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FA Cup Live, Chelsea vs Manchester United Live Score and Commentary, FA Cup Final 2017-18

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 19, 2018 23:38 IST

Chelsea 1 - 0 Manchester United (Hazard P 22')


23:38 (IST)19 MAY 2018


Jose Mourinho and Manchester United lose, Antonio Conte and Chelsea win. Nothing much more to say. Anirudh Menon signing off on a rather disappointed note. 


23:37 (IST)19 MAY 2018

96' That, then, is that. 

23:37 (IST)19 MAY 2018

95' Morata and Willian combine to win a corner off Juan Mata. That should be that. 

23:36 (IST)19 MAY 2018

94' Mata lifts a hopeless looking ball into the box that Moses heads away for a corner; which is curled into the hands of Courtois. 

23:35 (IST)19 MAY 2018

93' Valencia curls in a lovely cross... and Matic rises highest to head it well wide. Again, a superb chance, that as he got a clean header away 

23:34 (IST)19 MAY 2018

92' Chelsea are keeping the ball at the corner flag. Till Morata concedes a throw-in. Which united promptly give it back

23:33 (IST)19 MAY 2018

91' Another corner for Chelsea... Five minutes to be added on. From the corner WIllian runs at Valencia, but the Ecuadorian does well to stop his dribble

23:32 (IST)19 MAY 2018

90' Hazard runs at half the United team and wins a corner, from which they win a throw-in. Conte eats up more seconds by taking off Hazard for Willian. More legs. 

23:31 (IST)19 MAY 2018

89' Conte wants some legs, and he'll get them in the shape of Alvaro Morata - who replaces the rather disappointing Olivier Giroud

23:30 (IST)19 MAY 2018

88' Young chips a ball into Sanchez's chest, who kills it dead before laying it off wide to Martial - the Frenchman, though, chips the most horrendous cross/shot well wide of the near post. Don't even ask how. 

23:29 (IST)19 MAY 2018

87' Young crosses, Courtois punches... United have to build from the back again. 

23:29 (IST)19 MAY 2018

86' Hazard and Giroud combine to break forward... but it ends up with Chelsea giving the ball away for a throw in. Mourinho's throwing the proverbial kitchen sink at it - Jones off, Mata on. 

23:27 (IST)19 MAY 2018

85' Herrera looks to play in Lukaku; guess who's in his way but N'Golo Kante... United work the ball around once again and Sanchez lets loose but his shot arrows well wide

23:25 (IST)19 MAY 2018

84' Matic plays in Lukaku - who looks to backheel the ball into Martial's path but completely misses the ball with the kick. 

23:24 (IST)19 MAY 2018

82' OH POGBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Sanchez curls in the most delicious corner you'll see into the box, where Pogba is FREE, utterly, implausibly FREE... and he heads it wide. OH MY GOOD LORD. That really ought to have been 1-1 

23:23 (IST)19 MAY 2018

81' Sanchez curls in the corner superbly, the ball pinballs around till Martial gets a shot away that once again deflects off a Chelsea man and out for a goalkick

23:22 (IST)19 MAY 2018

80' Pogba curls one in, Courtois punches it away - Matic absolutely leathers one at goal, the ball swerves here and there but the Belgian keeper is up to it. The two exchange knowing smiles. 

23:21 (IST)19 MAY 2018

79' Chelsea are playing keep-ball, and they are playing it rather well. 

23:20 (IST)19 MAY 2018

78' Everywhere you look, there's N'Golo Kante. The man's an animal 

23:20 (IST)19 MAY 2018

77' Cahill steps out of defence like an ersatz Beckenbauer - and plays it out to Alonso; but United win the ball back soon enough. Pogba does well to play the ball out to Martial - but the Frenchman's ball into the box is horrendous. 

23:17 (IST)19 MAY 2018

75' Jones and Giroud head each other instead of the ball - both are down and require treatment

23:17 (IST)19 MAY 2018

74' Sanchez wriggles past Alonso with absurd ease before pinging a ball into the box which Cahill dive-heads away from the massive frame of Romelu Lukaku

23:16 (IST)19 MAY 2018

73' AH!!!! Sanchez barrels into a challenge as United press dangerously high... the ball bounces out to Lukaku, who plays it to Matic, who heads it to Martial... the Frenchman swivels and shoots. but Azpilicueta gets a great block in and the ball balloons high and safely into Courtois' gloves

23:15 (IST)19 MAY 2018

72' Mourinho's seen enough. Martial and Lukaku on, Rashford and Lingard off

23:14 (IST)19 MAY 2018

71' OH! The corner is rubbish, United counter - Lingard plays in Rashford with a lovely ball but the Mancunian's attempted dink is well stopped by Courtois. 

