Liverpool vs Sevilla, Live Score and Commentary, UEFA Champions League 2017-18

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Liverpool 2-1 Sevilla, LIVE! FT Yedder 5' Firmino 21' Salah 37' Correa 72'


02:10 (IST)14 SEP 2017

That's it! It's finished 2-2. Liverpool do not get their revenge. And they are upset, make no mistake. Klopp is still trading some French with Berizzo's army. 

Sevilla stepped it up in the second half. Attack is the best form of defence and the La Liga outfit took the game to the Scousers in the second half and pushed them back a good 20 yards. Liverpool lost their sharpness in attack. Could've ended very differently if Firmino had converted a first half penalty with Liverpool leading 2-1.

Correa's beautiful finish in the 72nd minute ensured that Sevilla travel back to Spain with a point and a sense of satisfaction. 

This is me, Shambhu Ajith. That's all from the yap center tonight. I'll take my leave.


02:09 (IST)14 SEP 2017

94' RED CARD for Gomez. He lunges in at Muriel and brings him down. Second yellow, (not-so) early shower, off you go, mate.

02:08 (IST)14 SEP 2017

93' Sevilla come SO CLOSE! 
Muriel has been excellent since coming on. He makes a brilliant run into the box but drags his shot wide. That could have sealed Sevilla's first win in England. History could have been rewritten and a lack of composure has cost us dearly.

02:07 (IST)14 SEP 2017

92' Corner for Liverpool! Easily saved by Rico!
Wijnaldum tries to head one in from a Coutinho corner but the ball doesn't have much pace on it and falls easy to Rico.

02:05 (IST)14 SEP 2017

90' 4 minutes added on. Sevilla are going out stronger from Anfield if I'm being honest. Liverpool are desperate to turn this around.

02:05 (IST)14 SEP 2017

89' Corner for Liverpool!
Sevilla probing. But Liverpool are determined to plug the holes. They transition smoothly from defence to attack. Oxlade Chamberlain wins a corner for Liverpool down the right flank. But the delivery is rather ordinary and the attack is thwarted.

02:01 (IST)14 SEP 2017

87' Substitution for Liverpool!
Oxlade Chamberlain in for Mohamed Salah.

02:00 (IST)14 SEP 2017

86' Corner for Sevilla! Could there be yet another twist in the tale?
No. Nothing comes from it. Liverpool can try building again.

01:57 (IST)14 SEP 2017

Sturridge in for Mane!

01:56 (IST)14 SEP 2017

81' Liverpool have been considerably slower in the second half. They have not been able to counter attack with the same vigour as in the first half. Could this be from all that Gegen pressing?

01:54 (IST)14 SEP 2017

79' Coutinho looking lively. Showing glimpses of the magic that made him the most wanted man in Catalonia this summer. 

01:53 (IST)14 SEP 2017

78' Muriel is proving to be quite a nuisance down the left flank! 
He gets the better of Gomez and jogs into the box just inside the goal line and tries to cut it back but gets intercepted.

01:52 (IST)14 SEP 2017

77' Liverpool will be regretting those missed chances now. They had the opportunity to put daylight between them and Sevilla but they floundered it all. 

01:50 (IST)14 SEP 2017

Interesting! The Scousers have welcomed him back with open arms it would seem. He is applauded back into the ranks. That'll do Coutinho a world of good.

01:45 (IST)14 SEP 2017

Muriel who came in for Yedder in the 69th minute makes a direct run into the final third and sends it into Correa, who stops the ball with a ridiculously brilliant touch and sends it flying into the right top corner. Karius had no chance.

01:45 (IST)14 SEP 2017

69' Sevilla combining well!
A cute little dummy and a couple of neat little exchanges later, Navas is freed up on the right flank. But his dangerous ball into the area finds no receiver and another promising Sevilla attack bites the dust.

01:42 (IST)14 SEP 2017

68' Chance for Liverpool!
The freekick is deflected away from goal. But Wijanldum gets on the end of it and tries to put it past Rico but his shot gets blocked and goes out for a corner. Nothing comes from it.

01:41 (IST)14 SEP 2017

67' Freekick in dangerous position for Liverpoool.
Mane to Wijnaldum, Mane passes it Henderson. Henderson to Mane. Mane to Moreno. Handball! Freekick to Liverpool on the left flank. Right outside the penalty area.

01:40 (IST)14 SEP 2017

66' Exciting Liverpool! 
Salah drops the shoulder, makes a turn around leaving the defender for dead before squaring it to Mane who controls it expertly with his right. He goes for it with his left on the turn but the shot flies high. Liverpool are finding their feet in the second half finally.

01:38 (IST)14 SEP 2017

64' Freekick from the left flank for Sevilla!
Banega swings in a dangerous looking ball but that fizzles out. Goal kick.

01:37 (IST)14 SEP 2017

62' Firmino! Nice try!
The game looks pretty open now. We're starting to see some end to end stuff. Firmino runs ahead through the heart of midfield and rolls a ball past his man and unleashes a grounded shot. Cuts a few blades of grass but it ends up a good 2 yards away from the far post.

01:35 (IST)14 SEP 2017

60' Iffy stuf from Rico!
Tame shot from Salah and it should have been easily gathered but Rico makes a diving mess of it and sends it out for a corner.

01:34 (IST)14 SEP 2017

59' Bezirro is sent off into the stands. That's just wanker behaviour from the Sevilla manager. Second time he has done that today. Arguable decision as he didn't really mess with the flow of the game. 

01:32 (IST)14 SEP 2017

56' Shot from Salah! Liverpool slowly growing into the second half!
Firmino surges ahead and gives to Mane. Mane loses it but WIjnaldum gathers. Wijnaldum shimmies past a couple before giving it to Salah. Salah goes for it from outside the box with his left. But the shot flies high and above. 

