India vs Afghanistan 2018 Test: Live updates and analysis from Chinnaswamy

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17:37 (IST)14 JUN 2018

 Bagawati - Suddenly Afghanistan look charged up. There are a few close calls, Rashid was got into his groove and is making the right noises. It's getting dark but still play goes on under the lights. DK and Hardik Pandya trying to defend their way to stumps and are looking vulnerable to the spinners

17:32 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Bagawati - Spinners strike late in the day. Mujeeb strikes. Pujara gone. Pandya in

17:30 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Bagawati - Rashid khan is finally in the Rashid Khan zone. He has found the edge in a few times,  induced errors from batsmen,  trapped Rahane, looks in the groove.
DK is back in the meanwhile

17:26 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Bagawati: Drop catch, Rashid finds the edge of Pujara and Nabi puts it down. Pujara hangs on. Rashid Khan is finally in the Rashid Khan zone. He has found the edge in a few times, induced errors from batsmen,  trapped Rahane, looks in the groove.

17:06 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Bagawati - Rahane, finally,  breaks the dull phase of play with a crisp cut shot off Mujeeb. Moves back and finds the gap on the offside.

16:54 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Bagawati - Rashid Khan bowls his first maiden in Test cricket. It has taken him 18 overs. Finally,  an Indian batsman - Rahane - plays six dot balls in a row off Rashid.

16:27 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Bagawati: Rahane drills one through the covers with great authority. India need to keep the momentum going. The Afghan pace duo of Ahmadzai and wafadar have been on the dot post tea. They have looked threatening.

16:12 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Vignesh: India lose two wickets in two overs after the rain break. With two batsmen in, Afghan might bring in Rashid Khan, especially against Ajinkya Rahane.

15:45 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Latest from Chinnaswamy Stadium:

- Play to resume at 3:50 PM IST, five minutes from now
- Play can be extended till 6 PM IST
- 31.2 overs left in the day

15:43 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Srihari: The covers and soppers are off. The groundsmen are redoing the crease lines and putting back the stumps.

15:43 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Conditions are getting better

15:27 (IST)14 JUN 2018

The rain has stopped

15:26 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Srihari: The dark clouds have wandered away and the skies have cleared up. The rain has also stopped completely.

15:09 (IST)14 JUN 2018

The floodlights are slowly coming on

15:08 (IST)14 JUN 2018

The wicket is covered

15:07 (IST)14 JUN 2018

The players are going off and the covers are coming on

15:05 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Srihari: The extended break doesn't seem to have affected the two batsmen as they continue to score at will. But the dark clouds overhead seem to suggest that we might have another break in the not too distant future.

15:02 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Not a good sight at all

15:01 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Srihari: In not so great news for cricket fans, the clouds are back and they look like they are here to stay. Suddenly it has gotten very dark at the chinnaswamy stadium.

14:49 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Srihari: The Afghan players are in a huddle as Vijay and Rahul walk out. Wafadar will start off. Vijay to face.

14:49 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Bagawati: Umpires are out in the middle. 

14:46 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Bagawati: The Afghan players are warming up at the moment. 

14:39 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Vignesh: The stumps are being erected and the play will get underway at 2:50 PM IST, which is just 11 minutes from now. 

14:37 (IST)14 JUN 2018

The main cover is being taken off the wicket.

14:36 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Aadya: The main covers are coming off. 

14:36 (IST)14 JUN 2018

The clouds are clearing up

14:31 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Srihari: The sun has also made a welcome appearance and that has brought the crowd back to life. The reserve umpire still isn't happy with the situation as the main covers is still on but the rest of the covers are slowly coming off one by one

14:29 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Srihari: The main covers are still on. The super sopper still working on it. But one of the four covers have come off as the rain has Completely stopped.

14:26 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Vignesh: Good news, folks. The covers are coming of at the Chinnaswamy stadium. 

14:20 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Srihari: The dark clouds are slowly being replaced by their fairer counterparts. There's still a very slight drizzle, and the soppers are buzzing around again. The reserve umpire is assessing the conditions with the ground staff.

14:17 (IST)14 JUN 2018

The covers are still on

14:16 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Aadya - The dark clouds are slowly being replaced by their fairer counterparts. There's still a very slight drizzle, and the soppers are buzzing around again. The reserve umpire is assessing the conditions with the ground staff.

14:01 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Vignesh: Tea has been taken from 13:55 - 14:15 IST.

