Manchester United vs CSKA Moscow Live Score and Commentary, UEFA Champions League 2017-18, MUN vs CSKA

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Manchester United 2-1 CSKA Moscow FT! Vitinho 45' Lukaku 64' Rashford 66'


03:08 (IST)6 DEC 2017


That's it. Manchester United have made it through to the knockout stages of the Champions League for the first time since 2013-14. Joyous night for the Old Trafford faithful but for the half naked men who have come all the way from the chilling realms of Russia will have to go home with a heavy heart as CSKA Moscow crash out this year's UEFA Champions League.

It looked like we could have been heading for an unlikely Moscow win at Old Trafford but in a 2-minute smash and grab launched by United, Jose's men sealed all 3 points and scripted a fitting end to their group stage exploits.

That's that from the yap centre. Hang in there and we'll be back soon with 5 talking points from the encounter.


03:05 (IST)6 DEC 2017

93' CSKA flounder yet another chance and that should be it.

03:04 (IST)6 DEC 2017

92' CSKA have freekick from the centre of the pitch. Pogba heads it clear and Berezutskiy's header from a subsequent corner lacks power and purpose.

03:03 (IST)6 DEC 2017

91' Substitution for CSKA Moscow.
Nababkin out, Khosonov in.

03:02 (IST)6 DEC 2017

90' We're into the dying embers of the game and CSKA Moscow are still trying.
3 minutes added on.

03:01 (IST)6 DEC 2017

87' Rashford once again with his pace and energy runs past a couple of hapless Moscow players before setting the alarm off as he motors into the final third. However, his squared ball for Martial falls well short and Vasin clears it to set another CSKA attack in motion.

02:59 (IST)6 DEC 2017

86' CSKA Moscow are going all out here as United sit back and soak up the pressure.

02:58 (IST)6 DEC 2017

84' Mata is making quite a case for himself with his nimble touches and precise passing. He once again conjures up something delightful for United but Moscow put more men behind the ball and close it down.

02:58 (IST)6 DEC 2017

83' Romero saves a one-on-one!
CSKA puts together a captivating move as Romero is exposed in a one-one situation with Dzagoev. But he comes up with a spectacular save with his right foot to keep things unchanged.

02:55 (IST)6 DEC 2017

82' Martial almost broke through on goal after some quick exchanges on the edge of the area with Mata. He is brought down and once again the referee nods nothing doing.

02:55 (IST)6 DEC 2017

Substitution for CSKA Moscow. Zhamaletdinov on, Vitinho off.

02:54 (IST)6 DEC 2017

80' Martial getting into the act. He frolicks past one to lay it off for Rashford inside the area. But Rashford is not released into a space from where he can get a shot off. Tuanzebe subsequently tries to send one into the area but his cross is blocked as CSKA Moscow keep trying to push United back into second gear.

02:52 (IST)6 DEC 2017

79' Yet another CSKA Moscow attack comes to nothing as Golovin's through ball into the box is chased down only by Smalling and Blind who let it roll out for a goalkick.

02:50 (IST)6 DEC 2017

77' Another CSKA Moscow attack bites the dust as Nababkin is flagged offside after he tries to run clear off a Vitinho through ball.

02:47 (IST)6 DEC 2017

75' Paul Pogba ignores the run of Anthony Martial up ahead of him and decides to go for it himself from 25 yards out. He doesn't end up too far away from goal with a driven shot but it sails over the crossbar and out.

02:46 (IST)6 DEC 2017

73' Poor ball from Vitinho into the area and United clear the danger without much hassle.
Substitution for United. 
Romelu Lukaku, goalscorer on the night walks out to loud cheers and gets a warm hug from Jose. And in comes Anthony Martial to even louder cheers.

02:45 (IST)6 DEC 2017

72' Meanwhile, birthday boy Tony Martial is getting ready to come on.

02:45 (IST)6 DEC 2017

72' Rather poor challenge from McTominay to bring down Golovin in the centre and rightly picks up a yellow card for that.

02:44 (IST)6 DEC 2017

71' Substitution for Manchester United.
The veteran Antonio Valencia walks out to a standing ovation to make way for Axel Tuanzebe, the youngster. Quite a picture that.

02:43 (IST)6 DEC 2017

70' Romelu Lukaku does a stepover before thrusting one into the final third for Rashford to gobble up and go forward with but Vasin cuts it out and clears the danger.

02:42 (IST)6 DEC 2017

68' Marcus Rashford tries to dance past Vasin and into the box but his touch is a bit too heavy and Berezutski somehow gets their first and kills the United attack with a clearance.

02:40 (IST)6 DEC 2017

67' United have more or less extinguished all CSKA Moscow's hopes in less than 60 seconds. That is just sheer quality. They've been piling the pressure on the Russians and it has come to fruition. And in what grand style.

02:38 (IST)6 DEC 2017


United make it 2 in less than 60 seconds. Romero clears the ball out from the back and Lukaku heads it on for Marcus Rashford who has been menacing all day. He plays a neat little one-two with Mata. Mata releases Rashford in space on the left side and the youngster takes his time, steadies himself and lets one fly into the bottom right corner, across Akinfeev. Lethal from United.

02:36 (IST)6 DEC 2017

65' Paul Pogba plays a spectacular and lobbed ball into the centre of the area with his left foot. Lukaku throws himself at it and pokes it home to end a goalscoring drought!

02:35 (IST)6 DEC 2017

62' CSKA break on the counter but United win it back. Marcus Rashford finds Mata in space down the centre. He plays Pogba but they can't work anything to good effect as United use Valencia on the right flank to feed one for Lukaku. CSKA clear their lines but the danger is not quelled yet. But they finally steal the ball from Rashford, right outside the area.

