CSKA Moscow vs Manchester United Live Score and Commentary, UEFA Champions League 2017-18 CSK vs MUN

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CSKA 1-4 Man United (Kuchaev 89'; Lukaku 5', 27', Martial 19', Mkhitaryan 57')


02:07 (IST)28 SEP 2017



Well, that was as authoritarian a display as you'd ever see.... CSKA have their skipper, Igor Akinfeev, to thank for keeping this to 4 (it could well have been a cricket score were it not for the veteran. 

Mourinho won't be happy with the goal they conceded, but he will be supremely pleased with just how easily they controlled the game (besides CSKA's valiant, loud, supporters deserved atleast that much.)

That's all from me tonight, Anirudh Menon signing out. 


02:05 (IST)28 SEP 2017

90' OOOH! Another Kuchaev run creates a flutter of panic in the United box; but it's just a corner... from which a hard Shennikov shot stings De Gea's palms but doesn't cause undue harm

02:03 (IST)28 SEP 2017

Lovely, lovely goal from the 19-year-old CSKA academy product who skinned Smalling on the outside and smashed it hard and low past De Gea.

02:02 (IST)28 SEP 2017


02:01 (IST)28 SEP 2017

88' Golovin smashes one at goal that almost turns into the perfect pass for Timur. Just beyond him, though. 

02:00 (IST)28 SEP 2017

86' Lingard tries to jink his way into the CSKA box but he overruns the ball... United win back possession soon enough, though.... till Matic misplaces a pass (a rare, rare occurrence tonight)  and a promising move breaks down at the edge of the CSKA box.

01:58 (IST)28 SEP 2017

85' Rashford tees up a freekick from thirty-five yards out in the Cristiano Ronaldo style. He sends it into orbit in the Cristiano Ronaldo style

01:57 (IST)28 SEP 2017

84' Vitinho off for Kuchaev - as Goncharenko figures he might as well give his youngsters a run-out. 

01:56 (IST)28 SEP 2017

83' OH HO! Herrera almoooost slips in Lukaku but the ball rolls a bit too ahead of the Belgian. At the other end, Vitinho smashes a more than decent effort straight at De Gea.

01:54 (IST)28 SEP 2017

80' OH! AKINFEEV! HE IS THE REASON CSKA HAVEN'T CONCEDED IN DOUBLE FIGURES! Matic slips in a superb ball to Darmian who runs free into the box and smashes it at goal - only for the Russian custodian to work his magic. Poor, Poor, Igor!

01:53 (IST)28 SEP 2017

79' In the other game of the match, Basel are schooling Benfica 5-0. I wouldn't want to be in Rui Vitoria's shoes when they have to host, and immediately after visit, this Manchester United side.

01:52 (IST)28 SEP 2017

78' Oh Vitinho! The striker tries to dance his way past Smalling, but nothing doing there. Lukaku - tracking back in a manner that would only make his manager love him even more - and wins a foul off Fernandes

01:49 (IST)28 SEP 2017

76' Pass... pass... pass... go United as they sentence CSKA to death by a thousand passes. None of these passes are useless backward ones though; Lingards' final one of the move wins a corner... from which Rashford whips in a lovely little ball that Berezutsky does ever so well to head away

01:47 (IST)28 SEP 2017

74' OUCH! Clash of heads as Wernbloom heads Lingard in the back of his skull. THAT MUST HAVE HURT!

01:47 (IST)28 SEP 2017

73' CSKA threaten... I use that in the loosest meaning of the word... down the right but Smalling can quite simply see off Timur and guide him out of play

01:45 (IST)28 SEP 2017

71' The utterly magnificent Anthony Martial is taken off to give young Marcus Rashford twenty minutes against this creaking CSKA defence. The home side take off Dzagoev and bring on Milanov. 

01:44 (IST)28 SEP 2017

70' Lukaku quite literally bullies Berezutsky off the ball, turns, charges into the box - but the giant is eventually crowded out by THREE other CSKA men.

01:42 (IST)28 SEP 2017

69' Manchester United play the ball with quiet confidence and Lingard tries to find Lukaku with the freedom of the Kremlin in the box; but Berezutsky gets his bulky frame in the way. Finally. Nothing comes off the subsequent corner. 

01:41 (IST)28 SEP 2017

67' Matteo Darmian comes on for Ashley Young while CSKA withdraw Chalov for Zhamaletdinov... whom I shall address as Timur from now on. I didn't make that name up, it's his first name... and I AM NOT TYPING OUT Z-H-A-M-A-L-E-T-D-I-N-O-V for the remaining twenty odd minutes, thank you very much

01:39 (IST)28 SEP 2017

66' A CSKA SHOT AT GOAL! THIS IS NEWS! CAPITALISABLE NEWS! It's a horrible shank from Vitinho, though. 

01:38 (IST)28 SEP 2017

64' A loose ball, the 1956th of the night for CSKA, and Martial tries to slip in Lukaku - but the ball is woefully underhit. Vitinho tries to catch Matic asleep at the other end, but this is not the home side's night, and the ball trickles into De Gea's gloves. 

01:36 (IST)28 SEP 2017

63' United are passing the ball about in front of the CSKA box before Martial tries to twirl, seriously, TWIRL, his way past two CSKA men but Berezutsky is having none of that. 

01:34 (IST)28 SEP 2017

61' Lukaku has the ball in the net.... but the whistle had long since gone for offside on the man who crossed it into the box - Eric Bailly. 

01:34 (IST)28 SEP 2017

60' OH LINGARD! OH LINGARD! The Englishman's first touch is to parrry a magnificent Martial pass straight at Akinfeev from five yards. Yet another great save from the Russian veteran, but that should have been 5.

