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IND vs BAN Live Score Updates, 2nd ODI: Valiant Rohit fights hard but in vain; Bangladesh cling on by 5 runs to take the series

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 07, 2022 20:37 IST

India vs Bangladesh Live Cricket Score Updates, 2nd ODI: It was a lion-hearted effort of some kind by Rohit Sharma. Despite being injured and down, he was not out. He gave it everything but alas, the result wasn't to be. Bangladesh win by 5 runs. Follow Sportskeeda for IND vs BAN Live Score for the 2nd ODI in Dhaka


20:37 (IST)7 DEC 2022

So that is all as far as our coverage of this contest is concerned. Thank you so much for tuning into Sportskeeda for the same. Do return for our coverage of the 3rd contest as well on Saturday. Until then, it's goodbye from all of us here!

20:35 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Litton Das will be a happy man. Two games, two wins as captain and another series victory for Bangladesh. Aren't they a force to reckon with in the 50-over format or what! They are making the right noise ahead of next year's 50-over World Cup while the Men in Blue have a lot of work to do. A win in the last game will do their confidence a world of good and it remains to be seen as to how they go back to the drawing board and sort their woes out.

20:24 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Litton Das: Feeling really happy. My first series as captain and we win the series. It's a dream come true. The boys played really well. (Batting plans) When we had to bat first, we said 240 is a good score here in Mirpur. We were under pressure for the first 20 overs but the way Mahmudullah and Miraz played was outstanding. I don't know what their conversation was in the middle but I'm really happy. (Rotating his bowlers) I try to handle my bowlers inside and outside the powerplay. I think if I continue with my main bowlers, that might leave me short at the backend. So, we keep rotating our bowlers around. (Next game) Definitely, we're going to keep looking to play some good cricket and get another win.

20:19 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Mehidy Hasan Miraz (Player of the Match): Really happy that I was able to contribute to the win. Last few years I worked hard and especially my batting, I worked with the coach, how to play in certain situations. Mahmudullah is the senior guy and he told that we will string in partnerships, let's not think too far but to bat out the situation and keep moving.

20:19 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Rohit Sharma: (On his thumb injury) Not great, bit of dislocation but luckily it's not a fracture and it's part of the game. Honestly when you lose a game, there's positives and negatives, we allowed Bangladesh to get back into the game but the start was great, the middle overs and backend is hurting us, something that we need to realize quickly, time is not in our hands, not taking anything away from Mehidy and Mahmudullah, it was a brilliant partnership.

20:11 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Phew! What. A. Game! Again. We're running out of words or breath to withstand these heart-stoppers. Bangladesh know what it's like to be on the right side now and haven't they been magnificent! India fought hard despite finding themselves behind the eight-ball for large swathes of the contest. Shreyas Iyer and Axar Patel gave it everything but it was Rohit Sharma who nearly pulled off the unthinkable despite walking out at number 9 and barely looking in comfort. It was a spirited display of the highest order and a lion-hearted one at that. He so nearly pulled it off with two sixes needed off the last two deliveries. He got one right but Mustafizur nailed his yorker to then ensure that he denied him. This is an effort that will be remembered for a long, long time though. Make no mistake about that!

19:52 (IST)7 DEC 2022

The Fizz holds on! Bangladesh take the series 2-0 with a game to spare! An inch-perfect yorker at the stumps and Rohit can only bunt it into the leg-side. Bangladesh hold on by the barest of margins! The crowd goes berserk but my goodness, what have we witnessed in Mirpur! The wounded lion gave it all but the tigers have prevailed. Take a bow, Rohit Sharma. You were magnificent!

19:49 (IST)7 DEC 2022

SIX! FIFTY FOR ROHIT! Oh what a knock this has been from the captain! This has been an innings out of the top-drawer, particularly given the circumstances. He is determined. Six needed off the last. Which way is this headed?

19:48 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Swing and a miss across the line! The crowd roars as Rohit throws his head back. Two sixes needed off two deliveries. Oh do you have any fingernails left at all?

