

And we are back underway with Madurai openers KB Arun Karthik and Thalaivan Sargunam.

21:03 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Can Madurai chase this? Join us in 15 minutes to find out.

21:03 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Dindigul Dragons were asked to bat and barring the skipper Jagadeesan, who got a fifty, none of the batsmen got going and that proved to be the difference as they were bowled out for 117. Despite a late cameo and a fighting fifty from the skipper, this is unlikely to be enough.

21:01 (IST)12 AUG 2018

After two sixes in the final over, Mohammed is caught behind and Dindigul are bowled out for 117 in 19.5 overs. M Mohammed c Arun Karthick b Abhishek Tanwar 17(12)

Dindigul 117 all out in 19.5 overs

20:54 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Varun CV completes his sensational spell with figures of 4-1-9-2. Simply stunning stuff from the mystery spinner, who has bamboozled the Dindigul batsmen today.

Dindigul 102/9 after 19 overs

20:52 (IST)12 AUG 2018

OUT! Two in the over for Varun and Dindigul are nine down. Silambarasan departs after he is bowled. M Silambarasan b Varun CV 2(3)

Dindigul 102/9 after 18.4 overs

20:52 (IST)12 AUG 2018

OUT! Dindigul skipper finally departs. He is bowled by Varun CV. With that dismissal, the batting side are in danger of being bowled out. N Jagadeesan b Varun CV 51(44)

Dindigul 100/8 after 18.1 overs

20:51 (IST)12 AUG 2018

FIFTY for Jagadeesan and he is carrying the flag for his side so far. 10 came off that over and crucially, the Dindigul skipper is still at the crease and now has a fifty to his name as well.

Dindigul 100/7 after 18 overs

20:51 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Just three off the 17th over as Varun CV returns back to the attack in style. The batsmen just haven't been able to pick him at all.

Dindigul 90/7 after 17 overs

20:50 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Rahil Shah goes wicketless again but he has been economical once again. Just two runs off his final over as he finishes with figures of 0/22.

Dindigul 87/7 after 16 overs

20:50 (IST)12 AUG 2018

RUN-OUT! R Rohit is gone. There was a slight hesitation in the field and the batsmen tried to sneak through for two, which was never there. But it was brilliant work from Tushar Raheja who charged to the stumps from point to complete the run-out that found Rohit short. Ramalingam Rohit run out (Rahil Shah/Tushar Raheja) 15(26)

Dindigul 85/7 after 15 overs

20:28 (IST)12 AUG 2018

The most expensive over of the innings so far ends with Dindigul picking up 11 runs off that over. Much-needed boost for the batting side but can they keep that up?

Dindigul 79/6 after 14 overs

20:25 (IST)12 AUG 2018

SIX! The Dindigul skipper breaks the shackles with a six down the ground. That was the perfect way to start after a maiden over. Dindigul need a few more of those.

Dindigul 74/6 after 13.1 overs

20:24 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Varun CV bowls a maiden over. Dindigul don't look like they are going anywhere in a hurry.

Dindigul 68/6 after 13 overs

20:20 (IST)12 AUG 2018

J Kousik will be disappointed to not be celebrating a wicket yet. There a catch dropped and he has to be content with a tight over that went for just five.

Dindigul 68/6 after 12 overs

20:18 (IST)12 AUG 2018

DROPPED! Almost a stunner at cover by Thalaivan Sargunam who dives to his right but he drops the catch and Rohit survives.

Dindigul 64/6 after 11.2 overs

20:16 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Just three came off that over and it looks like Dindigul are doing all that they can to ensure that they play all of their overs.

Dindigul 63/6 after 11 overs

20:13 (IST)12 AUG 2018

At the halfway stage, Dindigul have a run rate of six. But the problem for them is the fact that they have lost six wickets.

Dindigul 60/6 after 10 overs

20:08 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Seven off Rahil Shah's first over and Dindigul Dragons' skipper has taken it upon himself to carry his team to a respectable total.

Dindigul 57/6 after 9 overs

20:04 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Dindigul skipper Jagadeesan has seen enough and finishes the over with a couple of boundaries to bring up the fifty for his side. Lokesh Raj finishes with figures of 3/31.

Dindigul 50/6 after 8 overs

20:01 (IST)12 AUG 2018

OUT! Vivek's luck finally runs out. Karthikeyan holds onto the catch at deep point this time. It is third time unlucky for Vivek and Dindigul have lost six. R Vivek c R Karthikeyan b Lokesh Raj 13(10)

Dindigul 42/6 after 7.4 overs

19:57 (IST)12 AUG 2018

Varun CV comes into the attack and concedes just four runs. After at least a wicket in the first five overs, now this is two successive overs in which they haven't lost a wicket. 

Dindigul 37/5 after 7 overs

19:54 (IST)12 AUG 2018

The power play couldn't possibly have gone any worse for Dindigul. Well, actually it could have. Vivek could have been out and not dropped twice in two balls. But aside from that Dindigul have had a power play to forget and also register the lowest power play score in a TNPL final.

Dindigul 33/5 after 6 overs
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