Deepika Kumari, Pravin Jadhav Mixed Archery Team Olympics 2021: Korea beats India in quarterfinals

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LIVE updates from Deepika Kumari, Pravin Jadhav archery mixed team's Olympics 2021 matches


11:33 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Mirabai registers for 110kg lift

Meanwhile, Mirabai Chanu and Zhuihui will attempt a 110kg, while Delacruz to go for 102kg. Things will change as the competition progresses.

Catch all the LIVE action in the link below. 

11:21 (IST)24 JUL 2021

India's consistency has hurt them very badly in this event. Pravin Jadhav's opening set and the final set is the telling difference. Unfortunately, Deepika Kumari too couldn't step up this time and the Indians bowed out on a whimper in the quarterfinals. 

They needed to bring their 'A' game into this match but Pravin Jadhav and Deepika Kumari haven't been able to match the composure and consistency levels of the Koreans. 

India bows out of the mixed event in archery. 

It is now for the men's individual, men's team and Deepika Kumari's individual performance that we can look forward to. 

11:19 (IST)24 JUL 2021

The fourth set is in favour of Korea at 36-33. Korea beats India 6-2 in the quarterfinals. 

11:18 (IST)24 JUL 2021

An San scores 9 and Korea beats India in the quarterfinals. 

11:18 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Kim replies with a 10 and An San only needs 6 or higher. 

11:18 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Pravin Jadhav manages 9 and Deepika takes her time and scores 9 too. India gets 33 in the set, a below par score. 

11:17 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Kim scores 10 and An San scores 7 and Korea takes the lead 17-15 midway in the fourth set. 

11:17 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Pravin Jadhav gets it all wrong to start off the fourth set. He manages just 6 and Deepika Kumari manages 9. India gets just 15 after 2 arrows. 

11:15 (IST)24 JUL 2021

It is Korea 4 - India 2 at the end of three sets. We have a decider now. 

11:15 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Kim scores 9 and An San needs 10 but scores 8. India wins the third set 37-35. 

11:14 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Pravin Jadhav is in hot form. He scores 10 and Deepika Kumari scores 9 and India scores 37 in the third. Korea needs to replicate the performance to go through. 

11:13 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Korea's Kim now. He scores 9. AN San scores 9 too and it is even-stevens at 18-18 midway through the third. 

11:12 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Pravin Jadhav starts off the third. He takes time and scores 9. Deepika Kumari manages another 9. 18 for India after 2 arrows. 

11:11 (IST)24 JUL 2021

The Korean pair are way ahead in terms of supremacy. Korea leads 4-0. India must win this set to force a decider. 

11:11 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Kim scores 9 and An San takes 9 and Korea wins the second set by one point. India 37-Korea 38. 

11:10 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Pravin Jadhav gets another 10. He has been in top form in this set. Deepika gets a 9. So India manages 37 in the second set. Korea have 20 already. 

11:09 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Kim shoots 10 while An tops it up with another 10. Korea takes the lead at 20-18 halfway through the set. 

11:09 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Pravin Jadhav starts off with a 10. Deepika takes her time and shoots 8. 18 after the first two shots. 

11:08 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Second set begins! 

11:08 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Korea wins the first set 35-32. It was the 8 and 7 pointers that did India win, whereas Korea had a 10-pointer. 

11:07 (IST)24 JUL 2021

India manages 8, 7, 8 and Deepika shoots 9 to finish on 32. 

11:06 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Korean pair manages 35 in the first set with 10, 7, 9 and 9. 

11:06 (IST)24 JUL 2021

We are underway. 

11:02 (IST)24 JUL 2021

We are minutes away from the start of the quarterfinals. 

PC: World Archery

10:51 (IST)24 JUL 2021

In case you missed it....

The Opening Ceremony was, and well is, the talk of the town. 

During the opening ceremony, 1,824 drones were used to form the 2021 Olympics emblem in the night sky of Tokyo. Drones drifted towards the sky to create a glittering globe. People have started calling it 'the enduring image of these Games'.

