TNPL 2018: VB Kanchi Veerans Vs Siechem Madurai Panthers Live Score, Commentary & Live Updates

Follow all the live updates as VB Kanchi Veerans take on Siechem Madurai Panthers at Dindigul.
Updated: 25 July 2018 22:49 IST - Published: July, 25 2018 04:10 PM IST
​Siechem Madurai Panthers registered their third consecutive win in the 2018 TNPL as they beat VB Kanchi Veerans by 11 runs at the NPR college Ground at Natham, Dindigul.
The 19th over saw Veerans score 11 runs and lose the wicket of Mokit Hariharan. They still need 29 runs to win this match. 

VBKV 139/5 after 19 overs
In spite of late blitz from Mokit Hariharan and Sanjay Yadav, Veerans need a miracle to register their first win here. They still need 40 runs off the last two overs.

VBKV 128/4 after 18 overs
CV Varun finishes his spell by conceding just 21 runs off his four wickets andtook the important wicket of B Aparajith. The lad has bowled well for Madurai in the TNPL. 

VBKV 104/4 after 16 overs 
Francis Rokins departs when he tried to hit Rahil over long-on and ended up offering KB Arun Karthick an easy catch. 

Francis Rokins c KB Arun Karthick b Rahil Shah 7 (5)
12 runs came off the last two overs including the important wicket of B Aparajith. Veerans need 80 runs off 36 balls and in all likelihood, things are all but over for the Veerans, especially after Aparajith's wicket. 

VBKV 88/3 after 14 overs
WHAAATTTT!!!! A stunner from R Karthikeyan! Aparajith tried to smack CV Varun over the cow corner by R Karthikeyan ran to his right, put in a dive and caught the ball centimeters above the ground. 

B Aparajith c R Karthikryan b CV Varun 29 (27)
Just three runs off the 12th over bowled by Rahil Shah. This is some brilliant stuff from the left-arm spinner. The runs have dried up for the Veerans here.

VBKV 76/2 after 12 overs
A good over by Madurai as Kousik concedes just five runs and takes the wicket of Vishal Vaidya. 

VBKV 73/2 after 11 overs
J Kousik comes back into the attack and strikes straight away as he castles Vishal Vaidya breaking his 50-run partnership with B Aparajith.

Vishal Vaidya b J Kousik 31 (34)
Copy, paste from the last two overs as Veerans take 10 runs in an over yet again and again, they did it with a six off the bat of B Aparajith. 

VBKV 68/1 after 10 overs
Yet another over in which ten runs were scored including a six, this time from Vishal Vaidya's bat. This is the first time CV Varun has conceded a six in this year's TNPL. 

VBKV 58/1 after 9 overs
Finally some intent for skipper B Aparajith who dances down the track and hits Rahil Shah for a six over his head. They need more such shots to take their team closer to victory. 10 runs came off the eighth over.

VBKV 48/1 after 8 overs
Six runs off the seventh over. The Veerans batsmen should really get a move on here. This won't do any good for their team. 

VBKV 38/1 after 7 overs
A sedate start for VB Kanchi Veerans in the field restriction overs as they score just 32 runs off the first six overs including the seven off the last. The required run-rate is almost 10 at the moment.

VBKV 32/1 after 6 overs
CV Varun begins well yet again as he concedes just five runs off his first. Over the last two overs, Veerans batsmen accounted for 11 runs. 

VBKV 25/1 after 5 overs
Yet another successful over for Madurai in spite of conceding a boundary as they take the important wicket of Subramania Siva. They won't mind these kind of overs. 

VBKV 14/1 after 3 overs
After getting smashed for a boundary, Abhisheh strikes back in the best possible manner as he castles V Subramania Siva off the very next ball. The bowler is pumped up. 

VSubramania Siva b Abhishek Tanwar 8(6)
Kiran Akash continues the good work done by Tanwar as he gave away just four off his first over. Good start for Madurai. 

VBKV 7/0 after 2 overs
Abhishek Tanwar gets his team off to a flying start as he concedes just three runs off the opening over. 

VBKV 5/0 after 1 over
V Subramania Siva and Vishal Vaidya open the batting for VB Kanchi Veerans. Abhishek Tanwar to bowl the first over. 
Abhishek Tanwar finishes off with a bang, smoking three sixes in the final over and powering Madurai to 167.

Madurai - final score - 167-8
R Divakar finishes the 19th over with a flourish. Picks up two wickets in the over, ending his spell at 3-25. Only three runs given in his final over.

Kiran Aakash c K Deeban b Divakar 1(2)

Madurai 148-8 after 19 overs.

Jagatheesan's blitzkrieg ends.