19:48 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Add another one! Width offered as it decks away from the stumps and Rohit steers it past backward point. Squarer this time but he picks the gap. As Sunil Gavaskar mentions on air, Bangladesh have to pack the point boundary here instead of having a deep mid-wicket with the Fizz's off-cutters decking across.

19:47 (IST)7 DEC 2022

A dot ball as Rohit swings and misses but he steps out and slices one behind backward point for four. 16 needed off 4 now...

19:45 (IST)7 DEC 2022

BOWLED! Siraj has been castled! It was a free hit in essence off the last ball of the over and he just had to go for it. The ball keeps low though to sneak through and rattle the stumps as India lose their ninth. Mahmudullah finally has something to show against his name with the ball but this is it now - Umran Malik joins his captain in the middle as India require 20 off the last over. Three or four big hits - as simple (or not) as that! The Fizz is ready at the top of his mark.

19:44 (IST)7 DEC 2022

A six...and another drop! You cannot write this script! Rohit is given another lifeline as deep square leg puts one down now. Air bound again but Rohit survives again. Oh what are you doing Bangladesh? India go past 250 as well in the meantime!

19:41 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Dropped! It's a dropped catch! Oh what is a tense game involving Bangladesh without a dropped catch! Rohit tonks one over the fence but he slogs one aiming for the moon before Ebadot shells this swirler at short fine leg.

19:40 (IST)7 DEC 2022

A maiden over! You aren't reading it wrong. Mustafizur Rahman has sent down a maiden in the 48th with Siraj swinging like a rusty gate without connecting. He finally does off the final delivery but as expected, Rohit doesn't take the single. 40 needed off 2 overs! It's getting out of reach now!

19:35 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Fantastic job by Mahmudullah and Rohit is livid at having played all around that last delivery. He is clearly struggling, notwithstanding the flurry of hits in the last over. 40 needed off 18 deliveries with a solitary run coming off that over. Onto the Fizz now - can Siraj get Rohit back on strike?

19:31 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Mehidy is going off the field now! He is hobbling with what could be a case of cramp but he also got his knee tended to earlier while batting, remember. One ball into the 47th over, Mahmudullah is called upon to complete the over.

19:28 (IST)7 DEC 2022

He's not going down without a fight! Rohit is leading the way for India with a couple of sixes and a boundary and is keeping the visitors afloat. If you go short to him, he will punish you all day! India require 41 off the last 4 overs as Mehidy Hasan Miraz returns into the attack. 

19:21 (IST)7 DEC 2022

It was always coming, wasn't it? The pressure tells on Chahar and he cloughs one down the throat of mid-wicket. India are 213/8 and it's down to Mohammed Siraj to chance his arm at it now. Ebadot has three for the day one ball into his final over - the equation reads 59 needed off the last 29 deliveries.

19:19 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Bangladesh have been brilliant in orchestrating the slowdown. India need 61 off the last six overs now with the asking rate crossing the 10-run mark. Rohit has taken a blow to his glove as well as his thigh pads. He's not going to have it easy alright.

19:11 (IST)7 DEC 2022

And here we go - Rohit Sharma is in the house! He has arrived to take matters into his own hands. Is this a wise move keeping his injury in mind as far as the long run is concerned?

19:10 (IST)7 DEC 2022

No heroics from the Lord today. It's Shakib who triumphs as he gets one to spin sharply with Thakur walking right past it. A lot of awkward bounce for little Mushfiqur but so far down the crease was Thakur that the latter could have answered a phone call, put the receiver down and then dislodged the bails. A painstaking innings comes to an end and Bangladesh are into the tail now.

19:06 (IST)7 DEC 2022

He clearly can't run hard between the wickets but he can use his smarts here can Chahar. A good example of that comes in the form of a swivel-pull behind square for six as the 200 comes up for India. The bowler in question at the moment is Mustafizur Rahman.

19:03 (IST)7 DEC 2022

The dots are piling up now with Ebadot sending down a nagging over. India require 77 runs off 9 overs at 8.56 RPO. How quickly can Deepak Chahar run between the wickets though given his hamstring issue? That'll be a factor to watch out for.

