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TNPL 2018: Dindigul Dragons Vs iDream Karaikudi Kaalai Live Score, Commentary & Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 30, 2018 22:50 IST

Follow all the live updates as Dindigul Dragons take on iDream Karaikudi Kaalai.


22:50 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Karaikudi Kaalai beat Dindigul Dragons by six wickets with nine balls to spare.

22:50 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Karaikudi Kaalai seal the win with a six from Rajkumar down the ground. 

22:47 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Karaikudi are now only one hit away from winning this one. Six needed off 12 balls.

Karaikudi 172/4 after 18 overs

22:44 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Karaikudi are almost on the brink now and despite losing Shajahan, they should have enough in the tank to get over the line in this one.

Karaikudi 168/4 after 17 overs

22:41 (IST)30 JUL 2018

OUT! Shajahan goes down the track and misses the ball and he loses his furniture. Too little, too late for Dindigul? M Shajahan b Hari Nishaanth 18 (13)

Karaikudi 164/4 after 16.2 overs

22:39 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Almost to prove me wrong, Rajkumar decides to belt a couple of lusty blows down the ground as he picks up 13 runs off Abhinav's over to bring the required rate to just 5.

Karaikudi 158/3 after 16 overs

22:36 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Seven runs off the 15th over and Kaalai are in no hurry to get things done quickly as they are looking like they will take a win irrespective of when it comes.

Karaikudi 145/3 after 15 overs

22:32 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Karaikudi understand that they don't need to go all out and are taking things sensibly. Mohammed's final over went for nine and saw a single off every ball barring one, which went for a boundary.

Karaikudi 138/3 after 14 overs

22:26 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Just six off that over from Hari Nishaanth and that included a wicket as well. Dindigul are slowly making their way back into this game.

Karaikudi 129/3 after 13 overs

22:23 (IST)30 JUL 2018

OUT! Maan Bafna picks out the fielder at deep mid-wicket. Much-needed wicket for Dindigul. Maan Bafna c Adithya Arun b Hari Nishaanth 20(15)

22:21 (IST)30 JUL 2018

M Mohammed comes back to the attack and delivers a much-needed quiet over as just four runs came off that.

Karaikudi 123/2 after 12 overs

22:16 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Much better comeback from Yazh Arun Mozhi as he concedes just eight off his second over after going for 20 in his first.

Karaikudi 119/2 after 11 overs

22:14 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Excellent over for Karaikudi who are getting back amongst the runs after a period of consolidation. 11 off that over.

Karaikudi 111/2 after 10 overs

22:07 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Karaikudi bring up their 100 at the end of nine overs and are now 78 runs away from their fourth successive win.

Karaikudi 100/2 after 9 overs

22:01 (IST)30 JUL 2018

OUT! Aaditya falls one shy of a well-deserved half-century. He goes for the pull but only succeeds in finding square leg. One brings two for Dindigul as both openers are back in the pavilion. Aaditya c M Mohammed b Adithya Arun 49(29)

21:59 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Excellent start from Abhinav as his first over goes for just four runs and included a wicket as well.

Karaikudi 94/1 after 8 overs

21:57 (IST)30 JUL 2018

OUT! Anirudha Srikkanth departs just seven short of a fifty after chopping one onto the stumps. The opening wicket stand is finally broken just six shy of a century. Much-needed breakthrough for Dindigul Anirudha Srikkanth b Mohan Abhinav 43(18)

Karaikudi 94/1 after 7.4 overs

21:54 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Just nine runs came off R Vivek's over. Both Kaalai openers want to get this done early and are picking gaps at will while also rotating strike.

Karaikudi 90/0 after 7 overs

21:48 (IST)30 JUL 2018

At the end of the power play, Karaikudi are already closing in on 100 and both openers are looking incredibly dangerous.