Read more about it in the link below. 

10:42 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Recap of what had happened this morning

A recap of what India started with on Saturday. In archery, India was on the right side of the result but in shooting, India were on the wrong side with Elavenil Valarivan and Apurvi Chandela crashing out. 

10:28 (IST)24 JUL 2021

How accurate is Kim Je Deok

This was what he had scored in the individual ranking round yesterday.

He is accurate and composed and is full of energy at just 17 years old.

The Indians have to be accurate as Kim to get past this hurdle.

Can they do it? 

Kim Je Deok (PC: World Archery)

09:59 (IST)24 JUL 2021

09:55 (IST)24 JUL 2021

India vs Korea

It will be India vs Korea in the quarterfinals. 

The Korean pair of An San and Kim Je Deok are in red hot form dispatching a challenge from Bangladesh with disdain and winning 6-0. 

The Indian pair of Pravin Jadhav-Deepika Kumari need to be on top of their game to beat the Koreans. If they manage to do so, they almost have one foot on the podium, in fact can even look out for a gold medal. 

08:31 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Quarterfinals line-up

India will meet Korea while France will meet the Netherlands to complete the quarterfinal line-up. 

08:06 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Quarterfinals line-up

A couple of quarterfinals line-up has been decided. 

Great Britain, seeded 12th will meet fourth seed Mexico while seventh seed Turkey will be up against Indonesia. 

India and the Netherlands await their quarterfinal opponents. 

The winner of Korea vs Bangladesh match will meet India while the winner of Japan vs France will lock horns with the Netherlands. 

07:14 (IST)24 JUL 2021

This what Deepika had to say! 

PC: World Archery

06:43 (IST)24 JUL 2021

We will be back at around 1045 am for the quarterfinals and for now leave you with these images of Deepika Kumari's composure and Pravin Jadhav's accuracy.
Deepika Kumari is all smiles after the win. (PC: World Archery)
Deepika Kumari's composure is the talking point. (PC: World Archery)
The Indian mixed team of Deepika Kumari and Pravin Jadhav. (PC: World Archery)

06:30 (IST)24 JUL 2021

India vs New Zeland in hockey

Don't forget, we have multiple events lined up for today. The hockey men's team play New Zealand in their opener so we urge you to jump to that LIVE blog. Find the link below:

06:29 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Shooting update

Meanwhile, Neither of Elavenil Valarivan nor Apurvi Chandela could break through to the final in the 10m air rifle women's event. Not the start the Indian supporters hoped for in shooting. 

06:20 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Here is a look at the scores

India vs Chinese Taipei scores

06:18 (IST)24 JUL 2021

While Pravin Jadhav looked all clear with his quick releases, it was Deepika Kumari's composure that has helped India. She did not wilt under pressure, something that was seen in the past Olympics, she was as composed as she could get and shot the maximum as India came back from behind to win the match. 

06:17 (IST)24 JUL 2021

What a game we have had and what a start for India. 

06:15 (IST)24 JUL 2021

India beats Chinese Taipei 5-3 and moves into the quarterfinals. 

06:14 (IST)24 JUL 2021

India comes from behind and books a place in the mixed team event quarterfinals beating Chinese Taipei. 

06:14 (IST)24 JUL 2021

A quick release from Pravin and he scores 10 and Deepika manages 10. INDIA BEATS TAIPEI

06:13 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Tang manages 9 and Taipei has 36. A great chance for India to win this. 

06:13 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Long wait from Lin and she gets 8. This gets interesting. Opens the door for India. 

06:12 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Pravin Jadhav starts off with a 9. Deepika follows it up with a wide shot at manages only 8. Taipei leads 19-17. 

06:12 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Lin takes her time. A very long hold. She manages 9. Taipei has 19. 

06:11 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Tang starts the fourth set. A quick release and he starts off with a 10. 
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