18:56 (IST)7 DEC 2022

We're now into the last 10 overs of the contest. Powerplay 3 has been enforced, meaning that Bangladesh can place an extra fielder outside the inner ring. India need 79 to win at 7.90 RPO. It's very much attainable as far as modern-day ODI cricket goes. But you'd think it's all down to this pair of Chahar and Thakur to do bulk of the work for the Men in Blue. More so, with the possibility of Rohit Sharma batting looking very slender.

18:47 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Ebadot returns and in style! He nips Axar Patel in the bud and it's a pretty tame end as well as he steps out looking to slap it over the infield. Simplest of takes for Shakib at cover as Axar falls for a run-a-ball 56. Bangladesh right back in front now as Deepak Chahar joins Shardul Thakur in the middle. They've done it before in this format, albeit individually. This is a big task in front of them though! India are 189/6 in 38.2 overs, still needing 83 off 70 deliveries!

18:39 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Fifty for Axar Patel! It has come at a run-a-ball and it's his 2nd in ODIs. His first was pretty special, having vaulted India out of the abyss in the Caribbean earlier this year. Can he do it again though? Still a long way to go but what a knock this has been.

18:36 (IST)7 DEC 2022

OUT! Mehidy breaks the partnership. Who else but Mehidy again! And it's a killer blow dealt to the Men in Blue as Shreyas departs in a quest to repeat the six he scored a couple of deliveries earlier. A very well-judged catch near the ropes by Afif given the air-time on it and the crowd has found its voice again. The Lord is in the house though - can Shardul Thakur produce something special?

18:33 (IST)7 DEC 2022

The 100-run partnership between Shreyas and Axar is up with a majestic six over wide long on with Shreyas dancing down the track again. He moves into the eighties with that.

18:23 (IST)7 DEC 2022

The lack of bounce isn't troubling Shreyas by any stretch today. He is playing the ball late and has looked at ease against the spinners. As has Axar, mind you, who is playing a little gem of an innings himself, currently batting on 38 off 41 deliveries. India are 158/4 at the end of 33 overs.

18:15 (IST)7 DEC 2022

30 overs have been completed and the Indian score reads 143/4. You'd expect teams to be able to double their score hereon and India should fancy their chances of chasing this down to that end. It's been a fine comeback thus far with both Shreyas and Axar looking at ease against the Bangladeshi spinners. A couple of quick wickets though and this game will flip on its head so that is something they can ill-afford.

18:07 (IST)7 DEC 2022

India have almost doubled the score from the time these two combined forces. This partnership is worth 64 off just 59 deliveries and Bangladesh are trying everything they can in order to bring it to a halt again. The asking rate is exactly 6.50 per over and that is by no means one that India cannot achieve. India are 129/4 in 28 overs and Litton Das goes back to the man with the golden touch - Mehidy Hasan Miraz!

17:52 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Another half-century for Shreyas Iyer! He is consistency personified in this format, isn't he? 14th ODI half-century and through the course of this innings, has also surpassed Shikhar Dhawan as India's leading run-getter in men's ODIs this year. He's always up for a scrap this man!

17:50 (IST)7 DEC 2022

The counter-attack is on! Axar clobbers one over cow corner and raises a 50-run stand with Shreyas off just 35 deliveries! This has been a superb counter-punch and is bound to have Litton Das put his thinking cap on. Game on in Mirpur now. India are 116/4 at the end of 24 overs!

17:43 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Deepak Chahar, who didn't bowl much owing to a hamstring niggle, is seen padded up in the dugout so that is good news from India's point of view. Still no word yet on Rohit Sharma's availability this innings though.

17:41 (IST)7 DEC 2022

The 100 comes up for India at the end of the 22nd over. Shreyas Iyer is getting a move on with the scoring rate and Axar Patel has looked pretty solid himself. A nice little partnership this but little will not suffice. It has to be converted into something substantial.

