Tottenham Hotspur vs Real Madrid Live Score and Commentary, UEFA Champions League 2017-18

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Tottenham 3-1 Real Madrid FT! Dele Alli 26' 56' Eriksen 65' Ronaldo 80'


03:07 (IST)2 NOV 2017


They've outclasses the European champions. On a night when Madrid's defensive vulnerabilities were pushed to the forefront, Pochettino's attackers took full advantage and got back to their winning ways following two back to back defeats. 

Zinedine Zidane has a lot on his plate right now. He has world-class players in almost every position but their balloon's been popped and there are no winds strong enough in England to propel them into the knockout stages. But only for tonight. 

A second defeat in a row for Madrid. Their supporters are not used to this and will not take to this with calmness. That much I can tell you.

But all in all, wonderful display from Tottenham. 

This is me, Shambhu Ajith, signing off. I'm a tired man. But this has been a great watch and for all the Premier League fans out there, it has been an absolute treat. I'm gleaming right now. 

I'll sod off, my lads. Hope you had fun following the game here. You can take me to the cleaners for my shortcomings on Twitter- @goddamnhunter

Until next time,


03:04 (IST)2 NOV 2017

90+2' Real Madrid have a corner in the dying embers of the game. Kroos takes it. It is headed clear and Marcelo tries to go for it from outside the box but it's a poor, poor shot and it flies into the stands.

03:02 (IST)2 NOV 2017

90+1 '3 minutes' of stoppage time. But Madrid are still at it. 
Ramos brings down Llorente in the centre of the park. He sarcastically applauds the ref. Gets a yellow card. Well, who could've seen that coming?

03:01 (IST)2 NOV 2017

89' Llorente almost gets to the end of a clever little ball into the box but Casilla keeps his concentration and gathers the ball before Llorente can dink it over him.

03:01 (IST)2 NOV 2017

88' Dembele gets a yellow card. Well deserved. Almost as cynical as they come. He swipes at Ramos' feet rather criminally. Could so easily have been a red card.

02:59 (IST)2 NOV 2017

87' Trippier's freekick is overhit and it goes out for a goalkick.

02:59 (IST)2 NOV 2017

87' Dele Alli is brought down by Ramos. Ramos crashes into him from behind. Freekick for Spurs.

02:58 (IST)2 NOV 2017

86' Battle of the bullies here as Ramos and Dembele are in each other's faces after a coming together.

02:58 (IST)2 NOV 2017

85' Dier clears a cross from the left side before Ronaldo can get to it. Threatening stuff from Madrid. You can't write them off.

02:57 (IST)2 NOV 2017

84' Ronaldo from 30 yards out! Lloris saves!
Asensio pokes one into the path of Mayoral from the right wing. Mayoral finds Ronaldo in space down the middle. He doesn't think twice and strikes it from 30 yards out but it doesn't really test Lloris though Ronaldo met it well.

02:55 (IST)2 NOV 2017

83' Casemiro tries to whip one into the box from the right flank but it's overhit and goes out on the other flank for a throw-in.

02:54 (IST)2 NOV 2017

82' You can't write them off. Madrid trying to conjure up something out of nothing and are almost successful but Casemiro's final shot is weak and is easily gobbled up by Lloris. 

02:51 (IST)2 NOV 2017

Achraf crosses it in but it's overhit but Marcelo sprints ahead and saves it from going out for a goalkick and he puts into the box. Modric misses the header and Mayoral stops the ball and Ronaldo latches on to it from 6 yards out. His shot takes a slight deflection. It was going in anyway. Consolation for Madrid.

02:51 (IST)2 NOV 2017

78' Substitution for Spurs!
Llorente in, Harry Kane out!

Though he couldn't get himself on the scoresheet, he has been absolutely menacing and deserves every bit of the ovation he gets.

02:50 (IST)2 NOV 2017

77' OH DELE ALLI! He wouldn't get a better chance to score a hattrick. He was free in the middle of the box as Trippier found him with great precision. But his header is awful and it slides wide of the post and Alli goes and embraces the netting in disappointment.

02:49 (IST)2 NOV 2017

77' Eriksen surges ahead after Kane heads it into his path after the ball is cleared. But Nacho clears it before Eriksen makes something out of it.

02:48 (IST)2 NOV 2017

75' Modric finds Marcelo on the left flank but his delivery is poor once again and it goes over everybody in the box and rolls out for a goalkick. Madrid's passing has been poor today, especially in the final third.

02:46 (IST)2 NOV 2017

74' Mayoral tries to break past the defensive block but he is flagged offside.

02:45 (IST)2 NOV 2017

73' Substitutions for Real Madrid!

Borja Mayoral and Asensio have come in for Karim Benzema and Isco!

02:44 (IST)2 NOV 2017

72' Trippier has been excellent today. And he finds Eriksen with a lovely diagonal ball to the left flank. Nothing comes from it however. 

02:43 (IST)2 NOV 2017

71' Lovely passing game from Spurs as they keep Madrid off the ball with some neat exchanges. Madrid are chasing quite literally now.

02:42 (IST)2 NOV 2017

70' Spurs on the ball now. Dele Alli frees up Davies on the left flank. He drives one in and Eriksen gets to it but his touch is too heavy and Madrid clear their lines. 

02:41 (IST)2 NOV 2017

69' Madrid are not looking like a team that's 3-0 down. They're playing some high-risk football here. Ronaldo can't quite get to the end of a lofted ball into the box as another attack fizzles out.

02:39 (IST)2 NOV 2017

67' Eriksen tries to go for it from outside the box but he sends it into the stands.

02:39 (IST)2 NOV 2017

67' Corner for Real Madrid after Vertonghen and Lloris experience a communication error. Rubbish again from the corner from Madrid.

