Juventus vs Barcelona Live Score and Commentary, UEFA Champions League 2017-18 JUVE vs BAR

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Full time: Juventus 0-0 Barcelona


03:07 (IST)23 NOV 2017

Peep, peeeep, peeeeeep! Full time! Jeez, that was some game! No, not really. It was a snorefest. Kudos to you if you sat till the final whistle. A 0-0 game. A slo-mo ISL game. A Minardi at the back in F1, a sprinter at the bottom of the classification. 

03:06 (IST)23 NOV 2017

90+3' Nothing is gonna happen, lads and lasses.

03:05 (IST)23 NOV 2017

90+2' CHANCE!!! Dybala! We had to wait so long for Ter Stegen to make a save! The German is still celebrating! Stunning reaction to save the shot. 

03:04 (IST)23 NOV 2017

90+1' Yellow card for Pique, for taking out Matuidi!

03:04 (IST)23 NOV 2017

90' Three minutes to be added on. YES!

03:01 (IST)23 NOV 2017

88' We have two minutes, two minutes to pray there isn't too much of added time so that we can all go to sleep and forget about this game. Juve in possession, meanwhile. 

03:00 (IST)23 NOV 2017

87' Digne was all over Dybala there. Understandable. You wouldn't want him running at your defence at this time of the game!

02:59 (IST)23 NOV 2017

85' Substitution for Juventus: Blaise Matuidi is on for Douglas Costa. That's one more attacker off the pitch. No, that's not what we want, Massimiliano! 

02:58 (IST)23 NOV 2017

84' Dear me, Suarez. Can't believe how bad his touch has been this season. Should have controlled it near the corner flag, but Juve get a freekick instead. 

02:56 (IST)23 NOV 2017

83' Nooooooooooooo! We were so close to a goal! Douglas Costa nearly rolls back the Bayern years by switching it to his left and giving it some welly, but it's just wide. *Sobs* 

02:55 (IST)23 NOV 2017

81' Substitution for Barcelona: Jordi Alba is on for Andres Iniesta. A good round of applause from the Juve fans for the stalwart. 

02:53 (IST)23 NOV 2017

80' Suarez is fouled by Sandro, but the latter gets away with a second yellow. 10 more minutes of god-awful attacking. Messi just hasn't seen much of the ball after coming on. 

02:52 (IST)23 NOV 2017

79' Juve are getting more men forward, but their passing has let them down at times. Barca have been pretty solid at the back as well, to be fair. 

02:51 (IST)23 NOV 2017

78' Barca keep the ball well there but Juve are so well drilled even at this point in the game. Paulinho seems a bit jaded. The away side need fresh legs to complement Messi. 

02:50 (IST)23 NOV 2017

77' Juve nearly create something! Dybala decides to switch play from right to left with a good pass and finds Sandro, but his pass to Higuain is intercepted easily by Umtiti. Disappointing again. 

02:49 (IST)23 NOV 2017

75' Costa receives some treatment. Jeez, the game can do with a goal. All that attacking talent and a 0-0 result? 

02:48 (IST)23 NOV 2017

74' A rare move for Juve ends with a goal-kick for Barca. Costa just couldn't use those speedy feet to get past Pique. The Spaniard wasn't convincing though as he sort of nudged Costa in the back. 

02:46 (IST)23 NOV 2017

73' Nothing comes off the freekick! Semedo goes down again during the subsequent move, but no freekick this time. THis game has a draw written all over it. 

02:45 (IST)23 NOV 2017

72' Freekick to Barca! A good move from Barca is stopped, illegally, by Sandro who impedes Semedo. He had his arms all over Semedo! Freekick. And a yellow card for Sandro.

02:43 (IST)23 NOV 2017

70' Substitution for Juve: Claudio Marchisio is on for Juan Cuadrado. 

02:43 (IST)23 NOV 2017

69' Juve try to break forward just can't string more than a couple of passes. The home fans groan again, which has been the story of the second half so far. 

02:42 (IST)23 NOV 2017

68' Oh Digne! Why?!?! A one vs one situation and he decides to pass it! His pass for Suarez was cut off by Rugani! If only he showed more confidence to smash it past Buffon!

02:41 (IST)23 NOV 2017

67' Barca have absolutely dominated the second half. Both possession and chance wise, though they haven't really tested Buffon. If there is going to be a winner, it looks like the away side are the only ones who can muster it.  

02:39 (IST)23 NOV 2017

66' Substitution for Juve: Rodrigo Bentancur is on for Miralem Pjanic.

