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IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Bound For Glory (24th October 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 25, 2020 08:22 IST

Will we have new champions crowned at Bound For Glory?


08:22 (IST)25 OCT 2020

08:22 (IST)25 OCT 2020

The entire IMPACT locker room empties out and celebrates with Rich Swann!

That's it for tonight folks, thanks for joining us today! Join us again tomorrow for Hell in a Cell. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the latest wrestling news. 

08:20 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Rich gets out and hits two cutters. He then goes to the top rope and hits the Phoenix Splash.

That's it.

That's it.


08:19 (IST)25 OCT 2020

08:19 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Young hangs up Rich from the turnbuckle and he keeps going after the ankle trying to break it. 

08:18 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Young goes for a Piledriver, but Rich rolls him up, Young kicks out, Rich with several shots to the jaw of Young and he hits the Airraid Offense. Young kicks out!

08:17 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Rich is able to get to the bottom rope. 

08:17 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Eric Young measures Rich and runs at him, misses. Rich misses and Young has the ankle hooked in an ankle lock of sorts. 

08:16 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Rich and Young batter one another with strike after strike, but Swann gets a sudden high kick. He then hits the handspring, but Young catches him and hits him with the reverse fireman's carry slam. 

08:15 (IST)25 OCT 2020

08:15 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Swann gets to the ropes and manages to survive, but he is hurt. 

08:15 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Rich is hurting himself although he is dominating Young. He goes for the Superplex, but Young bites Swann. He then hits the elbow to the neck of Swann. Cover, but Eric turns it into a Crossface. 

08:14 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Rich takes shot after shot from Young, but suddenly he fights back and hits multiple shots. Swann hits spinning kicks to the midsection and Young is forced into the corner and he drops Young over his back.

Swann hits the enormous Frog Splash, but Young kicks out. 

08:10 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Eric Young goes after the neck again and again until it becomes almost painful to catch. Young shouts at Rich to go away, leave wrestling, but he continues to punish him when he does not give up. 

08:09 (IST)25 OCT 2020

08:09 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Eric Young is punishing Rich Swann and the neck is suffering. Rich is hurting. He keeps getting up, but he is hurt. 

08:05 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Rich's neck is the target of Young at the moment. 

08:04 (IST)25 OCT 2020

08:04 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Young hits the sidewalk slam but Rich kicks out. 

08:03 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Rich Swann goes off the apron and hits the Senton outside. 

Young is hurting. He did not expect this Swann. Swann is flipped over on to the apron and he lands headfirst on the apron. Oof that could have hurt. 

Young goes after the neck. 

08:01 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Young and Swann fight outside with Swann chopping the chest of Young. Young makes a retreat. He is trying to get some control back. 

07:59 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Rich and Eric Young battle with some chain wrestling, but Swann gets a Hurricanrana and then a dropkick. Rich is here to win.

07:57 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Up now, it's time for the IMPACT Wrestling title match:

Eric Young vs Rich Swann

07:54 (IST)25 OCT 2020

07:53 (IST)25 OCT 2020

07:51 (IST)25 OCT 2020

07:51 (IST)25 OCT 2020

IMPACT is bringing back the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team titles

07:49 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Su Yung hits the Stunner and the Panic Switch and that's it....

Oh my.

Su Yung defeats Deonna Purrazzo to become the new IMPACT Knockouts Champion

07:48 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Su Yung sits Deonna Purrazzo on a chair on the outside and she hits the diving senton from the apron.

The two get back in the ring, 

Su gets her bloodstained rotting glove on, but Deonna accidentally takes out the referee. Deonna goes for the Piledriver, Su reverses with the pin. The referee does not see. Kimber Lee comes in with a steel chair and hits her on the back while the referee is recovering.

Lee drags Yung to the side but Su avoids the stomp that would have broken her arm. Su takes out Kimber Lee with the Red Mist.

Deonna has the armbar in, but Su gets the mandible claw. Both let go. 

07:44 (IST)25 OCT 2020

07:43 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Su and Deonna exchange strikes in the middle of the ring. Su comes off better for it and then hits a back elbow followed by a ground and pound. 

07:42 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Deonna has gotten the advantage back and she stomps away on Yung, who gets back up. 

Deonna hits a Triple German Suplex. 

07:38 (IST)25 OCT 2020

07:38 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Deonna tries to make the match technical and works on the arm of Su Yung. She has taken over somewhat. 

07:37 (IST)25 OCT 2020

07:36 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Su Yung hits a Head scissors from the top rope to Deonna. Deonna is not ready for this. 

07:35 (IST)25 OCT 2020

07:35 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Su Yung hits the backdrop on the apron. She is looking good. She has a steel chair. 

07:34 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Su has the advantage early on and has gone after Deonna. 

07:32 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Kylie Rae is not here... so Deonna Purrazzo puts out a challenge for anyone to face her.

Su Young is here.

Deonna Purrazzo vs Su Yung

No one knows where Kylie is.

07:30 (IST)25 OCT 2020

07:28 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Now, it's time for the IMPACT Knockouts Championship Match

Deonna Purrazzo vs Kylie Rae

07:26 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Chris Sabin went through that match in the worst situation possible as Shelley was taken out before the match. 

07:25 (IST)25 OCT 2020

07:25 (IST)25 OCT 2020

The North take out Fulton and Ace Austin. They may be out of it. Anderson fights them both off and hits a Cutter on Alexander. They hit Alexander with an Uppercut, but Alexander throws him out. Anderson rolls through and Page hits him with the belt when he can't see.

Alexander pins Anderson.

That's it.

The North defeat The Good Brothers, The Motor City Machine Guns, and Ace Austin and Madman Fulton to become the new Tag Team Champions

07:23 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Gallows comes in and hits Page with a big boot. Austin hits the Disaster Kick and throws Gallows out. Fulton and Ace Austin work on Karl Anderson. 

07:21 (IST)25 OCT 2020

Sabin and Alexander battle, buit a double team by The North sees them get a near-fall. 

07:20 (IST)25 OCT 2020

07:20 (IST)25 OCT 2020

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