Fuzhou China Open 2018 Badminton Live: PV Sindhu vs He Bingjiao Live score & Updates | 9th November 2018

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Bingjiao def Sindhu 21-17, 17-21, 21-15 to enter the semi-finals.


13:41 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Final score: Bingjiao def Sindhu 21-17, 17-21, 21-15 to enter the semi-finals.

The match finished in 1 hour 9 minutes.

13:37 (IST)9 NOV 2018

That's the end of PV Sindhu's campaign at the Fuzhou China Open 2018.

13:36 (IST)9 NOV 2018

The shuttle lands wide from Sindhu!

Bingjiao wins and is through to the semi-finals.

13:35 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Five match points for the Chinese!

13:34 (IST)9 NOV 2018

He is all pumped up and is screaming after every shot.Bingjiao up 19-15

13:32 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Finally Sindhu makes an error by going for her shot at the net.

He up 17-15

13:31 (IST)9 NOV 2018

And Sindhu gets yet another!

Sindhu now 15-16

13:31 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Sindhu has taken six of the last seven points.

13:30 (IST)9 NOV 2018

2 points for Sindhu!

Trails 14-16

13:29 (IST)9 NOV 2018

What a reverse half smash from He!

Sindhu falls to the ground while He celebrates!

He is now up further at 16-12

13:26 (IST)9 NOV 2018

One smash down the middle from Sindhu!

She still trails 10-15

13:26 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Things are happening very fast here.

With a barrage of attacking shots, He has gone up to 15-8

13:24 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Sindhu wins a long rally with a dropshot.

She trails 7-12

13:21 (IST)9 NOV 2018

11-6 to Bingjiao at the midgame interval.

13:19 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Bingjiao is looking more and more confident.

It's 8-5 to the Chinese!

13:17 (IST)9 NOV 2018

It's 6-3 to Bingjiao.

13:16 (IST)9 NOV 2018

The Chinese has managed to keep her lead intact.

Up 5-2

13:13 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Bingjiao opens up a 2-0 lead in the decider.

13:10 (IST)9 NOV 2018

The shuttle lands long from Bingjiao's racquet!

Sindhu takes second game 21-17

13:09 (IST)9 NOV 2018

The Chinese saves two!

Sindhu 20-17

13:08 (IST)9 NOV 2018


Game points for Sindhu

13:07 (IST)9 NOV 2018

The shuttle goes wide from the Chinese!

Sindhu 18-15

13:05 (IST)9 NOV 2018

The determined Bingjiao keeps coming back.

With 2 points in a row, she now trails 14-16

13:04 (IST)9 NOV 2018

The four-point gap between them continues!

16-12 for Sindhu

13:03 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Another error from Bingjiao.

Sindhu screams after going up to 15-11

13:02 (IST)9 NOV 2018

13-11 is Sindhu's lead now

13:02 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Sindhu really struggles with the lefty shots of Bingjiao.

13:01 (IST)9 NOV 2018

The shuttle clips the top of the tape and falls on Sindhu's side.

Sindhu 13-10

13:00 (IST)9 NOV 2018

What a jump smash by the Chinese!!!!

She is now at 9-12

12:59 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Sindhu wins a challenge here and goes up to 12-8

12:57 (IST)9 NOV 2018

11-7 to Sindhu at the interval.

12:56 (IST)9 NOV 2018

But now the shuttle from Sindhu goes out.

10-7 is her lead

12:55 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Sindhu rebounds strongly with three fast and fiery points.

She is up 10-6

12:55 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Sindhu takes three quick points to go up to 7-5 but a service fault makes her concede a vital point.

Sindhu 7-6

12:53 (IST)9 NOV 2018

What a jump smash by Sindhu!

It's 4-4

12:51 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Second game starts and Sindhu has indeed a tough job at hand.

It's 2-2

12:48 (IST)9 NOV 2018

And Bingjiao gets the first game 21-17

12:47 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Now Sindhu giving away free points.

Game points for Bingjiao


12:47 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Beautiful lift by Bingjiao and the shuttle falls on to the baseline.

Bingjiao up 19-17

12:46 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Smash and Sindhu comes back to 17-18

12:45 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Sindhu arrests her opponent's run with a dropshot.


12:45 (IST)9 NOV 2018

The Chinese shows her defence here, winning a 39-shot rally.

Up 18-15

12:43 (IST)9 NOV 2018

And the momentum has shifted to Bingjiao's side as Sindhu keeps making errors.

17-15 to Bingjiao

12:42 (IST)9 NOV 2018

And an attacking Sindhu makes it 15-15

12:41 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Once more Bingjiao wins a challenge!

She goes up to 15-14, in the lead for the first time

12:41 (IST)9 NOV 2018

After the Chinese got some treatment, match resumes.

Sindhu goes for half smash but it misses the line.


12:39 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Bingjiao hurt her finger while trying to retrieve a shot.

It's the right hand of the southpaw that got injured.

12:38 (IST)9 NOV 2018

Bingjiao keeps coming back!


12:37 (IST)9 NOV 2018

And she backs it up with a roaring smash!

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