23:14 (IST)19 MAY 2018

70' OH MY! THAT WAS SOME CHALLENGE! N'Golo Kante bombs into space before feeding Alonso - who dawdles unnecessarily and Smalling comes running in to time a lovely challenge that makes the shot much weaker than it would have been. The ball then inadvertently bounces off Young's arm and out for a corner. Oliver goes to VAR but the tech confirms it as just a corner

23:11 (IST)19 MAY 2018

69' Rashford looks to send the ball back in, Lingard runs over the ball in neat dummy that Cahill reads perfectly. Chelsea counter through their only attacking outlet on the day, Eden Hazard... but Chris Smalling does superbly to stop him in his tracks. Great defending from two much maligned English veterans

23:10 (IST)19 MAY 2018

68' Giroud fails to hold the ball up, AGAIN, and United counter at pace - Lingard winning a corner off Alonso... it's defended well by Giroud, though

23:09 (IST)19 MAY 2018

67' Young nutmegs Moses and then tries to win a foul off Azpilicueta - but that's not happening. The Basque and the Englishman go nose-to-nose and there's a lot of shouting but no handbags

23:08 (IST)19 MAY 2018

66' Valencia looks to swerve into the box, and almost does so - but Tiemoue Bakayoko is having an excellent day out defensively, and the man hacks it away

23:07 (IST)19 MAY 2018

65' There's a lot of sideways passing happening, not much else. 

23:06 (IST)19 MAY 2018

64' VAR confirms the offside. Superb, superb call that

23:05 (IST)19 MAY 2018

63' GOOOOOOONOOOOOOO!!!! Rashford whups it in, Jones heads it in - Courtois claws it out SUPERBLY, before Sanchez tucks in the rebound. The linesman, though, has his flag raised. Oliver will go to VAR

23:04 (IST)19 MAY 2018

62' Young bombs forward, and sends a useless ball out to the right flank.... where Rashford wins a foul off Alonso, from which....

23:03 (IST)19 MAY 2018

61' Rudiger breaks United's high line with a simple ball around Valencia - but Smalling does superbly to ensure that the ball harmlessly dribbles into De Gea's hands

23:02 (IST)19 MAY 2018

59' Valencia and Lingard look to combine down the left but Alonso and Bakayoko shut them out... United come back and after Sanchez's ball into the box is hacked away, Matic tries his luck with his right foot. Right. He really shouldn't have

23:00 (IST)19 MAY 2018

58' The corner's absolute filth - and Hazard breaks... something that causes Valencia to steam in on him and earn himself a yellow

23:00 (IST)19 MAY 2018

57' WOOF! United canter forward again after Pogba dispossess Fabregas with ease - and the move ends with the Frenchman galloping forward and winning a corner off his deflected shot

22:59 (IST)19 MAY 2018

56' OH! Much better for United! Herrera plays in Valencia with the most delicious of balls inside Alonso - his pass back is horrendous but Sanchez recovers it with a brilliant tackle before playing to Rashford - the Mancunian's shot, tough, is straight at Courtois

22:57 (IST)19 MAY 2018

54' United are passing it about rather neatly here.... before Sanchez and Young combine superbly to play in Lingard - but Jesse Messi is stopped in his tracks by a horde of blue. They've got this locked up.

22:55 (IST)19 MAY 2018

53' Rashford curls an interesting looking ball into the centre that just misses Chris Smalling's leap. Much better from the young Mancunian, that

22:54 (IST)19 MAY 2018

52' Some lovely play from Pogba and Matic releases Young down the left - where he draws another foul off Moses. Freekick in a really good area for United. AGAIN

22:53 (IST)19 MAY 2018

50' AI AI AI. Pogba and Rashford are on two seperate planets as far as wavelengths are concerned... one passes it hither, the other runs thither. 

22:51 (IST)19 MAY 2018

49' Herrera does well to read Chelsea's pattern of play, and win the ball before Hazard can get to it.. but United are faced by a mass of blue in front of them. 

22:50 (IST)19 MAY 2018

48' Nothing much is happening at the moment, with Chelsea content to sit back and absorb whatever United throw at them.

22:49 (IST)19 MAY 2018

46' Pogba starts off a promising United move with a lovely sweep forward of his right foot, Rashford collects it, lets Sanchez run with it who in turn plays it out to Valencia - but Alonso does superbly to block it AND win a goalkick

22:47 (IST)19 MAY 2018


No changes. 

22:35 (IST)19 MAY 2018



e game's been one of fits and starts and hasn't really quickened anyone's pulse up.I'm off to boil myself a cup of tea.See you in fifteen

22:33 (IST)19 MAY 2018

46' That was superb from Herrera - Hazard does a neat dummy, works the ball out to Giroud and looks to run in behind for the return, but the Basque is back there covering and he immediately sets Pogba off. The Frenchman half-dances, half-flies through the Chelsea half, eating up the grass, before laying off a lovely ball to Rashford. Who completely misckicks it. That would have made for some goal

22:31 (IST)19 MAY 2018

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