02:33 (IST)6 DEC 2017

61' United looking much more ominous in the second half. An equalizer seems to be on the horizon.

02:32 (IST)6 DEC 2017

59' The corner is once again not effective. But United are on the front foot again. A cross from Rashford is fortunately punched clear by Akinfeev. More action in the attacking third as Herrera is brought down outside the box. But no foul this time says the ref.

02:30 (IST)6 DEC 2017

58' Rashford goes for it! But his shot hits the wall and goes out for a corner kick.

02:30 (IST)6 DEC 2017


He plays a neat one-two with Lukaku and is almost released into the clear by the Belgian only for Berezutski to hack him down. He gets a yellow card for that.

02:29 (IST)6 DEC 2017

56' Blind tries to play a diagonal to find Pogba on the right side but it goes above his head and sails out of relevance for a goalkick. 

02:28 (IST)6 DEC 2017

55' Valencia sends one into the box and Lukaku tries to meet it at the near post but his attempt to flick it on goes out for a goalkick.

02:27 (IST)6 DEC 2017

53' Luke Shaw beats Mario to win another corner for United. But Blind's delivery is headed clear. Shaw plays it back into the box for Mata who sends one across the face of the goal. Smalling rises to head it but can't keep it on target.

02:25 (IST)6 DEC 2017

52' UEFA have decided to give the goal to Vitinho despite Dzagoev getting a touch on it. A little weird that. 

02:24 (IST)6 DEC 2017

51' Pogba and Lukaku almost combine to perfection after the former body feints a pass from Shaw to let it reach Lukaku on the edge of the area. CSKA Moscow clear it out for a corner before Pogba can reach it inside the area. The subsequent corner comes to nothing though.

02:23 (IST)6 DEC 2017

50' United trying work something from the back as CSKA try to maintain heir shape. Rashford dances past Mario once more and drags one back to Pogba. Pogba tries to sashay into the box but CSKA clear the danger and thwart another United attack.

02:21 (IST)6 DEC 2017

48' CSKA enjoying a brief spell of possession. But they are having a difficult time converting that possession into something worth while. But it's not for lack of trying. They keep roaming around United's defensive third and almost have an opportunity to break through on goal but Dzagoev is flagged offside.

02:19 (IST)6 DEC 2017

46' Pogba loses the ball in midfield. And CSKA foray into the attacking third. A small period of pinball later, United win the ball and Rashford breaks on the counter. Rashford nutmegs one and then unleashes a shot which is parried back into the box by Akinfeev but CSKA clear their lines before Pogba can latch on to it and create something.

02:17 (IST)6 DEC 2017

PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! And we're off in the second half. Can Manchester United pull one back to kill the nerves here tonight?

02:03 (IST)6 DEC 2017


It's Manchester United 0-1 CSKA Moscow

02:01 (IST)6 DEC 2017


Luke Shaw is caught napping on the left flank as Mario Fernandes makes a run in behind and he receives the ball in acres of space. He squares a ball in for Vitinho who pokes it into the net. Dzagoev tries his best to dive out of the way but the ball takes a deflection and ends up in the net anyway. Blind, who was trying to tackle Fernandes had played him onside. Terrible defending from United.

01:59 (IST)6 DEC 2017

43' United appeal for a penalty after Valencia is brought to ground by Nababkin. Nothing doing says the ref. There wasn't much there.

01:58 (IST)6 DEC 2017

42' Herrera plays a high ball into the box and Pogba attacks it and almost gets to the end of it. But Moscow get rid of the danger. Luke Shaw then tries to motor into the box and his pace could potentially cause some severe problems for CSKA. Not right now though. That goes out for a goalkick.

01:57 (IST)6 DEC 2017

40' Yet another corner that comes to nothing for United. They will need to be clinical with their set-pieces as it remains one of City's perceived weaknesses and it is something that will have a telling effect in the weekend derby.

01:56 (IST)6 DEC 2017

39' Mario Fernandes almost runs clear of Shaw and gets to the end of a through ball from Golovin but Shaw puts in a last-ditch tackle to clear it for a corner. The subsequent corner is rubbish as United break on the counter. Paul Pogba is in charge of things and he frees Rashford to go for another zig-zag run on the left flank. His ball for Lukaku runs short and United get a corner.

01:53 (IST)6 DEC 2017

36' Mata almost set CSKA up for a goal!

Horrible pass from Mata into the area as it falls between Shaw and Smalling. Dzagoev retrieves it and pulls it back for Vitinho but his shot is wayward. Lucky escape that for United.

01:51 (IST)6 DEC 2017

35' CSKA gaining more momentum, growing into the match now that we're past the half-hour mark. United seem to have lost some steam.

01:50 (IST)6 DEC 2017

33' Paul Pogba plays a lobbed ball into the final third and Lukaku attacks it and tries to send one in from the left flank. However, his cross does not hit any of his targets and that fizzles out.

01:49 (IST)6 DEC 2017

32' Dzagoev and Golovin combining to find some space in United's defensive third. But United hold their shape and makes sure it comes to nothing.

01:46 (IST)6 DEC 2017

30' Nababkin and Golovin link up well down the left flank. Golovin finds himself in space and whips one in but Vitinho can't quite get to the end of it as Blind heads it clear.

01:45 (IST)6 DEC 2017

29' CSKA Moscow have been able to hold out until now but it's a relentless United they're up against tonight. And holding on just won't do. They need to score at least 2 now. And that's if things stay the same in the Basel game.
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