Basel vs Manchester United Live Score and Commentary, UEFA Champions League 2017-18 (BSL vs MUN)

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Basel 1 - 0 Manchester United (Lang '89)


03:07 (IST)23 NOV 2017




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03:05 (IST)23 NOV 2017

92' Blind clips in a ridiculous ball that Suchy clears with absurd ease, before Lukaku forces Akanji to give away a corner... Blind will take it

03:03 (IST)23 NOV 2017

90' A lovely ball from Darmian - no, really - is send over the bar by Zlatan Ibrahimovic.... there's going to be 3 minutes added on, by the by

03:02 (IST)23 NOV 2017

WAHAHA! What a shock for United - Steffen does superbly to draw United to one side before he switches play out wide to Petretta - whose ball into the box finds his opposite wingback and Michael Lang caps a fine performance with a goal of his own. 

03:01 (IST)23 NOV 2017


03:00 (IST)23 NOV 2017

88' OH! Zlatan and Lukaku play a bit of head tennis before the big Swede smashes a powerful shot into row Z 

02:59 (IST)23 NOV 2017

87' Oh no, Lukaku has gone down clutching his face - but it looks like its due to Suchy's arm striking his face, and he should be getting back up right pronto

02:58 (IST)23 NOV 2017

85' Fellaini sees this off yet again before Nemanja Matic shepherds Elyounoussi - who in turn runs into the Serb's elbow - another decision that could have gone either way goes United's way

02:57 (IST)23 NOV 2017

84' Basel are clambering all over United here - first they overwhelm Matic and the Serb gives away possession with a weak ball, Darmian attempts to win it back - he has no choice but to go for it - but fails and it's another freekick for Zuffi to swing in. 

02:56 (IST)23 NOV 2017

83' OOO A couple of spicy tackles in the middle of the field is accentuated by Darmian picking up a yellow for an incredibly poor challenge on Petretta near the United box. 

02:54 (IST)23 NOV 2017

81' Nothing is happening. NOTHING  

02:52 (IST)23 NOV 2017

79' Fransson will replace Serey Die, who departs to a standing ovation - the Ivorian left everything out there tonight and his congregation certainly loved every bit of it. 

02:51 (IST)23 NOV 2017

78' The corner is cleared once again by Fellaini - who has been rather god tonight, truth  be told - but it's all Basel now... till Serey Die falls down clutching his hamstring once again. 

02:50 (IST)23 NOV 2017

77' OOOO! Serey Die puts his body and soul into thundering a piledriver at Romero, but apart from a pulled muscle and a corner he seems to have gained nothing... oh, a bit of a magic spray and Die looks like he'll be goof to continue. 

02:48 (IST)23 NOV 2017

76' OOOO! Matic picks out Lukaku with a dink down the middle, the Belgian then tries to combine with Ibra but the final touches are disappointing as the ball wriggles away from Ibrahimovic and into Vaclik's hands

02:46 (IST)23 NOV 2017

74' Zlatan Ibrahimovic makes his Champions League debut for Manchester United as he replaces Anthony Martial. United seem to have gone to 4-3-3 with Lukaku out wide on the right

02:45 (IST)23 NOV 2017

73' United punch it clear and Martial does ever so well to hold it up while waves of grey join him... it all ends with Rashford pumping a hopeless shot into the side netting 

02:45 (IST)23 NOV 2017

72' WHAT A TACKLE ROJO! Peretta plays in Oberlin with a lovely, lovely ball after a flowing Basel move - but Rojo flies across the box and get his leg in the way of the striker's shot. 

02:43 (IST)23 NOV 2017

71' United are under the cosh here, and they are struggling to keep a rampant Basel at bay!

02:43 (IST)23 NOV 2017

70' OH MY! OH MY! CONTROVERSY AS STEFFEN FALLS OVER ROJO'S LEG INSIDE THE UNITED BOX... and a call that could have gone either way sees the ref wave play on!

02:42 (IST)23 NOV 2017

69' Martial screams forward in typical fashion before trying to play in Blind - but the Dutchman simply doesn't see that coming and the move breaks down. Blind has been poor toaday

02:40 (IST)23 NOV 2017

67' Basel are gaining much joy down United's left flank - Elyounoussi initially curls a dangerous ball across the face of United's goal before Steffan's delectable ball back into the box from the opposite flank is thudded onto the crossbar from five yards away by Michael Lang!

02:39 (IST)23 NOV 2017

66' Haha, aiyyo, aiyyo. Fellaini lays the ball off to Lukaku who attempts an overhead kick of sorts - but it's about as graceful as a falling giraffe and about as useful 

02:38 (IST)23 NOV 2017

65' Paul Pogba's not being pushed too hard and he's taken off for the Serbian steel of Nemanja Matic. 

02:37 (IST)23 NOV 2017

64' Rashford is brought on for the disappointing Lingard... while on the pitch, Pogba sends a low heatseeker toward Vaclik's goal but the goalkeeper is more than equal to the task. 

02:36 (IST)23 NOV 2017

63' Fellaini heads it away... Steffen curls it at goal it takes a deflection off Oberlin but it's a standard save for Romero. United can't get out of their own half, though and STEFFEN RAMPAGES DOWN THE WING, STRIPS BLIND, CUTS INSIDE AND CURLS A LOVELY SHOT JUST WIDE OF ROMERO'S FAR POST!

