Denmark Open 2018 Women's Singles Final: Saina Nehwal vs Tai Tzu Ying Live score & Updates | 21st October 2018

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Tai def Nehwal 21-13, 13-21, 21-6 in 52 minutes to win the Denmark Open


16:42 (IST)21 OCT 2018

That brings us to end of our live coverage of this tournament.

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16:40 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Tai might have won but what a valiant fightback that was from Saina in the second game! It showed flashes of the Saina of yore! The way she kept egging herself on shows that she has many more years still left at the top.

16:37 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Final score: Tai def Nehwal 21-13, 13-21, 21-6 in 52 minutes to win the Denmark Open

16:33 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Tai converts her first match point to get the win.

16:32 (IST)21 OCT 2018

It's 19-6 for Tai now

16:31 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Saina gets one point back.

Still trails by a huge 10-point margin!


16:31 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Very, very clever shots from Tai as she sends the shuttle to the backcourt and keeps Saina guessing.

It's all going in Tai's direction.its a 16-5 lead for Tai now.

16:28 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Saina has slowed down and is clearly fatigued now.

16:28 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Saina is trying to go for extra and is making mistakes in the process.

It's 13-3 for Tai

16:26 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Tai in a commanding position at the midgame interval.

Up 11-2

16:26 (IST)21 OCT 2018

The points are coming very easily for Tai now.


16:25 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Tai is now dictating the terms with ease!

She is up 7-2

16:23 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Tai has since wrested control.

Up 5-2 now

16:22 (IST)21 OCT 2018

The decider is under way and they are evenly poised at 2-2

16:18 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Saina has the second game!!!!!


16:18 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Another down the line smash and Saina has game points!


16:17 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Saina now body jamming Tai and she obliges.

Tai sends it wide.

Saina 19-12

16:16 (IST)21 OCT 2018

What a rally!

Tai was on her knees but Saina didn't manage to get the point, despite covering the net.

Saina is still comfortably up 18-11

16:14 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Saina doing a good job by varying the shuttle 

This time she goes for a down the line shot and draws an error out of Tai.

Saina up 18-10

16:13 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Saina looks really, really pumped up. Playing with so much aggression and is absolutely fired up.

Up 17-9 now

16:12 (IST)21 OCT 2018

It's a seven-point difference between the two as Saina goes up to 15-8

16:10 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Tai is steadily trying to lessen the gap between the two by varying the placement of the shuttle.

She now trails 8-12

16:07 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Tai looks a little rattled.

Saina up 11-5 at the midgame interval.

16:06 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Saina going for down the line smashes.

She is up 10-5

16:05 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Saina has kept her attack going and is doing a good job of suprising Tai.

She is up 9-4

16:03 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Tai loses another point through misjudgment

Trails 3-6

16:02 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Saina has the control in the early stages 

Up 5-2

16:02 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Tai stopped Saina's momentum by engaging her in a 41-shot rally.

Tai trails 2-3

16:00 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Saina makes a fast start to the second game and leads 3-1

15:58 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Tai has taken the first game 21-13

15:55 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Saina has taken a couple of points but Tai still manages to outfox Saina every time.

Tai up 18-13

15:53 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Saina again forced Tai into an unforced error but the World No. 1 has since recovered and has gone up to 16-11

15:52 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Tai makes one rare mistake trying to go for the lines!

Saina now trails 10-15

15:51 (IST)21 OCT 2018

What a rally!

Tai jumps at the net and pushes the shuttle with the flick of her wrist.

Tai up 14-8

15:49 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Body jamming smash from Saina!

Saina 8-11

15:49 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Saina gets a couple of points after the interval.

15:47 (IST)21 OCT 2018

It's 11-5 for Tai at the midgame interval.

15:47 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Saina rushes through the points and takes time away from Tai to get a point.

Saina 5-10

15:46 (IST)21 OCT 2018

The shuttle just keeps on landing within the baseline from Tai's racquet.

It's 8-3 for Tai

15:45 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Saina finally gets another point.

Tai still up comfortably at 6-2

15:44 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Saina is moving to every part of the court but still can't get the better of Tai.

Tai's defence has been outstanding and she has gone up to 5-1

15:42 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Saina is attacking right from the word go.


15:42 (IST)21 OCT 2018

And the match has started!

14:28 (IST)21 OCT 2018

As we wait for the match, read our detailed preview of this match here.

14:26 (IST)21 OCT 2018

Good afternoon and welcome to the Sportskeeda live coverage of the Denmark Open women's singles final between Tai Tzu Ying and Saina Nehwal. This is the second time that Saina has reached the final in Denmark, having won this tournament in 2012.

The 2018 Denmark Open also marks the second time this year that Nehwal has reached a final on the BWF World Tour. Incidentally she lost the final to none other than Tai at the Indonesia Masters in January, which is her only other BWF final this year, even though she did win the Commonwealth Games gold in between.

Saina has already lost four times to Tai this year and has a losing 5-12 head-to-head record against Tai. The odds are clearly against her but she can draw a lot of inspiration from her performance this week, where she accounted for both Akane Yamaguchi and Nozomi Okuhara. Tai might be the favourite but Saina will surely give it her all.
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