HS Prannoy vs Jeon Hyeok Jin, Live Badminton Score and Updates, French Open Super Series 2017 Quarter-finals

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 27, 2017 23:55 IST

Prannoy def Jin, 21-16, 21-16 to enter the semi-finals


23:55 (IST)27 OCT 2017

You can follow Srikanth's match LIVE HERE:

23:50 (IST)27 OCT 2017

And what is even more interesting is the fact that if Srikanth Kidambi wins his respective quarter-final against the defending champion Shi Yuqi tonight, we can have a BLOCKBUSTER ALL-INDIAN SEMI-FINAL tomorrow!!!!!!

23:47 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Prannoy thus joins PV Sindhu as the second Indian to enter the semi-finals of the 2017 French Open Superseries. This is Prannoy's second Superseries semi-final this year, having reached that far at the Indonesia Open earlier in June.

23:45 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Final score: Prannoy def Jin, 21-16, 21-16 

23:44 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Prannoy converts!

21-16 it is!

23:44 (IST)27 OCT 2017


23:44 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Prannoy does not allow him to progress any further....inches ahead to 19-16

23:43 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Jeon reduces the deficit to just two points now....trails 16-18

23:42 (IST)27 OCT 2017

18-15 for the Indian now

23:42 (IST)27 OCT 2017


23:42 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Prannoy has been able to stamp his authority again....17-15

23:41 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Tense times here....who will come out on top in this game?

23:41 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Jeon has levelled the score now...15-15

23:40 (IST)27 OCT 2017

15-13..Prannoy still maintains a TWO-POINT LEAD

23:39 (IST)27 OCT 2017

14-12 for the Indian now

23:37 (IST)27 OCT 2017


23:37 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Prannoy has extended his lead to 13-11

23:36 (IST)27 OCT 2017

And the Indian is in front now....12-11

23:36 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Long rallies are being played now....the players are showcasing their defensive skills now...11-11

23:34 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Jeon manages to halt the comeback and soars to an 11-9 lead at halftime.

23:33 (IST)27 OCT 2017

9-10...just one point behind the Korean now

23:32 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Prannoy has moved to within 8-10 now

23:32 (IST)27 OCT 2017

10-7....can he even the score?

23:32 (IST)27 OCT 2017

10-6 as Prannoy pulls one back

23:31 (IST)27 OCT 2017

10-5 it is for the Korean

23:29 (IST)27 OCT 2017

9-4 for Jeon now

23:29 (IST)27 OCT 2017

The lead is increasing as Prannoy is finding it difficult to contain him...8-4 the Korean leads

23:27 (IST)27 OCT 2017

6-3 advantage for the Korean

23:26 (IST)27 OCT 2017

5-2 for the Korean

23:25 (IST)27 OCT 2017

This time the Korean inches ahead to 4-2

23:24 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Still nothing to separate the two....2-2

23:22 (IST)27 OCT 2017



23:22 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Prannoy cannot afford to be complacent...he paid the price the last time they played and he eventually went down in three games.

23:19 (IST)27 OCT 2017

A long rally goes in favour of Prannoy....21-16 to the Indian!

23:18 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Jeon saves one....trails 16-20

23:18 (IST)27 OCT 2017


23:17 (IST)27 OCT 2017

19-15 for Prannoy....2 points away from wrapping up this game

23:17 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Jeon takes a point here to reduce the deficit to 14-18

23:16 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Prannoy extends his lead to 18-13

23:15 (IST)27 OCT 2017

17-13 for Prannoy as he moves within sniffing distance of bagging the game

23:14 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Prannoy has moved ahead to 16-12

23:12 (IST)27 OCT 2017

15-11 advantage for the Indian now

23:11 (IST)27 OCT 2017

It's 14-10 currently for the Indian

23:10 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Even though he looks comfortable at the moment, he cannot afford to relax....Prannoy did lose their only meeting in three games.

23:10 (IST)27 OCT 2017

The US Open champion is cruising at 13-9

23:09 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Prannoy looks to be firmly in control now....12-8

23:07 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Prannoy is up 11-8 at half-time.

23:07 (IST)27 OCT 2017

And the World No. 14 has opened up a two-point advantage..10-8

23:05 (IST)27 OCT 2017


23:05 (IST)27 OCT 2017

For the first time in this game, the Indian has the lead....8-7
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