Chelsea vs Liverpool Live Score Commentary, Premier League 2017-18

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Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool | Second Half Live | Olivier Giroud 32'


22:54 (IST)6 MAY 2018

PEEEEEEEP! PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! That's that from Stamford Bridge. Chelsea have won against Liverpool and kept their hopes of Champions League qualification alive. They were easily the better team on the night. The potential European champions will need to take a good, long look in the mirror after that performance.

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22:51 (IST)6 MAY 2018

93' Liverpool have been shambolic in the second half. But they're piling on the pressure. Sadio Mane swings one into the box and Solanke is there, in the centre of the box. He tries to head it into the goal but Rudiger's late contact makes the difference and the ball goes out for a goalkick.

22:50 (IST)6 MAY 2018

92' Substitution for Chelsea.

Pedro on. Fabregas off.

22:48 (IST)6 MAY 2018

90' 4 minutes added on.

22:48 (IST)6 MAY 2018

90' Such intense build up play from Liverpool culminates in an abomination of a cross from Trent boy. Fizzles out.

22:47 (IST)6 MAY 2018

89' Substitution for Chelsea.

Zappacosta in. Moses out.

Moreno in. Milner out.

22:46 (IST)6 MAY 2018

87' Lovren delivers a ball from the right side and Solanke rises above Azpilicueta and Cahill to direct it towards goal. But he can't quite get it under control and it's headed for the stands.

22:44 (IST)6 MAY 2018

86' Gary Cahill plays a lobbed ball into the box but Karius gets to it before Giroud can.

22:43 (IST)6 MAY 2018

Substitution for Chelsea.

Willian on. And surprisingly, it is Eden Hazard who comes off. He gets a standing ovation for taking the game to the Merseysiders tonight.

22:42 (IST)6 MAY 2018

84' Willian is getting ready to come on and it could be Fabregas who will come off.

22:42 (IST)6 MAY 2018

83' Azpi gets a faint touch on a Henderson cross and fortuitously for him, the pace is taken off and it rolls into the hands of Courtois. Could've gone anywhere.

22:41 (IST)6 MAY 2018

82' Tense showdown at Stamford Bridge. Henderson whips a ball into the area but Cahill heads it out of danger.

22:38 (IST)6 MAY 2018

80' Yellow card to Moses for, ahem, time wasting.

22:37 (IST)6 MAY 2018


79' Alonso almost pulled off a worldie right there!

Victor Moses drives past Milner on the right flank and his cross carries a bit too much weight but it falls to Marcos Alonso who goes for it on the full and nearly, very nearly pile drives it into the far top corner. I thought that went in for a second! What a goal that would've been!

22:36 (IST)6 MAY 2018

78' Alonso is yellow carded for time wasting.

22:36 (IST)6 MAY 2018

77' Liverpool getting into threatening positions now. Solanke, however, can't trap the ball well enough to get a shot away and when he eventually gets around to it, Cahill chips in with a well time clearance. That man has been on top of his game today. Captain, leading by example.

22:34 (IST)6 MAY 2018

75' Hazard wriggles out into space and tries to blast one into the top corner but Van Dijk puts in a block to deny them and Liverpool are on the counter. Mane motors down the left flank and he serves the ball into the path of Solanke but 'Dave' Azpilicueta is there to clear the danger.

22:32 (IST)6 MAY 2018

74' Milner goes to left back and Firmino drops back into midfield. Klopp gon' try something fresh y'all.

22:31 (IST)6 MAY 2018

73' Substitution for Liverpool.

Andrew Robertson off, Dominic Solanke on.

22:29 (IST)6 MAY 2018

71' Dominic Solanke is getting ready to come on. I have my reservations about that decision but more about that later.

22:27 (IST)6 MAY 2018

69' Once again, Kante wins the ball back in midfield but he can't make anything happen largely due to a lack of options. But Chelsea win the ball back and Hazard roams about to free Alonso on the left side. His cross is dangerously pacy but there's no one there to collect it for Chelsea. But ridiculously, Robertson tries to chest it into the hands of Karius. He misses him by a mile and sends it out for a corner. Nothing comes from the corner once again.

22:26 (IST)6 MAY 2018

67' Van Dijk is caught in the chest by Cesc Fabregas and the Dutchman gives him a mouthful.

22:25 (IST)6 MAY 2018

67' Klopp is fuming and he is screaming at his players and it is no small part owing to their sloppiness in possession.

22:23 (IST)6 MAY 2018

22:22 (IST)6 MAY 2018

63' Victor Moses wins the ball from a precarious position and drives into the heart of Liverpool's defence and even has the beating of a couple of Reds but Lovren reads it well and Moses' final touch to get past him didn't help either. 

