Olympiakos vs Barcelona Live Score and Commentary, UEFA Champions League 2017-18

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Full-time: Olympiakos 0-0 Barcelona


03:09 (IST)1 NOV 2017

Credit to Olympiakos for their sturdy display at the back as their low-lock was disciplined for most of the 90 minutes. Proto was hardly tested consistently in the game as Barca's 100% record in the group stage comes to a drab end! They won't be complaining much though. They've had a tough week, and with Juve dropping points, they are pretty much assured of the top spot in group D should they manage a positive result in Turin!

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03:05 (IST)1 NOV 2017

Peep, Peeeep, Peeeeeeeep! Full time!

03:04 (IST)1 NOV 2017

90+2' Deulofeu is one vs one against Botia, but the ball ricochets off his hand! AAAARG! Infuriating stuff this from the Spaniard!

03:03 (IST)1 NOV 2017

90+1' Messi with a late effort! But Proto saves again, full stretch to his right!

03:03 (IST)1 NOV 2017

Three minutes to be added on!

03:02 (IST)1 NOV 2017

90' Messi starts a move on the left and Deulofeu, this time on the left, again fails to find a Barca player in the box. Terrible passing from the former Everton attacker!

03:01 (IST)1 NOV 2017

88' Proto punches it out of danger! Ah, the custodian's footwork has been immense during freekicks! Diogo Figueiras was booked for his challenge on Messi.

02:59 (IST)1 NOV 2017

87' Foul on Messi! This is a good angle for the Argentine star to get the three points!

02:59 (IST)1 NOV 2017

87' A little bit of aggression from the hosts in the last couple of minutes. The pressing has become more prominent as they are pushing on to get a surprise winner!

02:57 (IST)1 NOV 2017

86' Ah! The hosts break forward -- which has been a rarity -- and Pardo nearly gets on the end of a cross. Ter Stegen untroubled. 

02:57 (IST)1 NOV 2017

85' Again, Olympiakos stand tall as Barca can only knock it around in their half. A whole lot of possession, but no precision. 

02:55 (IST)1 NOV 2017

84' Substitution for Olympiakos: Uros Djurdjevic is on for Kostas Fortounis.

02:55 (IST)1 NOV 2017

83' Nothing comes from the corner, but Barca nearly create an opening from the right...until Suarez is penalised for a foul that is. 

02:54 (IST)1 NOV 2017

82' For the umpteenth time, Suarez's shot is blocked! Corner!

02:53 (IST)1 NOV 2017

81' Barca are back on the ball and are probing for an opening. It all seems to come from the centre now as Deuloeu has been awful on the right. Everytime he gets the ball, he gives it away!

02:52 (IST)1 NOV 2017

80' Suarez! Chance! WHAT A PASS FROM MESSI! From the halfway line, he finds Suarez but the striker's chip lands on the crossbar! What does he have to do to score?!?!?

02:51 (IST)1 NOV 2017

79' A few moments of loose passing there by both teams. The home fans are in a brilliant mood, I've got to say!

02:50 (IST)1 NOV 2017

78' Substitution for Olympiakos: Felipe Pardo is on for Mehdi Carcela-Gonzalez.

02:49 (IST)1 NOV 2017

77' Yellow card for Andre Gomes. Not a good tackle that. Well, Sporting are winning against Juventus, so Olympiakos should do their best to pinch a late win here. Will open up the group!

02:47 (IST)1 NOV 2017

76' Substitution for Barcelona: Andre Gomes is on for Denis Suarez. 

02:46 (IST)1 NOV 2017

75' Substitution for Olympiakos: Gillet is on for Odjidja-Ofoe.

02:46 (IST)1 NOV 2017

74' Barca win a corner as fullback Kourtis is down with a cramp...

02:45 (IST)1 NOV 2017

73' Barca are strong in possession as Deulofeu's run on the right doesn't come to anything. He still manages to keep the ball and the away side are knocking it around in the Olympiakos half...

02:44 (IST)1 NOV 2017

72' Botia blocks a Suarez shot! A good chance that! Dear me, Suarez can't even buy a goal right now, his finishing touch has deserted him!

02:43 (IST)1 NOV 2017

71' Barca are back in possession, and at this point, it seems unlikely the hosts will even trouble them on the counter as they seem extremely knackered. A few tired minds out there on the pitch. 