Karaikudi 81/0 after 6 overs

21:45 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Kaalai skipper Srikkanth already has 37 off just 12 balls and is dealing in boundaries. That over from Yazh Arun Mozhi went for 20 runs and that isn't even the most expensive over of the innings. That speaks volumes about Kaalai's dominance so far.

Karaikudi 72/0 after 5 overs

21:43 (IST)30 JUL 2018

SIX! Srikkanth wants to just deal in sixes. This was a mere lofted drive and that sailed over mid off and went to where the Kaalai dressing room is.

Karaikudi 64/0 after 4.4 overs

21:39 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Kaalai are seemingly picking up boundaries at will in the power play. By the standard in this innings, this is a quite over of spin as it goes for just eight runs.

Karaikudi 52/0 after 4 overs

21:38 (IST)30 JUL 2018

SIX! Srikkanth gets one in his arc and he hits that straight and that sails over the bowler, umpire, ropes, sight screen and the ground. That also brings up the 50 for Kaalai.

Karaikudi 51/0 after 3.5 overs

21:34 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Another expensive over. 11 runs came off it and both batsmen are seeing the ball nicely and sending it all corners of the ground.

Karaikudi 44/0 after 3 overs

21:34 (IST)30 JUL 2018

10 in two balls! Runs are flowing freely for Kaalai early. This time, Aaditya pulls a slightly short ball over deep square leg before slaying a full toss wide of point for another boundary.

Karaikudi 43/0 after 2.4 overs

21:29 (IST)30 JUL 2018

An enormous over from A Arun comes to an end finally. 25 runs came off that over. 11 from Aaditya and 14 from the three balls Anirudha Srikkanth faced. And the record for most expensive over was almost broken twice in the same game. Arun will be happy that it didn't.

Karaikudi 33/0 after 2 overs

21:27 (IST)30 JUL 2018

10 in two balls! Not to be outdone Srikkanth smashes a boundary down the ground before just flicking one over deep mid-wicket where the fielder seems to have done himself some damage as he tripped on the ropes going backwards trying to take the catch.

21:27 (IST)30 JUL 2018

10 in two balls! Aaditya V has decided to take over the mantle of the aggressor early. A six down the ground and a scythe past backward point brought him 10 runs in two balls. 

21:23 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Decent start as eight runs come off the first over from M Mohammed. Curiously, Srikkanth has faced just one ball so far.

Karaikudi 8/0 after 1 over

21:21 (IST)30 JUL 2018

And we are back underway for the chase with Karaikudi openers Anirudha Srikkanth and Aaditya V. M Mohammed has the new ball.

21:08 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Just when it seemed that Dindigul's star Jagadeesan (25 off 22) will start accelerating, he lost his wicket but Anirudh's 53-run knock and Vivek's quickfire 42 off 13 deliveries which saw him hit two fours and five maximums ensured that Dindigul reach a respectable 177 despite losing last six wicket for only 15 runs. Anirudh and Vivek's partnership of 58 runs off 24 deliveries and the 32-run 16th over could well be the game changers.

Karaikudi need 178 to win the match.

21:03 (IST)30 JUL 2018

OUT! Arun Mozhi couldn't connect but runs anyway on the last delivery of the innings. Only six runs from this over.

ME Yazh Arun Mozhi run out (†Kavin/Mahesh) 6 (4)

Dindigul 177 all out after 20 overs

20:59 (IST)30 JUL 2018

OUT! Another one bites the dust. The plan has been clear - slower bouncers - and Dindigul batsmen haven't dealt well with them.

VM Totadri c Swaminathan b Mahesh 1 (3)

Dindigul 171/9 after 19.2 overs

20:57 (IST)30 JUL 2018

OUT! Mukunthan completes his fifer, absolutely crazy. Only man with two five-wicket hauls in TNPL history and completion of a brilliant over, four runs and three wickets.

