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14:29 (IST)26 FEB 2024

So, that will be all from this, the 4th Test match of the series. The action now shifts to Dharamsala for the 5th and final game with important World Test Championship percentage points up for grabs. Will India dominate with a 4-1 score-line, or will England get a win and end the tour on a high? We can expect some changes to both teams for that match and as always, the spotlight will be on the pitch. Well, we cannot wait to bring you the coverage, live from a wonderful, wonderful venue, with some absorbing cricket expected to cap off an international season filled with excitement! The action begins on the 7th of March at 9:30 am local time (9:30 am IST), be sure to join us for that, friends. For now, this is the pair of Pragadeesh and Bidipto taking your leave. Keep following Sportskeeda! 

14:23 (IST)26 FEB 2024

This has been one of the best Test matches in recent times! Both teams kept throwing punches at each other and right till the end, we could not tell who would win. Joe Root and Ollie Robinson put together a partnership of substance to give England a score for their bowlers to defend. Then came a superb bowling effort from the visitors to make life even more difficult for the hosts. But Dhruv Jurel, Kuldeep Yadav and Akash Deep had other ideas. From a position of weakness, they made sure that the England lead came down to only 46 runs. After that, it was the Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja and Kuldeep Yadav show with ball in hand! The off-spinner took his 35th 5-wicket haul to make a statement and India managed to bowl the away side out for under 150. Rohit Sharma and Yashasvi Jaiswal got off to a bright start for the home team and made it look as though it would be a walk in the park to knock off 192 runs. However, Shoaib Bashir, Tom Hartley and Joe Root did not throw in the towel and neither did skipper Ben Stokes. It required a calm and composed 72-run unbeaten stand between young Shubman Gill and wicketkeeper-batter Dhruv Jurel to bail India out of trouble and hand India a series win against this stubborn England Test side! Ranchi, in more ways than one, did not disappoint! 

14:14 (IST)26 FEB 2024

Dhruv Jurel has been adjudged the Player of the Match! Here is what he has to say.

Dhruv Jurel: 
(Initial thoughts) Really happy feeling, I must say! The first innings fifty was special! But a lot of credit has to go the batters batting lower down the order to hang in there and build partnerships with me. (On facing the likes of James Anderson) I have watched a lot of him bowling on TV, and now, the opportunity to face him live, is a big thing. This experience as a batter has been really fulfilling! (On his partnership with Shubman Gill in the 2nd innings) Shubman and I kept talking to each other right from the start of this 2nd innings 6th wicket partnership about not throwing it away. We did not try anything fancy, just kept doing the basics and kept rotating strike. Pretty happy to have finished the game for the team! 

14:10 (IST)26 FEB 2024

Rohit Sharma (India captain): (First thoughts) It has been a hard fought series, there were lots of challenges thrown at us right through these Test matches, and, we have done well to come up trumps very much all the time! (On the temperament of the younger players) It tells me that they want to be here and play a lot for India in this format. It is a big challenge to play Test match cricket but they are encouraged by the occasion all the time. Rahul bhai and I try to create an environment for them which helps them gel well. All the youngsters, be it Dhruv Jurel, Kuldeep Yadav, or even Shubman Gill, have performed above expectations so consistently! (On having a rahter new look team in this series) It's always a big miss when some of your regular names are not part of the team, but even then, these newcomers have stepped up and tried their best to fill in those boots, as much as possible. (On the next game i.e., the 5th and final Test) We turn up for every Test match on the lookout for a win. We try and put our best foot forward. It's never easy to play a 5-match Test series and especially so for these younger players, but our motive will be the same in the next game at Dharamsala. 

14:06 (IST)26 FEB 2024

Ben Stokes (England Captain) - It was a great Test match and if you look at the scorecard, you can say that India won by 5 wickets but there were ebbs and flows in every single day. That's the way I am as a person and as a captain. India are an intimidating side at home and I just backed my bowlers to do the thing. Credit to Hartley and Bashir and I couldn't be more proud of them considering how well they performed. I love Test Cricket and in both sides there were inexperienced players who rose to the occasion, so Test Cricket is bright. We have been winning in periods and scoring became difficult when the condition was like that against Ashwin, Jadeja and Kuldeep. They made things tough for us to score. Joe Root, it was an incredible knock. He had his fair share of criticism but I don't think it's right. Also, Shoaib Bashir, coming in without much experience and picking up eight wickets in Test was great. You want to win and my message is constantly consistent. Everyone has given everything on the field and that's what matters to us