J Kousik c Vishal Vaidhya b R Divakar 27(20) [Three 4s]
Jagatheesan Koushik is turning the heat on the Kanchi Veerans. He picks up back to back boundaries in the over to take the team closer to 150.

Madurai 145-6 after 18 overs
Another wicket gone and what was first looking like a 175+ score is now looking like 150.

Madurai 132-5 after 17 overs
Nilesh Subramanian lbw b A Srinivas 2(3)
Jagatheesan is looking to get Madurai back into the game with a few big ones. However, VBKV are bowling quite well to keep him at bay.

Madurai 127-5 after 16 overs
VBKV are well and truly back in this game. K Deeban takes a spectacular catch to dismiss Karthikeyan

Karthikeyan c and b K Deeban 6(7)
Madurai  120-5 after 15 overs
VBKV are getting back into this game with some tight bowling. Sargunam has finally been dismissed.

Sargunam c Francis Rokins b A Srinivas 62(40)
Madurai 114-4 in 14 overs
 An excellent over for the bowling side conceding just 5 runs and taking a wicket.

 Shijit Chandran c Francis Rokins b K Deeban 5(5) [4s-1]
Madurai 110-3 in 13 overs
12 runs came off that over and Sargunam is looking extremely dangerous! Batting on 65 right now

Madurai 105-2 after 12 overs
Two drop catches in two balls and Sargunam goes on to reach his half-century after that. However, D Rohit was finally dismissed on the last delivery.

Madurai 93-2 after 11 overs 
D Rohit c K Deeban b R Divakar 32(30) [4s-4]
Sargunam is nearing his half-century. He has hit five sixes so far. Incredilbe hitting!

Madurai 85-1 after 10 overs
Both the batsmen are extremely well set, scoring at a brisk rate. 8 runs came off that over.

Madurai 77-1 after 9 overs
Once again, it was going well for the bowling side until the last delivery, which was smacked for a huge six by Rohit.

Madurai 69-1 after 8 overs
A huge over for the batting side, with 14 runs coming off it. Sargunam hit a huge six and D Rohit followed that up with a four.

Madurai 59-1 after 7 overs
A decent over for the bowling side now, with six runs coming off it.

Madurait 45-1 after 6 overs.
It was a good over right until the last delivery, which was smashed for a huge six. The batting side have gotten going here.

Madurai 39-1 after 5 overs
D Rohit got into the action as well, with a sublime four to his name. 7 runs came off this over.

Madurai 30-1 after 4 overs
A much better over for the batting side, with 10 runs coming off it. Sargunam hit a huge six and followed that with a four.

Madurai 23-1 after 3 overs
A tidy over by Sunil Sam, with just 5 runs coming off it.

Madurai 13-1 after 2 overs
A wicket and a four in the first over. What a start to the match! Arun Karthik is the one who has to walk back to the pavilion.

Madurai 8-1 after 1 over

Arun Karthik c Sanjay Yadav b K Deeban 4(2)

Madurai Panthers (Playing XI): Arun Karthik, D Rohit(c), Shijit Chandran, Jagatheesan Kousik, Abhishek Tanwar, Nilesh Subramanian(w), Thalaivan Sargunam, R Karthikeyan, Kiran Akash, Varun Chakravathi, Rahil Shah

VB Kanchi Veerans (Playing XI): K Vishal Vaidhya, Suresh Lokeshwar(w), Baba Aparajith(c), RS Mokit Hariharan, V Subramania Siva, P Francis Rokins, Sanjay Yadav, Sunil Sam, K Deeban Lingesh, R Divakar, Aushik Srinivas
VBKV win the toss and elect to bowl
VB Kanchi Veerans Vs Siechem Madurai Panthers: PREVIEW

Date: 25th July, 2018

Venue: NPR College Ground, Dindigul

Time: 7.15 PM IST


Madurai Panthers (From): Arun Karthik, D Rohit(c), Shijit Chandran, Jagatheesan Kousik, Abhishek Tanwar, Nilesh Subramanian(w), Thalaivan Sargunam, R Karthikeyan, Kiran Akash, Varun Chakravathi, Rahil Shah, Jaganath Sinivas, SP Nathan, Lokesh Raj, Vikram Jangid, PS Sivaramakrishnan, MS Promoth, Tushar Raheja, SS Karnavar

VB Kanchi Veerans (From): K Vishal Vaidhya, Suresh Lokeshwar(w), Baba Aparajith(c), RS Mokit Hariharan, V Subramania Siva, P Francis Rokins, Sanjay Yadav, S Ashwath, Sunil Sam, Aushik Srinivas, R Silambarasan, S Arun, S Chandrashekar, R Divakar, C Shriram, U Vishal, S Siddharth, K Deeban Lingesh, U Mukilesh
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