Juventus vs Real Madrid Live Score and Commentary, UEFA Champions League 2017-18 JUV vs RMA

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Full Time: Juventus 0-3 Real Madrid Ronaldo 3' 63' Marcelo 72'


02:05 (IST)4 APR 2018


Juventus 0-3 Real Madrid. Emphatic performance from the European champions. And it was that man who goes by the name of Cristiano Ronaldo who came up with the goods on the night that it mattered the most.

And that bicycle kick will be watched and talked about for years to come. This tie is settled. With Paulo Dybala sent off, Juventus have the impossible task of turning this deficit around at the Santiago Bernabeu. I'm sorry but the odds are stacked clearly against Allegri's men.

Cristiano Ronaldo. Remember the name.

I gotta go walk this one off. It's been an absolute privilege, lads.


02:05 (IST)4 APR 2018


Cuadrado plays a delightful one-two with Higuain on the edge of the area and he gets released into the box but he slides it past the far post and they really should have scored there.

02:04 (IST)4 APR 2018

92' Higuain goes for goal with a thunderous strike from 20 yards out but Navas hurls himself to his right and parries it out of danger.

02:04 (IST)4 APR 2018

Kroos with a spectacular ball for Lucas Vazquez who picks out Ronaldo who is running freely down the centre but he uncharacteristically skies it. Oh, what a miss!

02:03 (IST)4 APR 2018

90' Asensio has a chance to go for goal from inside the box but he fluffs his line and sends a tame one into the hands of Luigi.

02:02 (IST)4 APR 2018


Ronaldo on the left side, does a couple of stepovers and switches the ball to his right and goes for the near post but Buffon gets down and parries it for a corner.

02:00 (IST)4 APR 2018

87' Kovacic gets an unnecessary yellow card for hacking Higuain to the ground.

02:00 (IST)4 APR 2018

87' Kovacic hits the crossbar. Ronaldo gets the ball inside the box and turns around to feed Kovacic who is waiting by the edge of the area. But unfortunately, it hits the bar and goes out for a goalkick.

01:59 (IST)4 APR 2018

86' This is a dream result for Real Madrid. But they want more. And they are slowly building an attack down the middle with Asensio and Kroos doing the bulk of the ground work. It all goes to waste though as Carvajal and goes al's cross is too heavy and goes past everyone who could have made something of it.

01:58 (IST)4 APR 2018

84' Barzagli, miscommunication again. And Ronaldo has his chance to get his hattrick. He tries to lob the ball over an advancing Buffon but perhaps get too much under the ball and it floats over the crossbar.

01:56 (IST)4 APR 2018

83' Marcelo controls a diagonal ball from the centre on the left wing and whips one in. It is headed straight for Buffon but Cristiano makes a giant leap once again just to unsettle Buffon and he almost gets there. But Buffon gathers it.

01:55 (IST)4 APR 2018

82' Marcelo wins a throw-in from Cuadrado on the left side in his defensive half and Cuadrado is absolutely livid with the linesman. He has a case though, the replays suggest.

01:54 (IST)4 APR 2018

81' Substitution for Real Madrid.

Luka Modric off. Kovacic on.

01:54 (IST)4 APR 2018

80' Asensio cuts a delightful ball from the left side. It is grounded and laid on a plate for Modric. He goes for it with the outside of his foot and miscues it and skies it instead.

01:53 (IST)4 APR 2018

80' Kroos' ball is headed out of danger but Madrid keep hold of the ball. Marcelo tries to feed Modric on the left side of the area but Juventus win the ball back but can't make anything from it.

01:52 (IST)4 APR 2018

79' Marcelo tries to whiz past Cuadrado but he is bundled over and Madrid have a freekick. They float the ball out to the right wing where Carvajal collects it and tries to whip one in but it is deflected out for a corner.

01:50 (IST)4 APR 2018

77' Chiellini goes past like 3 players on the left side but his through ball to Higuain is not a well thought out one and Ramos intervenes to thwart yet another attack.

01:49 (IST)4 APR 2018

76' Corner for Real Madrid as Chiellini heads out a cross from Carvajal.

01:48 (IST)4 APR 2018

75' 12 minutes back it looked like Juventus were going to get their goal and restore parity. Now, they are a man short. More importantly, they are 3 goals short. At home.

01:47 (IST)4 APR 2018

74' Substitution for Real Madrid.

Isco off. Marco Asensio on.

01:46 (IST)4 APR 2018

73' This is Real Madrid for you. Big game. Big night. But it all stops short of the absolute giants they have become in Europe. Bossing it in Turin. What a sight this is.

01:44 (IST)4 APR 2018


Marcelo plays two delightful one-twos, first with Isco which lets him gallop into the box and the second with none other than Cristiano Ronaldo who feeds him a perfect ball which sets Marcelo up for a one-on-one and he gets his leg in there and pokes the ball over Buffon and then goes over him and nods it in. 

Real Madrid. World beaters.

01:43 (IST)4 APR 2018

70' Ronaldo tries to get his hattrick as he tries to cut inside from the right side of the box and tries to curl it into the top corner but he doesn't meet the ball well and it is sent into the stands.

01:43 (IST)4 APR 2018

70' Isco tries to cross one into the area from the right and a moment of uncertainty involving Lucas Vazquez later, Juventus get the ball clear.

01:42 (IST)4 APR 2018

69' Juventus are still positive and pushing forward. Chiellini feeds Alex Sandro who tries to dink one into the area but Ramos heads it out of danger and Madrid can go for it again.