02:34 (IST)23 NOV 2017

62' Another silly freekick given away by United as Fellaini charges into Zuffi from behind and it's another dangerous situation for the United defensive unit to handle.

02:33 (IST)23 NOV 2017

61' ...which is punched away with contemptuous ease by Sergio Romero

02:33 (IST)23 NOV 2017

60' ... and win a corner

02:33 (IST)23 NOV 2017

59' Steffen sends Daley Blind's head into a tailspin, sashaying hither and thither before drawing a foul off the Dutchman at the edge of the box down the Swiss right flank, Zuffi, as is his wont, will take...

02:30 (IST)23 NOV 2017

58' Fellaini, of all the people, pops up on the right wing and sends a fairly decent cross (compared to the fare the others have been dishing out) but Vaclik gathers easily

02:29 (IST)23 NOV 2017

56' Serey Die does supremely well to lure in Herrera and Pogba before slipping away from them and bursting forward with United backpedalling furiously... he lays it off to Steffen, who shoots powerfully at goal - but it's straight at Romero and that's standard fare for Argentina's no. 1

02:27 (IST)23 NOV 2017

55' Martial does one of his trademark soft-shoe shuffles as he changes gears and accelerates at the Basel backline, but the Swiss Guard hold firm. 

02:26 (IST)23 NOV 2017

54' Pogba tries to power his way through the middle of the park - using Lingard as a wall to bounce the ball off - but Basel crowd him out and launch a counter that ends with Elyounoussi smacking a rather weak shot straight at Romero. 

02:25 (IST)23 NOV 2017

52' Darmian and Lingard play it down the right like an ersatz Beckham and Neville - but with neither nowhere as good as their predecessors, the move breaks down far too easily... Basel come forward with Steffen but it's headed clear by Smalling. 

02:23 (IST)23 NOV 2017

50'... UFF! Fellaini thunders clear the lovely Zuffi delivery but it bounces out to Serey Die who absolutely leathers it just wide of Romero's near post from outside the area

02:22 (IST)23 NOV 2017

49' Freekick for Basel on the edge of the area down the left flank as Elyounoussi's cross clips Darmian's elbow... Zuffi will take it

02:21 (IST)23 NOV 2017

48' Some pretty one-touch passing from Pogba and Martial rip open Basel's midfield (Martial's backheel a particularly delectable move) but the former's attempt to find Lukaku in the box is cut out by the ever-vigilant Suchy

02:20 (IST)23 NOV 2017

47' OH LUKAKU! Tony Martial pings a lovely ball into the area that Romelu Lukaku thunders well wide of Vaclik's goal... he really ought o have done better there

02:19 (IST)23 NOV 2017

46' Basel start with the enterprising Lang - their best player on the night - making space down the right... the ball is then worked out to Steffen who's lovely dink into the box is inches away from being thudded in by a flying Mo Elyounoussi!

02:17 (IST)23 NOV 2017


Can United make something of the almost total dominance they have enjoyed tonight? Can Basel claw back ground on CSKA Moscow? 

02:10 (IST)23 NOV 2017

Gary Neville in his $1000 three-piece suit and $400 shoes, paunch and the stamina of a beached whale, would probably cross better than Matteo Darmian right now. The Italian really needs to get his crossing game together - United are wasting so many good chances from the wings it's outrageous

02:02 (IST)23 NOV 2017


No time added on as the ref calls the half to a close... United really, really should be a couple of goals ahead, but some poor crossing and some poorer finishing has let them down...

02:01 (IST)23 NOV 2017

45' OH MIA DIO! Marcos Rojo absolutely wallops one at goal that flicks off Suchy's head and onto the crossbar! CLANG!

02:00 (IST)23 NOV 2017

44' Even more scrappy football leads to Herrera pinging a superb ball out to Martial - THE FRENCHMAN HOLDS OFF SUCHY AND AKANJI AND RIPS INTO THE BOX, WHERE VACLIK MAKES AN EXCELLENT SAVE!

01:59 (IST)23 NOV 2017

42' Plenty of scrapping about in the middle of the park sees the King of the scrapping about - Fellaini - emerge with the ball and he moves it wide... Martial picks it up, toys with Lang, cuts in and curls a tremendous ball that flicks Fellaini's hair and smacks into the far post. WOOF! SO CLOSE!

01:57 (IST)23 NOV 2017

41' Oberlin sends it into orbit. 

01:56 (IST)23 NOV 2017

40' Steffen moves up through the gears and marauds infield and straight through the centre, before drawing a silly foul from Paul Pobga... a freekick in a dangerous position for the Swiss team, now. 

01:55 (IST)23 NOV 2017

39' Lukaku and Lingard try a quick give and go, and although the pass from the Belgian is awful, Elyounoussi nicks Lingard's heels and United have a freekick in a dangerous position... Blind's ball into the box, though, can find none of the massive targets in grey, 

01:54 (IST)23 NOV 2017

37' Pogba and Serey Die go shoulder to shoulder, and much to the crowd's chagrin there's only one winner there - United retain possession and pass the ball around patiently yet again. 
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