Barcelona vs Olympiacos Live Score and Commentary UEFA Champions League 2017/18 LINEUPS OUT!

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Barcelona 3-1 Olympiacos FT' Nikolaou (OG) 18' Messi 61' Digne 64' Nikolaou 89'


02:09 (IST)19 OCT 2017


That's that! Barcelona win 3-1 in what was a very one-sided game. Nikolaou with an own goal set the proceedings in motion. Messi scored his 100th European goal with a delicious freekick from right outside the area before setting up Digne for the third. Nikolaou got one back for Olympiacos in the 88th minute but it was all too late.

That's all the buzz from the Camp Nou and we're all set to call it a night at the Yap Centre. If my standards have been as low as Olympiacos' tonight, feel free to knock me into the middle of next week on Twitter- @goddamnhunter

Good night, my lads.


02:04 (IST)19 OCT 2017

90+2' Digne clears an inviting ball from the left flank. It only took Olympiacos 88 minutes to grow into the game tonight. 

02:03 (IST)19 OCT 2017

Fortounis with a delicious delivery from the corner and the villain of the night for Olympiacos, Nikolaou rises above Paulinho and heads it to the left top corner. No chance for ter Stegen. That will help allay the pain!

02:01 (IST)19 OCT 2017

88' Corner for Olympiacos. Can they salvage something from this game?

02:00 (IST)19 OCT 2017

87' Great work by Proto again!
Messi with a deft little ball, releases Suarez down the centre but Proto gets to it before the Uruguayan striker can and thwarts yet another Barcelona attack.

01:59 (IST)19 OCT 2017

85' Andre Games tries to drag one back for Messi but Botia blocks it. Messi tries to latch on to the second ball but Boia blocks that one too and the ball goes out for a corner. Paulinho meets the corner with his head but it's unfortunately hit straight at Proto who gobbles it up with ease.

01:58 (IST)19 OCT 2017

84' Olympiacos finally with a decent spell of possession in the Barca half. Rakitic with a clumsy bit of work in the box as he hands it over to the Odjidja. But he wins it back and vindicates himself before something terrible happened.

01:57 (IST)19 OCT 2017

83' Messi, Paulinho and Suarez combine and the diminutive Argentine breaks free into the box on the left side. But his shot is a bit too overpowered and it goes flying over the crossbar.

01:56 (IST)19 OCT 2017

82' Barcelona look complacent now. A couple of loose balls here and here but Olympiacos haven't showed up at all tonight and for all of Barca's failings, they haven't really had to pay for it.

01:53 (IST)19 OCT 2017

81' Delicious delivery by Messi from a freekick on the left flank. But Umtiti can't quite reach it and it goes out for a goal-kick.

01:52 (IST)19 OCT 2017

80' Substitution!
The crowd stands up and applauds Busquets as he goes out to make way for Andre Gomes!

01:51 (IST)19 OCT 2017

78' Corner for Olympiacos. Digne clears a cross from the left flank with a diving header. ter Stegen punches clear from the corner.

01:50 (IST)19 OCT 2017

77' Mascherano tries to free Roberto down the right flank but his ball is a bit too heavy and goes out for a goalkick.

01:48 (IST)19 OCT 2017

75' Another Olympiacos attempt comes to naught. This time Umtiti blocks the attacker out of relevance before he could even cross the ball.

01:48 (IST)19 OCT 2017

74' Messi with a delightful ball for Digne down the left flank but Olympiacos defend well and they survive that threat.

01:47 (IST)19 OCT 2017

74' Barcelona are too happy to go around in second gear as long as they're being afforded the freedom and right now they're being offended a bit too much of just that.

01:45 (IST)19 OCT 2017

72' I don't understand why Olympiacos are still sitting deep and defending narrowly. What are they trying to block? They've had a dismal 1 attempt as opposed to the 18 that Barcelona have had.

01:43 (IST)19 OCT 2017

69' Proto denies Paulinho and Messi!
Messi on the left side, runs at the defender before neatly caressing it into the feet of Suarez who goes for it first time. His shot is blocked by the defender and Proto blocks the subsequent efforts from Paulinho and Messi. The only Olympiacos player who showed up really and he has 3 goals to show for it. Such a shame. 

01:41 (IST)19 OCT 2017

67' Barcelona looked like they were in for a nervy half an hour but with 2 goals coming in quick succession, they're now starting to enjoy the game. Remember, remember- they're a man down. But they hardly seem to show it. More like Olympiacos are not letting them show it.

01:39 (IST)19 OCT 2017

66' Substitution for Barcelona!
Iniesta out! Ivan Rakitic in!

01:36 (IST)19 OCT 2017


Messi's nimble feet and supple touches takes him past the defender on the right side and he drags it back but it misses both Iniesta and Suarez but Digne rounds it up and bangs it into the bottom right corner. 

01:36 (IST)19 OCT 2017

63' This is rather poor from Olympiacos. They haven't even registered a shot after Pique's sending off.

01:34 (IST)19 OCT 2017

It's not even into the corner but the height, the dip on the curve are on point and Messi reaches yet another milestone and buys cushion for Barcelona. 

