Hyderabad Open 2018: Sameer Verma vs Soong Joo Ven final, Live Score and Match Updates

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Verma def Soong 21-15, 21-18 to win the Hyderabad Open


19:22 (IST)9 SEP 2018

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19:21 (IST)9 SEP 2018

India finishes this tournament with two titles.

Earlier Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty won the men's doubles title. But Pranaav Jerry Chopra and Sikki Reddy went down fighting in the mixed doubles final after having match points.

19:19 (IST)9 SEP 2018

For the crowd, it was a sheer delight seeing their homegrown player win the title. Verma trains at the Gopichand Academy and winning the title in that very city must have meant a lot for him. 

19:18 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Sameer trailed for most part of the first game. But champions always find a way to raise their level, and that is exactly what he did too.

19:16 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Final score: Verma def Soong 21-15, 21-18 to win the Hyderabad Open

19:15 (IST)9 SEP 2018

This is Verma's second title of the season!

He earlier won the Swiss Open, a Super 300 tournament in February.

19:14 (IST)9 SEP 2018

And Sameer seals the win with a huge overhead smash!!!!

19:13 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Sameer has match points now!


19:12 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Body smash from Soong and he closes the gap to just one point!

Trails 18-19

19:11 (IST)9 SEP 2018

It's 19-16 to the Indian now!

19:11 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Some excellent defence from both ends in the shuttle going long from the Malaysian!

18-16 to Verma!

19:09 (IST)9 SEP 2018

One huge smash down the middle by the leftie!

Soong trails 15-17

19:09 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Sameer is rushing to the net and taking time away from his opponent.

17-14 to the Indian now!

19:08 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Soong got one point back but it's Sameer all the way since then!

2 more points and he is up 15-12

19:07 (IST)9 SEP 2018

And Verma is still looking very much in control!

It's 13-11 to the Indian

19:05 (IST)9 SEP 2018

The Malaysian seems to have some discomfort at the knee and is getting treatment.

19:03 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Verma still manages to go ahead to 11-10 at the midgame interval.

19:03 (IST)9 SEP 2018

It's 10-10 now after the Malaysian started taking the shuttle early.

19:02 (IST)9 SEP 2018

An error of judgement from the Malaysian!

It's 10-8 to the top seed

19:01 (IST)9 SEP 2018

And Sameer has edged ahead now.

It's 8-7 to the Indian

19:00 (IST)9 SEP 2018

And Soong doesn't want to let this go away so easily.

He comes back to level this at 5-5 and keeps it going.

6-6 now

18:58 (IST)9 SEP 2018

And Verma has already surged to 5-3

18:57 (IST)9 SEP 2018

It's 2-2 in the second game

18:53 (IST)9 SEP 2018

What a comeback that was from the top seed!

18:53 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Sameer absolutely dominating now!

Soong has no answer!

Sameer gets the first game 21-15

18:52 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Brilliant netplay from the Indian now!

No errors anymore!

18-15 he leads!

18:51 (IST)9 SEP 2018

And Verma is in control of the proceedings now!

He has gone up to 16-15 

18:50 (IST)9 SEP 2018

It's a two-point gap between the two now!

Verma trails 13-15 now

18:49 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Yet again a smash from Verma after some brilliant movement!

Sameer trails 11-14

18:48 (IST)9 SEP 2018

And it's a smash from Verma!

18:48 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Sameer needs to stop the momentum of the Malaysian by varying the pace, if he wants to make a comeback.

18:47 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Too many aggressive smashes from the Malaysian in this game!

He is 14-8 up

18:47 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Sameer's elder brother Sourabh is looking on and is understandably a bit worried.

18:46 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Verma gets one point back and trails 8-13 now

18:46 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Soong continues to dictate play and be aggressive.

18:45 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Sameer produces a brief fightback but the Malaysian is still up 11-7 at the midgame interval.

18:43 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Finally a smash from the Indian here!

Trails 6-9

18:42 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Verma is still making errors and looking very slow on the feet.

The Malaysian is up 9-4

18:41 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Verma is error-prone in the initial stages of this match.

The shuttle goes into the net and Soong is up 7-4

18:28 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Slowly trying to close the gap.

Verma trails 3-5

18:28 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Verma is trying to make his way back into this game.

Trails 2-4 now.

18:27 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Soong off to a flying start!

It's 3-0 to the Malaysian!

18:26 (IST)9 SEP 2018

And live action has started!

17:44 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Good evening and welcome to the live coverage of the Hyderabad Open men's singles final. India's Sameer Verma is the top seed and is vying for the title here. He is ranked World No. 21 and faces Soong Joo Ven, placed 70 places below him at 91.

Verma is the clear favourite in this summit clash, because of his ranking and his form. He started the season by winning the Swiss Open -- a Super 300 title in February. 

He hopes to carry that form into the final too and lay his hands on his second international trophy on the BWF circuit. The only thing that could bother Sameer is fatigue. He played a 51-minute long match against RMV Gurusaidutt in the semi-finals yesterday, which might have some effect on his performance today.

Even then, Verma is not expected to lose this, considering he already has two career wins over the Malaysian shuttler.

The Indian contingent is looking to win three titles at this Super 100 tournament, with Rankireddy-Shetty and Reddy-Chopra reaching the men's doubles and mixed doubles finals as well.
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