01:30 (IST)14 SEP 2017

55' Wijnaldum squeezes the ball in for Mane on the right flank. But for all his good efforts, pass to Firmino gets cut out. Subsequently, the ball falls to Emre Can who goes for goal from 25 yards out. Shot gets blocked and it's ding dong time again.

01:28 (IST)14 SEP 2017

53' Sevilla seem to have pointed out the need to keep Moreno on the backfoot and are unrelenting in their efforts to exploit the right flank. Wise move by Sevilla. Liverpool seem to have lost a bit of drive here.

01:26 (IST)14 SEP 2017

50' Wijnaldum comes guns blazing and takes out Correa who was trying to play a neat little ball ahead. Wijanldum pretends to not understand why the whistle was blown.

01:24 (IST)14 SEP 2017

48' Sevilla are showing more intent in this half. Coutinho is warming up. Oh ho ho, Im excited to see how the Liverpool fans are going to receive him now!

01:22 (IST)14 SEP 2017

47' Sevilla trying to make some moves along the flanks! But Liverpool are constantly cutting down the passing channels by defending tightly. But Navas gets past Moreno and sends in a good cross but nobody gets at the end of it.

01:20 (IST)14 SEP 2017

46' Good defending by Pareja!
Mane gets to the end of a long ball ahead of the Sevilla defeat and tries to curl one in but Pareja gets in the way and denies the winger.

01:18 (IST)14 SEP 2017


01:18 (IST)14 SEP 2017

The second half is all set to be underway! Can Liverpool keep dominating Sevilla or can the La Liga men turn it around?

01:07 (IST)14 SEP 2017


Sevilla started the match off on a high and disturbed Liverpool's netting and their calmness. Liverpool however, woke from their slumber and have been relentlessly bullying the La Liga folk. Salah is a real menace on the right wing. Mane is just as threatening in a free role. Firmino missed a penalty but Liverpool look certain to run away with this one. 

01:04 (IST)14 SEP 2017

46' Moreno comes close again! Liverpool are absolutely running riot now.
Salah down the right flank again. Surges ahead with grit and cuts past a couple of defenders and sends it to Firmino who finds Moreno in the box. Moreno's shot is well saved by Rico. What a great half!

01:02 (IST)14 SEP 2017

45' Liverpool are keeping at it! Mane cuts in from the right flank and tries to slide one in for Wijnaldum. But the pass is cut out and send for a corner. Nothing comes from the corner though but the Scousers are putting on a real show at Anfield tonight. Way to silence them critics after the weekend debacle.

01:01 (IST)14 SEP 2017

43' Substitution for Sevilla!
Sarabia comes in for Pizarro. Pizarro is limping off.

00:59 (IST)14 SEP 2017

43' Good stuff from Moreno!
Moreno is proving a right handful to deal with in the first half. Whips one into the danger area and Sevilla were taken aback. Pity that the ball is not met by anyone.

00:57 (IST)14 SEP 2017

Mane gets brought down in the box by the collective efforts of two Sevillan defenders. But Firmino's shot hits the right post and runs away into the right flank. Liverpool would have got some cushion if that had gone in. Not to be. At least, not yet.

00:56 (IST)14 SEP 2017


00:55 (IST)14 SEP 2017

38' YELLOW for Moreno!
Reckless from Moreno. Crashes into Navas and the ball is a mile away. Just a reminder of why there are so many question marks attached to his resume at the moment.

00:52 (IST)14 SEP 2017

What a great effort from Salah. Salah plays a ball to Wijanldum in the box. But Sevilla get the ball back. Salah doesn't give up and retrieves the ball again. He unleashes a shot and it takes a deflection and bamboozles Rico who had already made the dive. The ball flies into the netting bidding good night to Rico. Liverpool have got the lead. Entertaining stuff.

00:51 (IST)14 SEP 2017

34' Firmino is down. Mercado gets a YELLOW! 
Unnecessary from Mercado. Firmino was by the touchline and was clearing the ball away. Mercado comes in and stomps on his left foot. That's not even duty stuff. That;s just bullishness.

00:49 (IST)14 SEP 2017

33' Sevilla are on the counter. Pareja runs past Henderson on the right but cannot take the ball further away as the traffic catches up with him. Well defended by Liverpool. They stopped that counter well.

00:48 (IST)14 SEP 2017

32' Can forays into the penalty area and unleashes a shot. It is deflected away for a corner.

00:47 (IST)14 SEP 2017

30' Half an hour into the game and it looks like we have a thriller on our hands. Both teams are attacking with intent. Liverpool however, look stronger on the ball. Sevilla are growing more patient in possession.  Liverpool are not pressing that high up the pitch anymore.

00:45 (IST)14 SEP 2017

28' Liverpool have been transitioning really well tonight. Mane this time stretching the play down the right flank. He cuts in and sends it to Firmino. But Firmino's attempt to find Mane is a bit too heavy and the ball goes out for a goal kick.

00:44 (IST)14 SEP 2017

27' Nervy from Lovren. Doesn't reach the ball in time. Well cleared away for a corner by Lovren.

00:42 (IST)14 SEP 2017

26' Wijanldum once again finds Salah on the right flank. And Salah battles it out to keep possession of the ball. The subsequent cross from Gomez gets cleared away. Salah has been alive wire in attack so far.

00:41 (IST)14 SEP 2017

25' Pizarro catches Henderson and Liverpool have a freekick in their own half. The pressure is taken off them.

00:41 (IST)14 SEP 2017

24' Banega starting to pull the strings in midfield. He finds Navas on the right wing. Navas wittingly takes 2 Liverpool defenders out of the game but his delivery is poor and Sevilla will have to try again.
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