01:33 (IST)19 OCT 2017

59' Messi is brought down by Nikolaou just outside the area. He picks up a yellow card. This is Messi territory. Can he deliver?

01:31 (IST)19 OCT 2017

58' Severe lack of quality in the final third so far from Olympiacos.

01:31 (IST)19 OCT 2017

57' Djurdjevic with an excellent ball to switch flanks as Olympiacos break on the counter. But they can't take advantage of a retreating Barca backline and that fizzles out.

01:30 (IST)19 OCT 2017

56' Carcela brings Iniesta down and there are a few heated exchanges between the players and the ref calls Carcela out for a talking to. But that's it. No card.

01:28 (IST)19 OCT 2017

55' Olympiacos with the first real threateningpassing movement of the match from their part. A low cross is whipped in from the left flank but it goes through everyone!

01:27 (IST)19 OCT 2017

54' Substitution for Olympiacos!
Djurdjevic in! Gillet out!

01:26 (IST)19 OCT 2017

53' Its difficult to see the numerical disadvantage that Barca has as of now. They're passing it around with ease and Olympiacos are not too keen on doing the risky.

01:25 (IST)19 OCT 2017

52' No real proactive stuff from the Greek here. No battling in midfield. 
Iniesta is pulled to the round as Barca win a freekick in Olympiacos' half. They take it short.

01:23 (IST)19 OCT 2017

50' Olympiacos finally find themselves in a negotiable situation on the left flank but the delivery is poor and Barca clears it away.

01:22 (IST)19 OCT 2017

48' Barcelona running the ball about in midfield trying to open up the Olympiacos defence. Digne is freed up on the flank and he lobs one in for Suarez but he mistimes his shot and it goes up in the air as Proto comes out to collect it. Suarez pushes him away and the ref says That's a foul!

01:20 (IST)19 OCT 2017

47' Barcelona will be happy to keep the ball and they're simply being afforded too much time and space on the ball for a team playing with 10 men.

01:19 (IST)19 OCT 2017

46' Olympiacos still sitting deep in defence. Some things don't change, I'm guessing. 

01:18 (IST)19 OCT 2017

PEEEEEEEP!!! We're off in the second half!
Deulofeu out! Mascherano in! That's the inevitable. Barca can't afford to leave a hole in defence and hence the former Everton man who was largely effective in the first half has to be taken off.

01:03 (IST)19 OCT 2017

PEEEEP! First half is done! Barcelona lead 1-0 at the break but they are one man short after Pique picked up his second yellow card of the night for a deliberate handball.

01:02 (IST)19 OCT 2017

45' Some good footwork byZdjelar as he tries to launch an Olympiacos attack. Finally a few successful passes for Olympiacos inside the Barca half.

01:01 (IST)19 OCT 2017

44' Paulinho dropping back for the while. it will be interesting to see who Valverde takes off to bring in another central defender.

01:00 (IST)19 OCT 2017

43' Mascherano is up and about and warming up on the sidelines.

00:58 (IST)19 OCT 2017


Deulofeu strikes it from the right flank and it is saved by Proto. And it falls to Pique who drags it home with his right wrist. What a tragedy. The man thought he scored. Next second, he receives a second yellow for deliberate handball and has to go in for an early shower. Little ray of hope for Olympiacos?

00:56 (IST)19 OCT 2017

39' Digne has been making runs in behind the Olympiacos defence on the left side throughout the first half so far. But Barc have been content to work the legs and lungs of Deulofeu. But yet another one of his crosses meets nobody. Makes me wonder, where is Suarez?

00:54 (IST)19 OCT 2017

Lionel Messi cuts in from the right flank and tries to swing one past Proto but he hits it straight at him.

00:53 (IST)19 OCT 2017

36' Odjidja with their first shot of the match. Odjidja latches onto the ball that came out of the box from the shoulder of Pique. It goes wide and ter Stegen is not bothered.

00:52 (IST)19 OCT 2017

35' Freekick for Olympiacos on their left flank as Roberto fouls Zdejlar.

00:51 (IST)19 OCT 2017

34' Odjidja is tackled by Pique as Olympiacos finally makes it into the Barca half.

00:50 (IST)19 OCT 2017

33' All Barcelona here at the Camp Nou as they keep trying to exploit the flanks as Olympiacos keep overloading the centre of the pitch.

00:49 (IST)19 OCT 2017

I thought that was surely going in. It is Messi who plays him into the box and Proto does well to come and make himself big in order to deflect the ball away for a corner.

00:47 (IST)19 OCT 2017

30' Deulofeu is proving to be menacing down the right flank. He plays in Roberto with a neat little pass and though it comes to nothing, he gets the ball back and pulls off an audacious turn and Olympiacos have to force it out for a corner.

00:46 (IST)19 OCT 2017

28' Freekick for Barcelona on the right flank outside the box. Deulofeu's cross is handled by Koutris.
Messi delivers a sensational ball in and Busquets meets it with his head but it goes over the top of the goal.

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