M Abhinav c Mohan Prasath b Mukunthan 1 (2)

Dindigul 171/8 after 19 overs

20:54 (IST)30 JUL 2018

OUT! And another one departs here. Another short of the length slower ball, no pace to work with and Mukunthan has a fourth one here.

Adithya Arun c Aditya b Mukunthan 2 (2)

Dindigul 169/7 after 18.3 overs

20:51 (IST)30 JUL 2018

OUT! Mukunthan picks another one here, his third of the match. Mohammed top edges a short one (bowler had taken the pace off) and he departs for 7.

M Mohammed c Shajahan b Mukunthan 7 (5)

Dindigul 167/6 after 18.1 overs

20:49 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Yo Mahesh had bowled two economical overs before this one, however, despite Anirudh's wicket, he has got it all wrong here. A free hit which resulted in a maximum and then a full-toss to Mohammed who earned an easy boundary. 14 off the over.

Dindigul 167/5 after 18 overs

20:47 (IST)30 JUL 2018

OUT! Anirudh departs after completing his fifty with a six off the previous delivery. Caught at long-off, an outstanding catch.

B Anirudh c Rajkumar b Mahesh 53 (42)

Dindigul 162/5 after 17.4 overs

20:40 (IST)30 JUL 2018

After conceding a six on the second ball, Mukunthan pulled things back and got the dangerous Vivek out. However, Anirudh stole a boundary on the last delivery.

Dindigul 153/4 after 17 overs

20:36 (IST)30 JUL 2018

OUT! No fifty for Vivek today as the bouncer from Ashwath means that he has to go for a 13-ball 42. R Vivek c S Kavin b Ashwath Mukunthan 42 (13)

Dindigul 146/4 after 16.3 overs

20:32 (IST)30 JUL 2018

SIX! R Vivek wants his fifty soon. Full toss outside off and this is just too easy for Vivek, who has already score more than Sita Ram despite facing just a third of the deliveries.

Dindigul 146/3 after 16.2 overs

20:32 (IST)30 JUL 2018

In that over, the fifty partnership for the fourth wicket came in 20 balls. Here's Ashwath Mukunthan to stem the flow of runs.

20:31 (IST)30 JUL 2018

WHAT AN OVER! 32 runs off that over from Mohan Prasath, who finishes with 50. Not what he would have wanted. Vivek is hitting at a strike rate in excess of 300 while the other batsmen are struggling to get their strike rate over 100.

Dindigul 139/3 after 16 overs

20:30 (IST)30 JUL 2018

SIX! WOWZA!Four sixes in five balls. Vivek is having fun out in the middle. This one just goes over the side screen a little wide of long on.

20:29 (IST)30 JUL 2018

SIX! Make that three sixes in four balls. The only ball that didn't go for a six went to the boundary. This time the ball sails over long off. Vivek is making this look all too easy.

20:27 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Back-to-back sixes! This one is out of the ground. Hit with the wind and Vivek hits this over long on and we need new balls. Not quite literally as the ball is safely brought back to the umpire.

Dindigul 119/3 after 15.2 overs

20:26 (IST)30 JUL 2018

SIX! Vivek gets one in his slot and he is all too happy to clobber that over a hapless long off fielder who just watches that sail over his head.

20:25 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Wide slower one from Rajkumar and that is the first boundary in 16 balls, which comes off the bat of Anirudh Sita Ram. He builds on that momentum with a sweep that goes wide of short fine leg and races to the ropes. 12 came off that over including a skier from the southpaw that went to no man's land.

Dindigul 107/3 after 15 overs

20:18 (IST)30 JUL 2018

It is now 15 balls since the last boundary for the Dragons. As the boundaries have dried up, they have had to rely on singles to keep the scoreboard ticking. Just four from that over from Mohan Prasath.

Dindigul 95/3 after 14 overs

20:16 (IST)30 JUL 2018

Swaminathan finally got his man. The dangerous Chaturved has to depart and the over goes for just four runs.

Dindigul 91/3 after 13 overs
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