02:42 (IST)1 NOV 2017

70' Barca aren't able to make anything off the corner and the hosts nearly break forward! But Fortounis' run is stopped well by Mascherano. 

02:41 (IST)1 NOV 2017

68' Barca are back in possession and the crescendo of boos is back! And Messi! Almost finds Alba with a smashing pass on the left! Corner to Barca!

02:40 (IST)1 NOV 2017

67' This has got to be the dullest Barcelona have played so far this season. Perhaps the tiring game against Bilbao this past weekend is taking its toll. They seem lethargic! 

02:38 (IST)1 NOV 2017

66' A huge chorus of boos as Barca are in possession. Wow, that's perpetual...

02:37 (IST)1 NOV 2017

65' Deulofeu has the chance to deliver from the right but fails to do so as Kourtis stands tall. The Spaniard has been subpar after coming on. 

02:35 (IST)1 NOV 2017

63' Kudos to the hosts who have pressed Barcelona a lot more in the second half. A slightly more open game in the last 10 minutes or so!

02:34 (IST)1 NOV 2017

62' Messi and Suarez combine brilliant and the latter, instead of finishing it, squares it to Messi who's shot is just wide! Big chance for the away side! Why Luisito, why?

02:33 (IST)1 NOV 2017

62' Substitution for Barca: Rakitic replaces Paulinho.

02:33 (IST)1 NOV 2017

61' AAAAARG! Olympiakos are wasteful again. The delivery is cleared easily by Barcelona. 

02:32 (IST)1 NOV 2017

61' Ooooh! Ter Stegen barely manages to clear the ball and the touch was vital as Botia was there to head it home! Corner.

02:32 (IST)1 NOV 2017

60' A heavy touch by Messi gifts the ball to Fortounis who finds Kourtis. He is found by Semedo and the hosts win a freekick in a dangerous position. 

02:31 (IST)1 NOV 2017

59' The hosts finally break forward and win a corner as Mehdi's cross is cleared by Umtiti.

02:30 (IST)1 NOV 2017

58' Engels was booked, by the way.

02:30 (IST)1 NOV 2017

57' Engels clatters into Suarez but the ref waves play on as Deulofeu is in possession, The winger is too keen and overruns with the ball. Ah! This is infuriating. Can someone score to make the game more interesting? Please!

02:28 (IST)1 NOV 2017

56' This game has a draw written all over it the way the pattern has been so far. Fairly drab for anyone watching as Olympiakos have pretty much 'parked the bus'.

02:27 (IST)1 NOV 2017

54' Chance for Barca! Messi starts the move and finds Suarez on the left. The Uruguayan skips past a defender and squares it to Paulinho. The Brazilian cheekily moves it to Deulofeu on the right, but his cross is blocked! Nearly a free-flowing move with a goal! Again, though, the final pass was bad. 

02:25 (IST)1 NOV 2017

53' Odjidja-Ofoe finds Figueiras on the right, but no one made a move forward. Slightly negative that from the hosts!

02:24 (IST)1 NOV 2017

51' As shared in the previous tweet, Messi has 47 in 47. The low-block hasn't allowed him to combine frequently with the rest of the attackers so far, but he still has been their biggest threat in the game.

02:23 (IST)1 NOV 2017

02:22 (IST)1 NOV 2017

50' Barca keep the ball well, like they did in the first half. The final pass is what they need in the second half as Proto was fairly untroubled. 

02:21 (IST)1 NOV 2017

49' Dear me! Nearly a smashing pass by Busquets to find Messi! A tad overhit. 

02:20 (IST)1 NOV 2017

47' Nasty challenge on Umtiti by Odjidja-Ofoe. Again, the Barca players protest and are extremely unhappy. Can't complain of any play-acting there, lads and lasses. 

02:18 (IST)1 NOV 2017

46' Barca straight away go in search of the opening goal with a move down the right ending with a Semedo cross. It's overhit, however. A strong start by the Blaugrana!

02:17 (IST)1 NOV 2017

Peeeeep! The second half is underway!

02:03 (IST)1 NOV 2017

This has been a pretty un-Barcelona like performance so far as Olympiakos' rigid defence has stood well. Can the away side change that in the second half? Do join us soon!
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