02:38 (IST)23 NOV 2017

65' Benatia goes down after a late challenge from Suarez. Still, a boring game, if you ask me. Barca need to get Messi on the ball more often. 

02:37 (IST)23 NOV 2017

63' Close! But no cigar, Leo! His freekick is inches over the bar! Juve marking Messi could free up Suarez a bit more. He was hardly seen in the first half!

02:36 (IST)23 NOV 2017

62' Messi gets the ball on the right, breezes past Khedira and Cuadrado and passes it to Suarez. But the Uruguayan is fouled by Benatia. A bit of a preview of what Messi can do!

02:34 (IST)23 NOV 2017

61' Higuain is found by Pjanic at the edge of the Barca box. He turns and shoots. How do I describe his woeful shot? It'd give you points in Rugby. 

02:34 (IST)23 NOV 2017

60' Juve are more than happy to play the low block and hit Barca on the counter. With the players they have, it could work. But it's not heartening as it hasn't worked so far. 

02:31 (IST)23 NOV 2017

58' A dangerous cross from Sandro is barely dealt with by Barca. The hosts get a corner! The first real move they have mustered in this half, Juve.

02:30 (IST)23 NOV 2017

57' Paulinho nearly dwells on the ball too long! Juve had applied the press there. Fella, all you need to do is turn and pass it to the no. 10 on the pitch.

02:28 (IST)23 NOV 2017

56' Substitution: Messi is on for Deulofeu! Hell yes!

02:27 (IST)23 NOV 2017

54' Oh, Jeez! Suarez slips in the penalty box just as Iniesta was making a good run. This is beyond terrible. Juve have barely seen the ball this half, but Barca have been so wasteful in possession. 

02:26 (IST)23 NOV 2017

53' Digne, Rakitic and Suarez nearly combine to get a shot away, but Juve clear again. Messi is WARMING UP! Yes! Please bring him on!

02:25 (IST)23 NOV 2017

51' Deulofeu is free on the right but his woeful is so easily cleared by the Barca defence. Does no one know how to cross in this game? 

02:24 (IST)23 NOV 2017

50' And they don't. But they manage to win the second ball and are back in possession. Jeez, I expected Juve to breeze past this Barca team. They have been so off colour. 

02:23 (IST)23 NOV 2017

49' Nearly! It takes a touch off Barzagli and goes out for a corner. We all know they don't do much from corners. Pffft. 

02:23 (IST)23 NOV 2017

48' Freekick to Barca as Khedira impedes Iniesta on the left. Wish Messi was on the pitch to knock one in and make the game more interesting with a goal! It's Suarez on the ball, can he make something out of it?

02:21 (IST)23 NOV 2017

47' Barca try to be more direct as Busquets attempts to ping the ball to Deulofeu. The pass is overhit. I'm frustrated already. 

02:20 (IST)23 NOV 2017

46' Please, be more direct, please be more direct, please be more direct! We want a good game here! Barca are keeping the ball here.

02:18 (IST)23 NOV 2017

Peeeeep! Second half begins! Barcelona are kicking from right to left, lads and lasses. We hope the game is much more entertaining after what was a snore-fest in the first half!

02:03 (IST)23 NOV 2017

Peeeeeep! Halftime! A fairly even contest so far, but no real save by either keeper. Will we get to see Lionel Messi in the second half? Second half in about 15 minutes, lads and lasses!

02:02 (IST)23 NOV 2017

A minute has been added on. 

02:01 (IST)23 NOV 2017

45' Wild shot by Suarez. Good combination with Deulofeu on the left, but no end product. You can sense the frustration. 

02:00 (IST)23 NOV 2017

44' Dybala with a chance! He receives a pass from Sandro and marauds past three Barcelona defenders with his searing pace. His shot is wild though. The home fans will want to see more of the former with a good finish!

01:59 (IST)23 NOV 2017

43' Foul by Iniesta on Cuadrado. Too keen on pressing and making something happen.

01:58 (IST)23 NOV 2017

42' Higuain shows his frustration by fouling Iniesta. Bot the teams' strikers have barely had a touch of the ball so far. 

01:57 (IST)23 NOV 2017

41' Dybala tries to switch play but is too keen on playing Sandro on the left. The pass is overhit. The game has become really dull now. 

01:56 (IST)23 NOV 2017

40' Five minutes to go before halftime. The game needs a bit of inspiration. Perhaps Messi could change that in the second half?

01:56 (IST)23 NOV 2017

39' Oh, Busquets! Juve have the press on, and the Spaniard gets out of trouble with a smart ruleta. So easy on the eye that!
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