01:41 (IST)4 APR 2018

68' Substitution for Juventus.

Asamoah off. Matuidi on.

01:40 (IST)4 APR 2018

67' Modric tries to play Ronaldo into the box but Chiellini gets back to snuff out the danger.

01:39 (IST)4 APR 2018


01:36 (IST)4 APR 2018


Ronaldo forces the issue inside the final third and some misunderstanding between Buffon and Chiellini causes chaos as Ronaldo gets the ball on the left side, near the touchline. He drags it back to Vazquez who goes for goal to a near empty post and Buffon hurls himself at it to block it. The ball falls to Carvajal who whips it in to the box. And what happens next goes right into the history books. Cristiano Ronaldo with a bicycle kick, one to remember forever! FOREVER. What a man. What a player.

01:35 (IST)4 APR 2018

62' Asamoah tries to dance past Carvajal who keeps him at an arm's length throughout the ordeal and it's a poor ball from the Juventus wingback and it goes out for a goalkick.

01:34 (IST)4 APR 2018

61' The Juventus stadium is buzzing now and they've won a freekick as Khedira is brought down. They take it short and feed the ball to Asamoah on the right. His early ball into the box carries a bit too much weight and Marcelo tidies up at the back.

01:33 (IST)4 APR 2018

60' Real Madrid just slowing things down in the centre of the park but Juventus pressing once again wins the ball back for them. 

01:32 (IST)4 APR 2018

59' Isco has been shifted out to the right and Vazquez will operate down the right. Zinedine Zidane wants to stop Juventus' wing backs from foraying ahead. Good tactical decision?

01:31 (IST)4 APR 2018

58' Substitution for Real Madrid.

Benzema off. Lucas Vazquez on.

01:30 (IST)4 APR 2018

57' Marcelo hacks Dybala to the ground and the Juventus players want a yellow card to be shown to Carvajal. But nothing doing says the ref.

01:30 (IST)4 APR 2018

56' Isco steals the ball from Bentacur who spends too much time with the ball at his feet right outside his own penalty box and the referee blows for a freekick. Juventus got lucky there. Ronaldo and Benzema were closing in to gather.

01:28 (IST)4 APR 2018

54' Dybala! OH! That was close!

Dybala goes for goal. It comes off Ronaldo in the wall and Navas is flat footed and beaten as he goes to the other side but fortunately for him, the ball goes out for a corner. The subsequent corner doesn't come to anything.

01:27 (IST)4 APR 2018

54' Dybala is fouled right outside the box by Sergio Ramos and he picks up a yellow card! He will miss the second leg. Oh, this is heartbreak for Real Madrid. Juventus have a freekick right outside the box.

01:25 (IST)4 APR 2018

52' There is a real sense of intent about Juventus in the second half. In fact, it's been there since Real Madrid took the lead.

01:25 (IST)4 APR 2018

51' Navas comes out to clear and gets his fist to it but goes down. Bentacur snatches at it and skies it outside. In fact, replays show that it came off Ramos who is down on the ground after catching Navas' fist to his face.

01:24 (IST)4 APR 2018

Dybala's on it.

01:23 (IST)4 APR 2018

51' Carvajal concedes a freekick as Higuain gets clattered into near the centre of the park.

01:23 (IST)4 APR 2018


Benzema dances into the box and releases Ronaldo on the right. His shot faintly kisses the post and goes out for a goalkick. And Juventus furiously break on the counter. Higuain tries to play in Dybala with a swinging ball into the box from the left flank but the ball is hit straight at Navas who gathers without trouble.

01:22 (IST)4 APR 2018

48' Ramos wins the ball back for Real Madrid in their attacking half after some slick play from Costa threatened to get Juve on the front foot again. Madrid play the ball back as Juventus press them relentlessly. 

01:20 (IST)4 APR 2018

47' Isco tries to work something with Benzema at the centre of the park but Juventus squeeze them for space and come away with the ball and shift gears straight away. They eventually slow down and Costa whips one into the box from the right side. It misses, Ramos. It misses, Varane and Higuain. It misses everybody in fact.

01:18 (IST)4 APR 2018

45' Juventus straightaway on the front foot. Alex Sandro's ball into the box is cleared away by Modric. Real Madrid ping the ball about and Isco wins a freekick off Costa in the defensive half.

01:17 (IST)4 APR 2018

PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! And we're off in the second half. More of the same, please. High octane shizzle, hell yeah! 45 minutes whizzed past us in the first half. Can Juventus restore parity or can Real Madrid go one better?

01:02 (IST)4 APR 2018

45 PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! That's that in the first half. Juventus are behind thanks to a 3rd minute Cristiano Ronaldo goal. We'll be right back. Catch a break, mate. Open the refrigerator and whip out that Bud 'cuz you know and I know that you couldn't possibly watch anything better while sippin a pint.

01:01 (IST)4 APR 2018

44' Costa and Khedira play a delightful one-two on the edge of the area and the latter plays in Dybala who runs himself to the ground as he tries to go past Modric and Casemiro and gets booked. Simulation. Not done, mate.

01:00 (IST)4 APR 2018

43' Chiellini appeals for a penalty (handball) against Casemiro. The ref doesn't give it and the replays show that there's not much in it. Dybala gathers the ball and goes for goal but he gets too much behind the shot and the ball is once again sent to the stands.
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