AS Roma vs Liverpool Live Score and Commentary, UEFA Champions League 2017-18

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Full time: ROM 4-2 LIV (Mane 9' Milner OG 15' Wijnaldum 26' Nainggolan 86' 90+3')


02:15 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Credit to Roma for pushing Liverpool till the end despite conceding the opening goal. Teams could have fallen apart after that but this Roma side dug deep to keep it alive till the final whistle. All eyes on Liverpool now though. The underdogs have scored the most goals in the UCL this season and seem like a team even Madrid will find hard to stop. 

Liverpool vs Real Madrid it is then. I really can't wait. 

02:08 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Peeeeep, peeeeeeeeep peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Full time! What a game! What a result! Two brilliant teams and 13 goals. Wow, it doesn't get better than this, does it?

02:07 (IST)3 MAY 2018

90+3' GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Nainggolan! 4-2!

02:06 (IST)3 MAY 2018


02:05 (IST)3 MAY 2018

90+2' Substitution for Liverpool

Alexander-Arnold, OFF
Clyne, ON

02:05 (IST)3 MAY 2018

90+1' Freekick against Kolarov for a high boot on Wijnaldum and that should be it, to be honest. Liverpool will take this slowly and are preparing another sub.

02:04 (IST)3 MAY 2018

3 minutes to be added on...

02:03 (IST)3 MAY 2018

89' Roma get a late freekick and are pushing everyone forward! Seems like someone was offside, though, Dzeko the culprit. Ah. Freekick comes to a waste.

02:02 (IST)3 MAY 2018

88' Liverpool win a freekick in their own half and waste a bit of time in taking it. Smart. There could be a few added minutes here though. At least 4!

02:00 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Wow, the Belgian just receives the ball and smashes it in the first time! There;s still time, you know. If Roma get one more, it could be tricky for Liverpool!

01:59 (IST)3 MAY 2018

86' GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Nainggolan! Some hit!

01:58 (IST)3 MAY 2018

84' A bit of afters here. Robertson and Manolas get booked. It was the former who shoved Florenzi in the back and needlessly picked up a booking. Perhaps a bit of retaliation for the Italian's tackle on his teammate Mane?

01:56 (IST)3 MAY 2018

83' Substitution for Liverpool

Mane, OFF
Klavan, ON

01:55 (IST)3 MAY 2018

82' Antonucci tries to fin Cengiz but Karius collects safely. As I type that, Liverpool break forward before Salah is caught offside. 

01:54 (IST)3 MAY 2018

81' Dzeko with a chance but it's saved by Karius! Some performance by the German! Roma have been woeful in the final third. 

01:53 (IST)3 MAY 2018

80' Dzeko nearly heads it in! Boy have they put in some effort, but Liverpool have showed why they have been the best English team in the UCL this season. Good, sturdy defending. 

01:52 (IST)3 MAY 2018

79' CORNER TO ROMA! This is it. The last 10 minutes need to be something special!

01:52 (IST)3 MAY 2018

78' Liverpool give the ball away cheaply not once but twice and Roma nearly make them pay. Schick's guided shot is just over the bar! 

01:50 (IST)3 MAY 2018

77' Florenzi is booked for a foul on Mane. Looked really bad that. Lucky to still be on the pitch. 

01:49 (IST)3 MAY 2018

76' Roma look a bit leggy here as passes are being misplaced and touches are getting away fro the players. Exactly what Liverpool need...

01:48 (IST)3 MAY 2018

75' Substitution for Roma

El Shaarawy is OFF
Antonucci is ON 

01:48 (IST)3 MAY 2018

74' Freekick to Roma for Milner's challenge on Schick. Henderson then stops Schick again a gives away a freekick. Liverpool need to do a bit more of this to upset the flow.

01:46 (IST)3 MAY 2018

73' Roma keep the ball before Dzeko tries a chipped pass to break the Liverpool defensive structure, but no one reads it as Karius collects easily. 

01:45 (IST)3 MAY 2018

72' Half a chance for Roma as an onrushing Gonalons leathers a Dzeko layoff...but to row Z. Tough to hit that on the first attempt. ROma still creating chances, though. Not over, this. 

01:44 (IST)3 MAY 2018

71' Manolas gives the ball cheaply and Liverpool have a two vs three on. But Firmino isn't able to find Salah and in the end, his own shot is too meek and is easily blocked by Manolas. 