17:37 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Well, we see something different every time, don't we? We saw Ebadot Hossain trample down his stumps to end up hit wicket and today, Mehidy has disloged the stumps at his end on his follow through. Not once, but twice in the same over. That has cost him a couple of free hits as well and it's one of the very few things he has got wrong in an otherwise dream outing.

17:30 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Axar Patel has walked out to join Shreyas and he nearly chips one back early in his innings. It's all Bangladesh at the moment and with each subsequent wicket, you'd think that the chances of seeing Rohit Sharma with the bat will also be rendered moot.

17:27 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Stone dead LBW! KL Rahul has been trapped plumb in front. So plumb that he didn't even wait for the umpire's decision to walk off. And who has struck, you ask? Of course it's Mehidy Hasan Miraz! It's his world and the entire Indian team is living in it at the moment. That could be one hand on the series now for Bangladesh as India are 65/4 in 18.3 overs. Rahul looked to turn this back of a length delivery around the corner by going deep in the crease but was left completely bamboozled.

17:17 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Uneven bounce has been a feature of this innings thus far. Both the spinners and pacers have been able to use it to the fullest and it is a hard task negotiating the same. Unsurprisingly, the seamers are testing Shreyas with the odd short delivery but he has managed to contend with it well thus far. Drinks have been called for with India's score reading 60/3 after 17 overs.

17:03 (IST)7 DEC 2022

50 up at last for India. It has taken them one delivery into the 14th over to get to the landmark and the asking rate is hovering just over a run-a-ball.

16:58 (IST)7 DEC 2022

There is enough in the pitch to work with for the spinners and if you're as metronomic with your radar as Shakib is, you are bound to keep the batters on their toes. Testing times aplenty as far as India are concerned.

16:48 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Shakib Al Hasan comes on and makes instant impact! He prizes out Washington Sundar who just flicks a sitter into the hands of short mid-wicket. A nothing shot in many ways and India are in dire straights at 39/3 at the end of the first powerplay. They have a huge mountain to climb hereon and it's onto Shreyas and KL Rahul, who joins him out in the middle, to stitch together a mammoth partnership.

16:42 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Signs of aggression from Shreyas as he steps down the track and tonks Nasum Ahmed for a maximum over the vacant long on fence. India are 34/2 in 8 overs and needless  to say, Shreyas will have a massive role to play today.

16:34 (IST)7 DEC 2022

The seamers continue to hit their radar and India need a solid partnership here. Shreyas and Sundar have both found the fence with a beautiful check drive past mid-off from the latter standing out. India are 24/2 at the end of 6 overs.

16:23 (IST)7 DEC 2022

It's not KL Rahul who has come out at number 4 but Washington Sundar. Just a move to keep the left-right pair going or are the Indians trying something different? Sundar has the temperament to absorb pressure mind you and this will be a good test of the same.

16:20 (IST)7 DEC 2022

The move works! It's a snorter from the Fizz and he gets a short one to kick off the deck as Dhawan pops one off the shoulder of his bat towards point. He was completely squared up and you can't keep Mehidy Hasan Miraz out of the game can you? Simple catch for him and India lose both their openers.

16:16 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Turn the volume off at the Shere Bangla National Stadium if you can. The crowd is loving every bit of this with Virat Kohli out of the way. Shreyas Iyer walks out at number 3 and Litton Das has turned to pace from both ends now with Mustafizur Rahman coming on. India are 7/1 in 2 overs.

16:13 (IST)7 DEC 2022

Kohli departs! He drags a short one onto his stump to send the off stump for a walk and it's Ebadot Hossain who lands the killer punch. Look at him go! Oh stop him if you can - this is Imran Tahir's fast-bowling equivalent as far as celebratory sprints are concerned and Mirpur roars in ecstasy as the king falls.

16:10 (IST)7 DEC 2022

A first ball boundary and Kohli is off the mark in style. He will want to get a big one today although Bangladesh clearly have other ideas. It's spin at one end and pace at the other with Ebadot Hossain running in. Two slips greet Kohli.
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