KPL 2018, Match 5: Ballari Tuskers vs Mysuru Warriors, Live Score, Commentary

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Live coverage of the fifth KPL game between Mysuru Warriors and Ballari Tuskers


22:20 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Well, that's two losses in two for the Tuskers. They were cruising along in the first innings at one point, but crumbled towards the end. The Warriors had this in the bag right from the beginning, with Amit Verma and Raju Bhatkal forming a huge partnership to take them home.

22:19 (IST)20 AUG 2018

And that's the game! Shoaib Manager finishes off the game in style with a four!

Mysuru Warriors 147-3 after 18.5 overs def. Ballari Tuskers 145-8

22:18 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Warriors 136-3 after 18 overs

10 runs required in 2 overs

22:04 (IST)20 AUG 2018

OUT! Verma departs after a stellar knock! Gets bamboozled by a Kazi delivery and lets it demolish his stumps.

Verma b Kazi 59(46)

22:01 (IST)20 AUG 2018

15 overs have passed and the Warriors are just cruising along. It's a mere formality for them, unless there's an apocalypse in the next five minutes.

Warriors 120-2 after 15 overs

21:53 (IST)20 AUG 2018

OUT! Finally! Bhatkal tries to sweep away a Kazi delivery, ends up being rapped right on the pads. He falls just two short of a much-deserved 50.

Bhatkal lbw b Kazi 48 (38)

21:52 (IST)20 AUG 2018

110-1 after 13. Thirteen overs have passed and the required run-rate is now 5.14 per over. These two are enjoying themselves in the middle, and the Tuskers' shoulders are drooping with each passing ball.

21:48 (IST)20 AUG 2018

97-1 after 12 overs. Rajoo Bhatkal seems to have caught up with Amit Verma on the strike-rate front. Or, perhaps, Verma has slowed down? Whatever's the case, these two have ensured that the game is firmly in the Warriors' pocket.

21:45 (IST)20 AUG 2018

93-1 after 11. The Tuskers' spinners seemed to have stopped the run-flow. Only four runs in that over.

21:41 (IST)20 AUG 2018

89-1 after 10. The Warriors are well on course. CM Gautam needs some inspiration, and quick.

21:38 (IST)20 AUG 2018

The mystery spin of Abrar Kazi will have to be dealt with by the Warriors now

They are 85-1

21:34 (IST)20 AUG 2018

A relatively quiet over by Karthik CA is followed by a 10-run over from Ritesh Bhatkal

Warriors 78-1 after 8

21:24 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Two consecutive boundaries from Amit Verma brings the run-rate down. He's motoring along here.

Warriors 63-1 after 6 overs

21:21 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Two wides, but still a silent over from Karthik CA, giving away only six.

Warriors 53-1 after 4 overs.

21:15 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Despite the loss of Arjun Hoysala, the Warriors are cruising along. Amit Verma at No.3 is on fire!

Warriors 48-1 after 4 overs

21:08 (IST)20 AUG 2018

A mixed over for the batting side, with two fours coming off it. However, they did lose the wicket of Hoysala.

Warriors 23-1 after 3 overs

21:07 (IST)20 AUG 2018

WICKET! Hoysala has to walk back after an extremely slow start. Akshay gets his man

Arjun Hoysala c Gautam b SL Akshay 1(7)

21:02 (IST)20 AUG 2018

A much better over for the batting side, with 11 runs coming off it. However, 5 extras did come off that over by Pradeep.

Warriors 12-0 after 2 overs

20:58 (IST)20 AUG 2018

A great first over by SL Aksay, conceding just 1 run in his first over.

Warriors 1-0 after 1 over

20:53 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Welcome back for the chase. Arjun Hoysala and Raju Bhatkal are the opening batsmen for the Warriors

20:39 (IST)20 AUG 2018

The Tuskers eventually end five short of 150. They must be kicking themselves for the way the batting imploded after the 15th over. They showed so much promise, especially Rohan Kadam and Devdutt Padikkal, who scored more than 100 runs combined for the Tuskers.

We'll be back with the Mysuru response. Stay tuned.

Tuskers 145-8 after 20

20:31 (IST)20 AUG 2018

OUT! The Ballari batsmen seemed to have lost the plot after the 15th over. Ritesh Bhatkal departs as well.