01:43 (IST)3 MAY 2018

70' Substitution for Roma

De Rossi OFF
Gonalons ON

01:43 (IST)3 MAY 2018

69' Alisson with a top save now! Milner wins the ball at the centre and sets Liverpool on a break. Salah, instead of shooting, cheekily plays Firmino through and his compatriot saves from a narrow angle!

01:41 (IST)3 MAY 2018

68' Top tackle by Robertson to win the ball back and get a throw. But Liverpool give it carelessly and Nainggolan's cross is smashed into row Z by Schick!

01:40 (IST)3 MAY 2018

67' Liverpool's resources are stretched here so they'll have to use the team they are using currently. Klopp would have loved to bring on a calming influence at the middle of the park.

01:39 (IST)3 MAY 2018

65' Another save by Karius! Roma still manage to win the second ball but Dzeko fires wide from a tough angle! It's all happening here! Liverpool are living dangerously and a goal here could open the floodgates!

01:38 (IST)3 MAY 2018

64' Roma get a freekick as Firmino fouls Manolas. Roma are pushing for it and giving it their all here. Liverpool, for some reason, have lost their composure, even while countering!

01:37 (IST)3 MAY 2018

63' CHANCE ROMA! Saved! That seems like a clear handball by TAA but Roma only get a corner! Liverpool are barely holding on here but for how long?

01:36 (IST)3 MAY 2018

62' Roma are doing it the route-one way now. A lot of long balls to test the Liverpool centre-backs against the wily Dzeko. 

01:35 (IST)3 MAY 2018

61' Henderson this time with a bit of leadership as he presses to win the ball back and sets Liverpool on a counter. Roma hold on as Mane is found offside. 

01:34 (IST)3 MAY 2018

60' Cengiz with a chance but Karius saves! Smashing pass by De Rossi to find the Turk but his touch isn't clean enough and a thankful Karius collects it safely again. 

01:33 (IST)3 MAY 2018

59' Liverpool try to break with Mane who finds Salah with a neat pass. The latter picks out Wijnaldum but the Dutchman is flagged offside. Roma begin again...

01:32 (IST)3 MAY 2018

58' Good defending by Manolas who matches the speedy Mo Salah for pace and plays the ball back safely to Alisson. Roma get it again and bring it forward...

01:31 (IST)3 MAY 2018

57' Roma have a bit of momentum and Liverpool are slowly losing their composure on the ball. TAA barely manages to clear a cross by Kolarov again. Roma are pressing here, looking for another.

01:30 (IST)3 MAY 2018

56' Kolarov's curling cross finds Dzeko but the Bosnia isn't able to get over the ball and head it down. Always rising, that. Liverpool can breathe again. So panicky despite having a three-goal advantage here...

01:29 (IST)3 MAY 2018

55' Freekick to Roma! Dangerous position this as TAA fouls Dzeko. 

01:28 (IST)3 MAY 2018

54' Liverpool almost reply immediately but Roma get away with it. Mane's driving run caused panic as Robertson was there with his run to put in a sweet cross. But Salah was just too wide!

01:27 (IST)3 MAY 2018

53' Substitution for Roma

Pellegrini OFF
Cengiz ON

01:26 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Roma finally show the end product they have been missing all night, but barely. El Shaarawy's shot was saved by Karius but Dzeko is there to collect it and tap the rebound in!

01:25 (IST)3 MAY 2018

52' GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Dzeko! Roma have a bit of hope again!

01:24 (IST)3 MAY 2018

50' Lovely play from Schick in his own half to get Roma out of a tight situation and set the team on a counter. El Shaarawy's through pass is just a tad over-hit and Karius collects it safely. 

01:23 (IST)3 MAY 2018

49' And Dzeko offside this time! Karius comes out and fails to deal with it. He took out the Bosnian there but the ref had already raised it. Didn't seem off, however. The linesman got that one wrong.

01:22 (IST)3 MAY 2018

49' Even a goal here will barely get Roma close.The way Liverpool are playing and Karius is keeping, that seems unlikely. Salah is caught offside again as I type that...

01:21 (IST)3 MAY 2018

48' Not a bad start to the second half this! Roma win a corner but Karius comes out to collect it with authority again! End to end stuff this. 

01:20 (IST)3 MAY 2018

47' Liverpool break and Salah is played through by Firmino. The linesman's flag is sadly up and Roma get away with it. 

01:20 (IST)3 MAY 2018

46' Nainggolan manages to put in a deep cross for Pellegrini but the latter;s control lets him down. Could have been half a chance there...
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