HS Prannoy vs Chirag Sen, Live Badminton Score and Updates, Senior National Badminton Championships 2017 Round 1

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Prannoy def Chirag Sen, 21-7, 20-22, 21-15 to enter the quarter-finals.


13:16 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Former champion Saina Nehwal will soon be in action. Follow her match LIVE here:

13:15 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Sen exhibited a lot of maturity in the second game but ultimately Prannoy stamped his class.

13:14 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Final score: Prannoy def Chirag Sen, 21-7, 20-22, 21-15 to enter the quarter-finals.

13:17 (IST)6 NOV 2017

This time Prannoy produces a body smash and takes it!


13:17 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Again Prannoy is troubled by the slow pace

13:16 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Sen saves one

13:16 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Match points for Prannoy at 20-13

13:11 (IST)6 NOV 2017

18-13 lead for the Kerala shuttler now.

13:14 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Prannoy has a six-point lead at 17-11

13:13 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Sen comes up with a delicate shot here that lands just inside the sideline.

Trails 10-15

13:11 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Chirag looks to have run out of ideas here. Muttering to himself now.

He trails 7-14

13:10 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Backhand miss from Prannoy.

He still is in front, 13-5

13:09 (IST)6 NOV 2017

A determined Prannoy is comfortably placed at 11-4 going into the interval.

13:08 (IST)6 NOV 2017

A rare error from Prannoy gifts a point to Sen.

The latter trails 4-8

13:06 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Flurry of errors from Sen.

The difference in stamina showing here.

Prannoy up 7-2

13:05 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Wow! Prannoy turns defence into great attack!

Experience showing now.

He leads 6-0

13:04 (IST)6 NOV 2017

3-0 for Prannoy

12:58 (IST)6 NOV 2017


Prannoy opens up a 2-0 lead.

12:58 (IST)6 NOV 2017

That was such a gritty display from Sen under pressure...fully showed why he is considered as a promising star.

But can he continue that form in the decider?

13:00 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Wow! Beautiful finish at the net from Sen to bag the second game, 22-20.

12:59 (IST)6 NOV 2017

And Prannoy draws level.


12:59 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Body smash from Prannoy!


12:58 (IST)6 NOV 2017

What a backhand from Sen! He looks pumped up!

Game points at 20-17

12:57 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Prannoy has cut down on his errors now.

He looks more focussed now.

Trails 17-19 

12:56 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Prannoy is finding it difficult to counter the pace of Chirag.

Sen up 19-14

12:55 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Wow! Chirag is not letting his nerves come in the way!

Quite a mature display this is! He is up 17-14 now.

12:54 (IST)6 NOV 2017

It is a very tight affair now. Sen was marginally ahead 14-13 but Prannoy has stormed back to 14-14

12:52 (IST)6 NOV 2017

It is currently all level. 12-12

12:50 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Sen is ahead 11-10 at the half-time.

12:49 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Sen is successfully drawing out errors from Prannoy in this game.

12:49 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Wow! 2 points on the trot for the youngster.

Sen is ahead 9-8

12:48 (IST)6 NOV 2017

What a backhand deception from Prannoy!


12:47 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Chirag's shuttle sails long.


12:46 (IST)6 NOV 2017

But Prannoy has come back with some great play at the net.


12:46 (IST)6 NOV 2017

He is in the lead for the first time in this match.

Sen is up 6-4

12:45 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Sen makes the most of this opportunity and goes up to 5-4

12:45 (IST)6 NOV 2017

A rare unforced error from the World No. 11 here. The lead has been cut down to just one point now. Sen trails 3-4.

12:44 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Prannoy has already distanced himself from Sen and leads 4-1

12:39 (IST)6 NOV 2017



12:41 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Prannoy needs just one to convert. He bags the opener, 21-7 with a fabulous smash.

12:40 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Game points at 20-7

12:40 (IST)6 NOV 2017

The US Open champion is just stamping his authority more and more. Now leads 19-7

12:39 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Prannoy has now gone up to 17-7.

It is pretty much a one-way traffic.

12:38 (IST)6 NOV 2017

But he fumbles at the net here and Sen pulls one back. The latter now trails 7-14

12:38 (IST)6 NOV 2017

No stopping Prannoy after the break. He is up 13-6

12:36 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Prannoy has an 11-6 advantage at the half-time.

12:35 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Chirag puts the shuttle into the corner and trails 5-10

12:34 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Wow! What a beautiful point construction from Prannoy! Goes up 10-4

12:33 (IST)6 NOV 2017

9-3 lead for the Kerala shuttler. 

12:33 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Prannoy is now up 8-3
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