01:33 (IST)28 SEP 2017

59' Vitinho backs into Bailly, Brazilian arm smashing into Ivorian jaw and that's a yellow for the CSKA man. Meanwhile, Mourinho gives Lingard a runout and takes off Mkhitaryan

01:31 (IST)28 SEP 2017

Another CSKA giveaway and this time Herrera feeds Martial... the Frenchman gallops into the box, onto the pass and smashes it at goal where Akinfeev pulls of yet another good save... but he can only parry it back into the box and the nippy Mkhitaryan is the first to the rebound. 

01:30 (IST)28 SEP 2017


01:30 (IST)28 SEP 2017

56' OH LUKAKU! OH LUKAKU! Herrera intercepts a casual ball in the middle and feeds in Lukaku but the big Belgian's first touch lets him down. Doesn't matter, because...

01:29 (IST)28 SEP 2017

55' Blind sees Mario Fernandes out for a goalkick as another CSKA move fizzles out. If only Goncharenko could have his team playing like his fans are singing... there is nothing fizzling out there and the VEB Arena is as loud as it was in the first minute

01:28 (IST)28 SEP 2017

53' OUCH! Yellow for Berezutsky as he smashes into Mkhitaryan's face for no apparent reason but the fact that the Armenian was dribbling the ball toward him. Big blighter, Berezutsky - the Armenian certainly felt that. 

01:26 (IST)28 SEP 2017

52' Dzagoev, Vitinho and Golovin combine to allow the latter to slip the ball into the far post but it floats teasingly over Chalov's head and United clear finally. At the other end Lukaku tries a couple of stepovers which will find its way to this season's edition of football bloopers. 

01:24 (IST)28 SEP 2017

51' OH! BLIND! United work the ball around with quiet purpose before Ashley Young swings one into the far post where Daley Blind rises highest to head it just over the bar! 

01:22 (IST)28 SEP 2017

50' Nothing from the corner as it floats harmlessly over everybody

01:22 (IST)28 SEP 2017

49' OH MY LUKAKU! OH! MY! LUKAKU! Martial slipped in Lukaku with an absolute peach of a pass. Lukaku killed it dead with one touch before unleashing one at the goal - it takes all of Akinfeev's considerable skill to keep it out as he pulls of yet another superb save to deny the big Belgian his hattrick

01:21 (IST)28 SEP 2017

48' For once Mario Fernandes gets the better of his compatriot Tony Martial and CSKA see off his threat, but a loose ball further up the field mean United counter...

01:20 (IST)28 SEP 2017

46' CSKA start on the front foot, as they must and Chalov tees up Golovin on the left edge of the box. A sublime dummy sends Ashley Young to the wrong fire... before he switches it to his left and smashes it into the crowd. Nice move... and some intent from the home side here

01:18 (IST)28 SEP 2017


01:02 (IST)28 SEP 2017


Out of human sympathy, the referees decide not to add any more minutes for United to ravage CSKA and that's halftime for you. 

Only an inexplicable implosion from United - combined with an equally unbelievable CSKA comeback - will see this become anything other another Manchester United triumph in Moscow

01:01 (IST)28 SEP 2017

45' Forget PSG. Manchester United are toying with CSKA Moscow here. 

01:00 (IST)28 SEP 2017

44' CSKA move forward with a little more purpose this time and Alan Dzagoev tries to smash it in from twenty-five yards. He doesn't catch it right and De Gea collects easily enough

00:59 (IST)28 SEP 2017

43' OH MARTIAL! What a dribbler this lad is. He jinks into the box with incredibly quick feet... he just gets crowded out by three Muscovite defenders and the same thing happens to Mkhitaryan's shot

00:58 (IST)28 SEP 2017

42' Golovin gets fed up and smashed into Herrera. That's just frustration and he gets a deserved caution for that. There must have been a million passes in the move that led to that foul. The sound you just heard is Pep Guardiola's jaw dropping to the floor. 

00:57 (IST)28 SEP 2017

41' United pass the ball around with easy confidence as they continue to make CSKA chase their shadows. If you didn't know this was a Champions League match, you'd have assumed this was a United training session where the XI defending were forbidden from touching the ball

00:55 (IST)28 SEP 2017

40' Meanwhile in Paris, PSG are toying with Bayern Munich. TOYING. They lead 2-0; could easily be 5. 

00:54 (IST)28 SEP 2017

38' CSKA have been sparked into life... United can't clear and were it not for Golovin's selflessness inside the box would have had yet another opportunity - he really should have shot instead of passing it square. Vitinho then has a pop at goal that doesn't unduly trouble De Gea

00:53 (IST)28 SEP 2017

37' OH WOW! CHALOV! Some sublime football from Dzagoev and Chalov sees the latter wriggle his past Smalling and smash a goal that's destined for the roof of the net before De Gea pulls off another amazing save! 

00:52 (IST)28 SEP 2017

36' In case you didn't know the CSKA backline of three has one 35 year old. And on 38 year old. Shows on the scoreline doesn't it?

00:50 (IST)28 SEP 2017


00:49 (IST)28 SEP 2017

32' A bigger nightmare I must say. United are strutting around the VEB Arena like they own it... kudos to the Muscovites in the stadium for keeping the decibel levels high in an attempt to instill some life into their team

00:48 (IST)28 SEP 2017

31' Golovin works up some space down the left and racing beyond Blind sends a hopeful ball in that is thundered away by Smalling. United counter at pace after Fernandes plays his pass straight to Matic... some magnificent holdup play from Lukaku almooost frees up Martial but Shennikov charges in with a superb challenge to prevent a nightmare.  
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