FC Goa vs Bengaluru FC Durand Cup Semi Final 2 LIVE Updates Score Commentary

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AFTER EXTRA TIME: FC Goa 2-2 Bengaluru FC. (FC Goa win on penalties, 7-6).


21:18 (IST)29 SEP 2021

20:57 (IST)29 SEP 2021

AFTER EXTRA TIME: FC Goa 2-2 Bengaluru FC. (FC Goa win on penalties, 7-6).

The two teams could not be separated after 120 minutes of football and we had out first penalty shoot-out of the Durand Cup 2021. Naveen Kumar redeemed himself as he denied Lyngdoh from the spot to take FC Goa to the final to face Mohammedan SC on 3rd October.

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20:51 (IST)29 SEP 2021


Bengaluru FC. Naveen Kumar saves and denies Dempaitlang Lyngdoh. (6/8).

20:50 (IST)29 SEP 2021


FC Goa. Christy scores. (7/8).

20:50 (IST)29 SEP 2021


Bengaluru FC. Bekey Oram scores. (6/7)

20:49 (IST)29 SEP 2021


FC Goa. Papuia scores. (6/7).

20:48 (IST)29 SEP 2021


Bengaluru FC. Ajith Kumar scores. (5/6).

20:48 (IST)29 SEP 2021


FC Goa. Makan Winkle Chothe scores. (5/6).

20:47 (IST)29 SEP 2021


Bengaluru FC. Namgyal Bhutia scores. (4/5).

20:46 (IST)29 SEP 2021


FC Goa. Edu Bedia scored. (4/5).

20:45 (IST)29 SEP 2021


Bengaluru FC. Parag Srivas scores. (3/4).

20:44 (IST)29 SEP 2021


FC Goa. Leander D Cunha scores. (3/4).

20:44 (IST)29 SEP 2021


Bengaluru FC. Ajay Chettri scores. (2/3).

20:43 (IST)29 SEP 2021


FC Goa. Sanson Pereira scores. (2/3).

20:42 (IST)29 SEP 2021


Bengaluru FC. Naveen Kumar denies Akashdeep. (1/2)

20:42 (IST)29 SEP 2021


FC Goa. Lara denies Redeem Tlang. (1/2)

20:41 (IST)29 SEP 2021


Bengaluru FC. Muirang scores. (1/1)

20:40 (IST)29 SEP 2021


FC Goa: Dohling scores. (1/1)

20:35 (IST)29 SEP 2021

AFTER EXTRA TIME: Bengaluru FC 2-2 FC Goa

120 minutes and the two teams cannot be separated. Penalty shoot out next.

20:32 (IST)29 SEP 2021

120' Additional Time: 2 Minutes.

20:30 (IST)29 SEP 2021

117' Edu Bedia rattles the Bengaluru woodwork with a scuffed attempt and Bengaluru somehow manage to clear their lines.

20:27 (IST)29 SEP 2021

114' Christy heads wide from a Makan Winkle Chothe corner.

20:26 (IST)29 SEP 2021

113' Christy gets in a low cross and Muirang makes a last ditched challenge at the near post to concede a corner.

20:17 (IST)29 SEP 2021

106' Second half of extra time kicks off.

20:15 (IST)29 SEP 2021

Half time in Extra TIme: FC Goa 2-2 Bengaluru FC

20:14 (IST)29 SEP 2021

105' Additional Time: 1 Minute.

20:13 (IST)29 SEP 2021

104' Christy is booked for a challenge on Roshan Singh.

20:13 (IST)29 SEP 2021

100' Edu Bedia's free-kick creates problems for Bengaluru FC as Christy heads it wide.

19:59 (IST)29 SEP 2021

91' First half of Extra time kicks-off.

19:54 (IST)29 SEP 2021

FULL TIME: FC Goa 2-2 Bengaluru FC.

We are into 30 minutes of extra time as both teams cannot be separated after 90 minutes of regulation time.

19:54 (IST)29 SEP 2021

90+5' Edu Bedia finds substitute Christy with a corner but Bengaluru FC clear their lines.

19:51 (IST)29 SEP 2021

90' Additional Time: 5 Minutes.

19:47 (IST)29 SEP 2021

83' GOAAAAAAAAAAL! Siva Sakthi yet again. He heads it home from a Namgyal Bhutia corner as the ball slides in from the hands of Naveen Kumar to make it 2-2.

19:41 (IST)29 SEP 2021

81' MISS! Fantastic through ball from Sanson Pereira to Makan Winkle Chothe, who takes it on his chest with a fantastic first touch but his powerful shot on the half valley goes wide of the goal.

19:39 (IST)29 SEP 2021

75' Saviour Gama is down injured after Ajith Kumar rams his hand on his face. Ajith Kumar goes into the book. Lara and Edu Bedia are also booked for arguing with the referee.

19:31 (IST)29 SEP 2021

71' GOAAAAAAAAAAL! Substitute Redeem Tlang scores for FC Goa. FC Goa 1-2 Bengaluru FC.

Lovely first touch by Redeem Tlang to wrong foot Ajith Kumar and rams it home into the back of the net to make it 2-1. The Gaurs have made a comeback from behind.

19:23 (IST)29 SEP 2021

64' Redeem Tlang is clear on goal with just the goalkeeper to beat but his finish is feeble and wide of the target. Wasted a golden opportunity to break the deadlock.

19:22 (IST)29 SEP 2021

62' Bidhyashagar Singh has a go at goal from outside the box but Naveen Kumar saves.

19:20 (IST)29 SEP 2021

61' Substitution for FC Goa: Makan Winkle Chothe replaces Romario Jesuraj.

19:20 (IST)29 SEP 2021

61' Substitution for FC Goa: Redeem Tlang replaces Devendra Murgaonkar.

19:20 (IST)29 SEP 2021

61' Substitution for FC Goa: Aibanbha Dohling replaces Ivan Gonzalez.

19:19 (IST)29 SEP 2021

60' Edu Bedia goes for goal from a free kick. The Spaniard gets a nice curl over the Bengaluru wall but Lara had it covered at the goal and parries it away from the crowd of players for safety.

19:17 (IST)29 SEP 2021

58' Devendra Murgaonkar is stretchered off the field due to a possible injury.

19:14 (IST)29 SEP 2021

53' Saviour Gama goes down inside the Bengaluru FC box calling for a penalty but the referee lets play on.

19:14 (IST)29 SEP 2021

48' Ajith Kumar sets up Akashdeep for the finish inside the FC Goa box but Akashdeep scuffs it away. Should have scored there.

19:08 (IST)29 SEP 2021

47' Bidhyashagar Singh is played out wide by Siva Sakthi but the Manipuri hits well wide of the target from the left side.

19:04 (IST)29 SEP 2021

46' Second-half kicks-off.

18:47 (IST)29 SEP 2021

HALF TIME: FC Goa 1-1 Bengaluru FC

18:46 (IST)29 SEP 2021

45' Additional Time: 2 Minutes.

18:41 (IST)29 SEP 2021

40' Both teams locked up in a bit of a midfield battle in the last few minutes with quick transitions in possession.
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