02:38 (IST)2 NOV 2017


Ronaldo cuts in from the right flank and unleashes a curler with his left foot but Lloris dives and catches it.

02:36 (IST)2 NOV 2017


Harry Kane is freed up by Dele Alli after he shimmies past Casemiro. Kane then finds Eriksen down the middle. The Dane shakes off Modric and slides it past Casilla into the bottom corner. That should be it. This is starting to look embarrassing for Los Blancos.

02:35 (IST)2 NOV 2017

62' Benzema on the left flank. He drives into the area and tries to find Ronaldo but Dier clears before it reaches him. Madrid slowly starting to look like themselves now.

02:34 (IST)2 NOV 2017

61' HOW DID THAT NOT GO IN? So close from Madrid!
The corner drops in the danger zone and Ronaldo can't quite meet it cleanly and ends up blocking Ramos' subsequent shot from just 2 yards out and Spurs somehow scramble it away.

02:31 (IST)2 NOV 2017

59' Real Madrid will need to show up at least now. They need to be more direct. But they need to win the ball back first as Spurs are rolling it around with considerable ease.

02:29 (IST)2 NOV 2017

57' Eriksen releases Sissoko on the right flank after picking him out with a good diagonal ball. He plays it back to Alli. Alli plays it to Winks and Winks gives it back to Eriksen. But Madrid regain shape in defence and Spurs are happy to play the ball back and work from their own half once again.

02:27 (IST)2 NOV 2017


Dele Alli gets the ball from Dier after it is missed by Eriksen. He is afforded far too much pace and goes past Casemiro once, and is clever enough to hold on to the ball as Casemiro puts in a slide tackle and then he unleashes a shot which bounces off Ramos and hits the back of the net as Casilla is bamboozled. What a return to Europe for Alli this is turning out to be!

02:26 (IST)2 NOV 2017

54' Madrid taking the aerial route one too many times? One more heavy ball is served into the final third by Isco and it is lapped up by Lloris.

02:25 (IST)2 NOV 2017

53' Corner for Real Madrid. Marcelo is brought down on the left flank near the touchline but the ref says 'nothing doing'. That's a dive from the Brazilian and good refereeing there.

02:24 (IST)2 NOV 2017

52' OH Marcelo!
Isco with a delightful diagonal with his left foot to find Marcelo in space in the final third. He drives a low cross into the box and luckily for Spurs, nobody in a Real Madrid kit gets to the end of it.

02:23 (IST)2 NOV 2017

50' Hugo Lloris rushes out and punches it clear. Lloris flips over a ducking Ramos and stays down. The game is paused momentarily.

02:22 (IST)2 NOV 2017

50' Sissoko hacks at Marcelo's legs and brings him down. Freekick on the left flank in a promising position for Madrid. Kroos will take it.

02:20 (IST)2 NOV 2017

48' Ronaldo gets some space on the right side and drags it back for Achraf but his cross comes to nothing and Spurs break on the counter with Dele Alli finding Kane on the left side. Kane tries to curl one into the area with the outside of his foot but Ramos clears.

02:19 (IST)2 NOV 2017

47' Benzema runs past one and tries to go past another but Spurs win it back and rolls it back to Lloris who clears his lines.

02:18 (IST)2 NOV 2017

46' Kane wins the ball on the right flank and goes past Sergio Ramos and drives one into the box but it is cleared before it reaches Eriksen! Kane showing no signs of being unfit. He is back!

02:17 (IST)2 NOV 2017

45' PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! And we're off again! Tottenham rolls the ball and they'll try to hold on to that lead.

02:02 (IST)2 NOV 2017

Woah! That's been just as thrilling and end to end as we had expected it to be. Boy, are my hands tired! Can't wait for the second half!

02:00 (IST)2 NOV 2017

45' 1 minute of stoppage time! Dele Allis brought down in the box but the ref says play on. Didn't look like there was much there. Good move from Tottenham though.

Yes, that was well won by Casemiro.

02:00 (IST)2 NOV 2017

44' Ramos with a speculative diagonal ball from deep in his own half. Achraf tries to get to it but for all his good intention and pace, he just can't reach it in time and Spurs have a throw-in deep in their own half.

01:59 (IST)2 NOV 2017

42' End to end stuff here!
The right wing backs are being menacing. First, Trippier tries to swing one into the path of Kane but Ramos clears it. Achraf then sets up Benzema from the right side on the other end and Benzema meets it well but Lloris saves it and holds on to it.

01:57 (IST)2 NOV 2017

41' Neat from Benzema! 
Benzema with a scintillating run down the right side and drives it into Ronaldo but it's a little too fast for him to get the kindof contact he would have liked and nothing comes from it.

01:56 (IST)2 NOV 2017

40' HARRY KANE! Casilla saves! 

Kane releases Trippier on the right side who puts one into the box. Sissoko makes a mess of it but it falls to Kane who takes on Casilla one v one but Ramos intervenes in time and it's cleared. Kane tries to appeal for a penalty. A Ramos handball? Not sure.

01:55 (IST)2 NOV 2017

39' OH! Ramos couldn't react soon enough!
Kroos' delivery is met first by Ronaldo who helps it on but Ramos couldn't gauge it well enough and the ball goes out. Surprise! Corner given. Baffling decision. But the subsequent corner is rubbish.

01:54 (IST)2 NOV 2017

38' Real Madrid have woken up from their slumber and are more precise and poised on the ball. Casemiro is pulled by Winks and Casemiro comes down with some um, rather questionable quality of theatrics. Worked for him but. Madrid have a freekick.

01:52 (IST)2 NOV 2017

37' Kroos with a nice diagonal ball to Achraf. Achraf plays it back to Isco in the middle and he subsequently tries to free Ronaldo but it's heavier than it should've been. And Lloris gathers.
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