14:00 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Aadya: It's pouring now, and the soppers are out of action. The ground staff fix as many as five patches of covering on various parts of the ground, before they leave. We could be in for an extended break.

13:59 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Live pictures

13:58 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Aadya: Rain is back, and the groundsmen have pulled in additional covers next to the main ones. It's turning heavier by the minute.

13:55 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Aadya: Reserve umpire Anil Chaudhary is speaking to the ground officials next to the main covers. The super soppers are being run around the sides to soak the water quickly. Two soppers are moving around the field, square of the pitch. A third one is being prepped for action. Rain has stopped completely, but dark clouds still remain. 

13:50 (IST)14 JUN 2018

The super soppers are in action

13:48 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Groundsmen in action

13:47 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Bagawati: Good news is that it has stopped raining in Bangalore. The covers are still on though. The groundsmen are working hard to clear the water over the covers.

13:32 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Aadya - It begins to rain and the covers come on quickly. The groundsmen are in action

13:12 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Clouds above the Chinnaswamy stadium. We might have a brief rain break anytime now

13:06 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Aadya: The groundsmen have taken their positions next to the covers. A cool breeze is blowing, and the clouds have taken over the sky, directly above the field now.

13:04 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Bagawati: Rashid, maybe, had a chance to make a mark post Dhawan's exit. But then India again were ruthless. Vijay took over from Dhawan. 
Shuffling deep back into the crease, Vijay whipped one towards wide longon for a four. It induced a flurry of errors. Short ones, full tosses and repeat the same. Rashid was up against Vijay, who only played a single game in the IPL, with a few fielders protecting the fence on the legside. Soon, an ordinary Mujeeb replaced Rashid. 

It felt Rashid was rushing through his overs. The crowd chants maybe got the better of him. He was probably expecting a wicket off every ball. In T20s a dot was great. In Tests, building up pressure is a key element. Rashid failed to build the pressure element. Rather Dhawan never allowed Rashid to enter 'The Rashid Zone'. For Rashid, it was just walk back, bowl and get whacked by Dhawan.

It's just Day One in Test cricket for Rashid, and he would know better that patience is a crucial factor in Test cricket.

13:00 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Not some good news from Aadya: Ominous, dark clouds are emerging from the North East side. Will the rain gods have any say in the day’s play?

13:00 (IST)14 JUN 2018


India 'ruthless' against Rashid:
"We will be ruthless". These were the words of Ajinkya Rahane ahead of the match. And India have walked the talk. Dhawan led the charge in the first session as he never let Rashid bowl in a particular spot. It seemed Rashid started running out of ideas. Someone who numerous dots in T20s couldn't curb the batsmen with a red ball. The wicket had just a little for the spinners but Rashid was supposed to create an impact irrespective of the wicket. Rashid not picking up wickets was one lighter story, but him not bowling even a single maiden in 10 overs told the bigger story. Dhawan and Vijay had ample time, maybe their batting made it look that way,  to play him on all sides of the wicket. 

12-0-82-0 wasn't expected out of Rashid. Maybe Rashid was expecting a cautious approach from Dhawan. But the latter chose to unleash his flashing blades. Rashid did manage to beat Dhawan on a couple of occasions. One such instance, a desperate Rashid and Afghanistan did go for the DRS for a lbw decision. But it didn't go their way. For someone who is known for his accuracy being a wrist spinner, Rashid was totally off-colour on his maiden day at the Test arena. He leaked runs on both sides off the wicket. A day he might look back and wonder where did it go wrong?

12:43 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Aadya: Shahzad is a live wire on the field, keeping the energy in the Afghan camp intact. From diving around enthusiastically, to frantically giving fielding suggestions, while also having a quick chat with the batsmen now and then, he is the centre of attention.

12:42 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Aadya: Karun Nair played his last game for India a year and a half ago, but his popularity in Bengaluru doesn't seem to have dropped. As he walks on the sidelines, fans rushed to the railing to catch a glimpse and asked for autographs.

12:41 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Karun Nair walking past the fans to get some much-needed practice

12:20 (IST)14 JUN 2018

Aadya - Afghanistan get their first wicket in Test cricket! Dhawan gets dismissed off Ahmadzai. KL Rahul walks in ahead of Pujara. Chants of "Rahul Rahul" envelope the stadium. His entry has opened up the vocal chords of the Bengaluru crowd after lunch
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