Tuskers 142-7 (19)

20:25 (IST)20 AUG 2018

OUT! That's two in two! Karthik slaps a short one down the throat of long on.

Karthik c Suchith b Vyshak 10 (11)

20:24 (IST)20 AUG 2018

OUT! Vyshak VK is derailing the Tuskers one wicket at a time. The inputs from Venkatesh Prasad seem to be working!

Kazi c Bhareth b Vyshak 0(1)

20:20 (IST)20 AUG 2018

OUT! Padikkal's grand knock comes to an end - he ends up skying a slower ball to mid-off.

Padikkal c Amit Verma b Vyshak 60(42)

20:19 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Prateek Jain slips in a tight over - giving away just four from the 18th over. The Tuskers close in on 150.

Tuskers 132-3 (17)

20:14 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Verma hasn't had a great day at all with the ball. The control has been missing as he has continuously bowled short - he finishes his quota with 32 runs off four. Padikkal is still going strong.

Tuskers 128-3 (17)

20:12 (IST)20 AUG 2018

How quickly the game changes - two wickets in one over, and the Tuskers suddenly seem to have a lot of work to do.

Tuskers 119-3 (15)

20:09 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Karthik CA is the new man in.

20:09 (IST)20 AUG 2018

It takes little time, and the sudden pressure of Kadam's departure results in the run-out of Abhinav Manohar, who gets out for a single.

Manohar run out Bharet NP/Sharath 1(1)

20:08 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Just when you thought these two will keep motoring along, Suchith plays the trump card and brings himself on. He accounts for Rohan Kadam, who is out bowled.

Kadam b Suchith 59 (43)

20:04 (IST)20 AUG 2018

What an over! 13 runs off it and both the batsmen reached their half-centuries. How much can they get from here?

Tuskers 116-1 after 14 overs

19:59 (IST)20 AUG 2018

These two are powering Tuskers to a potentially big score. Another fruitful over from the batting side.

Tuskers - 103-1 (13)

19:56 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Devdutt Padikkal continues to impress - he smacks Bhatkal for a six to take them close to 100.

Tuskers 91-1 (12)

19:52 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Verma bowls a tighter over this time, giving only three.

Tuskers: 81-1 (11)

19:49 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Bhatkal's military medium gives away 10 runs. The Tuskers are moving along at a decent pace.

Tuskers - 78-1 (10)

19:44 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Former RCB player Rajoo Bhatkal to bowl.

19:44 (IST)20 AUG 2018

An erratic start from Verma, gives away eight runs from his first over.

Tuskers 68-1 (9)

19:40 (IST)20 AUG 2018

We are back with live action. Amit Verma to bowl.

19:30 (IST)20 AUG 2018

If there aren't any further showers, expect the game to start in the next 10 minutes.

19:30 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Update: The rain has vanished and the covers are slowly being taken off.

19:22 (IST)20 AUG 2018

We'll keep you updated with the latest from the game. The showers are still on. Stay tuned!

19:16 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Rain Stopped Play: A passing shower is all that is needed to send the players scurrying for cover. The groundsmen are quick to cover the main patch with tarpaulin. 

19:14 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Another big over and the Tuskers are getting a move on here! Both Padikal and Kadam hit a four in that over.

Tuskers 60-1 after 8 overs

19:10 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Finally, a big over for the Tuskers, with two fours coming from the bat of the youngster. Suchith would be disappointed with himself after a great first over.

Tuskers 48-1 after 7 overs

19:06 (IST)20 AUG 2018

A decent over for the bowling side, conceding just 6 runs. The youngster Padikal got into his stride with a fantastic boundary.

Tuskers 36-1 after 6 overs 

19:03 (IST)20 AUG 2018

A good over for the captain first up, getting a wicket in his second delivery. Kadam ended the over well though, with a four.

Tuskers 30-1 after 5 overs

18:59 (IST)20 AUG 2018

OUT! Swapnil Yelave is off! Ah, spinners and T20 cricket - what a love story. Suchith brings himself on, and with only the second ball, entices the batsman into a false aerial stroke.

Yelave c Manager b Suchith 6 (10)

18:58 (IST)20 AUG 2018

J Suchith to bowl

18:58 (IST)20 AUG 2018

The Tuskers keep rolling, starting the over with a boundary. Anything that has even a hint of room is being sent away to the fence.

Tuskers: 25-0 (4)
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