22:20 (IST)6 MAY 2018

62' Rudiger with an excellent sliding tackle to stop the ball from reaching Mo Salah on the right side.

22:19 (IST)6 MAY 2018

60' Hazard and Bakayoko combine twice down the left flank but Bakayoko's shot from right outside the area lacks venom and Karius gathers it without a hitch.

22:16 (IST)6 MAY 2018

58' Milner tries to whip one into the box from the left side but its hit straight at Courtois.

22:15 (IST)6 MAY 2018


55' Rudiger scores! OH WAIT NO NO! That's offside. Miles offside from the corner.

22:14 (IST)6 MAY 2018

55' Hazard swivels past 1, 2, 3 Liverpool defenders on the left side and leathers one at Karius. Karius gets a touch on it and unfortunately for him it falls at the back post but Robertson is there to clear it for a corner.

22:12 (IST)6 MAY 2018

54' Nothing comes from the corner though.

22:11 (IST)6 MAY 2018

53' Alonso whips a ball into the box from the left side after being released into space by Giroud. Robertson, calculated and careful, passes it out for a corner.

22:11 (IST)6 MAY 2018

52' Liverpool have a freekick, about 40 yards out and Milner takes it short to Salah. Salah tries to drive one into the path of Mane who's waiting at the edge of the area but the ball is stolen from his foot as soon as he receives it.

22:09 (IST)6 MAY 2018

51' It's going to take something special from Liverpool to break down this narrow and dogged Chelsea defence.

22:08 (IST)6 MAY 2018

22:07 (IST)6 MAY 2018

49' N'Golo Kante skies one after hazard and Bakayoko carefully engineer a move to set the Frenchman free outside the area.

22:06 (IST)6 MAY 2018

48' Trent boy goes for glory from 30 yards out and that flies into the stands.

22:06 (IST)6 MAY 2018

Should have crossed!

46' Oh Moses! Greedy that, he should have passed it from the right flank!

Hazard keeps the ball on the left side with a whiff of magic and then slides it to Fabregas who is waiting in the middle. Fabregas then finds Moses in acres of space but the Nigerian tries to bang it into the far corner from an extremely difficult angle when he should have tried to find the runners, Giroud and Bakayoko who had almost made it into the box ahead of Van Dijk and Lovren. Will that prove to be costly? We'll have to wait and see.

22:03 (IST)6 MAY 2018

45' Firmino and Salah combine at the edge of the box with a neat exchange but Salah doesn't catch it cleanly and the ball rolls into the hands of Courtois.

22:03 (IST)6 MAY 2018

PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! And we're off in the second half.

21:48 (IST)6 MAY 2018

47' Firmino runs the ball out of play and PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! That's that in the first half.

Liverpool started off well but Chelsea grew into it and have the lead thanks to the quality they've shown in the final third.

It's Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool at half time.

21:47 (IST)6 MAY 2018

46' Liverpool are patiently trying to break down this narrow Chelsea defence as we head into the final few seconds of the first half. Chelsea are making Liverpool go sideways.

21:46 (IST)6 MAY 2018

45' 2 minutes added on.

21:45 (IST)6 MAY 2018

44' Ain't no heavy metal getting blasted at Stamford Bridge so far. I was looking for the mosh pit but it feels like a retirement home lawn right now.

21:44 (IST)6 MAY 2018

43' Moses' crossing game has been on point tonight. Not quiiiite there that time but he almost finds Giroud in a very dangerous position inside the box. Van Dijk is there to save the Reds.

21:43 (IST)6 MAY 2018

42' We're back to second gear now. That's all I'm going to say. Can't be descriptive about a painting that doesn't exist now, can I?

21:40 (IST)6 MAY 2018

39' Cesc tries to find Rudiger at the far post but it ends up in Karius' hands. Sigh.

21:40 (IST)6 MAY 2018

39' One more yellow card for Liverpool. This time, it is Nathaniel Clyne who slides into and takes out Marcos Alonso on the left side. Chelsea have a freekick in a promising position.

21:39 (IST)6 MAY 2018


38' Ah, Mo Salah gets a yellow for simulation. That was silly from Salah. He tries to cut into the box and goes down right outside the box owing to the wind perhaps?

21:38 (IST)6 MAY 2018

36' Chelsea spending some time attacking for a change now. Hazard tries to work something with Fabregas but they were operating at different wavelengths there and the latter is furious that Hazard didn't read his mind. Cesc, you entitled Spaniard you.
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