13:59 (IST)26 FEB 2024

Shubman Gill - We were put under pressure but I think we had a good start by our openers. You have to see the situation and play accordingly sometimes. Their bowlers bowled good lines and protected the boundaries well. On a wicket like this, we have to be patient and take the singles. When they give any lose deliveries, try to pounce on that. (A chat before the hat-trick ball) I told you batted beautifully and just keep the same mindset. The way he came down against the off-spinners was great. I wanted to take LBW out of the equation by stepping out in the second session. It means a world for us. There were some nerves after losing the first test but Rohit Bhai backed us throughout and gave us the confidence to go out and play with freedom

13:39 (IST)26 FEB 2024

1:40 pm local time, 1:40 pm IST:
India win by 5 wickets and take an unassailable 3-1 lead in the 5-match Test series!

Joe Root - 122* (274) and 11 (34) | Shoaib Bashir - 5/119 (44) and 3/79 (26)
Dhruv Jurel - 90 (149) and 39* (77) | Ravindra Jadeja - 4/67 (32.5) and 1/56 (20)

What a beginning to the session it was for both teams! After the first over, Shoaib Bashir picked up the wickets of Ravindra Jadeja and Sarfaraz Khan in back-to-back deliveries with India still requiring 72 runs to win.

The pitch was assisting the spinners a lot with turn, lack of turn, bounce and lack of bounce - alike! Dhruv Jurel joined Shubman Gill at the crease at that point of time with the visitors sensing more blood.

But right from the time the wicketkeeper-batter faced the first ball in this innings, he looked busy at the crease against spin. Those impressive straight-bat shots, with subtle opening and closing of the bat face came to the fore and the 6th wicket stand began building slowly but surely.

Gill himself was not shy of using his feet to pick up singles and twos. And then, from both ends, both batters rotated strike every over to thwart the England spinners.

Run by run, the confidence in the Indian dressing room grew. Then came a full and wide delivery from Bashir that got put away to the cover boundary off the front foot! Since then, nothing could trouble this partnership.

They kept on rotating strike and negated those balls which misbehaved. But even when there were a few runs remaining, the duo held its composure and took as few risks as possible to ensure a magnificent victory under pressure!

After 2014, this is the second time that India have chased down a target in excess of 190. This also is the longest streak without a loss in home Test matches - India have now won 17 series in a row!

under the leadership of Ben Stokes and coaching of Brendon McCullum, England have lost their first series in Test match cricket. 

13:35 (IST)26 FEB 2024

India win the Test match and the series with one match to go! Shubman Gill and Dhruv Jurel finish it off with an unbeaten 72-run 6th wicket partnership! 

13:38 (IST)26 FEB 2024

End of over 61 (6 runs), India 192/5

Dhruv Jurel 39(77)
Shubman Gill 52(124)
Tom Hartley 70/1

13:38 (IST)26 FEB 2024

60.6 Tom Hartley to Dhruv Jurel

THAT'S IT, INDIA WIN THE SERIES 3-1. This is the first series loss for England under Ben Stokes' captaincy. A match-winning partnership from Gill and Jurel as they hug each other. Delight in the dressing room. England showed a lot of fight in the run chase but couldn't find a way to break this partnership. Quicker on a good length angling in, Jurel presses half forward and turns it to the vacant backward square leg region for a couple

13:38 (IST)26 FEB 2024

60.5 Tom Hartley to Dhruv Jurel

pitched up angling on leg-stump, Jurel nudges it down to short mid-wicket

13:38 (IST)26 FEB 2024

60.4 Tom Hartley to Dhruv Jurel

attacks the middle stump from a good length, defended down the track

13:37 (IST)26 FEB 2024

60.3 Tom Hartley to Dhruv Jurel

pitched up angling on off, Jurel blocks it down to short extra cover

13:33 (IST)26 FEB 2024

Only two runs remain now for India! 

13:37 (IST)26 FEB 2024

60.2 Tom Hartley to Dhruv Jurel

UPPISH...FOUR! Teases the batter with another drag down. Jurel hangs back to get on top of the bounce and knocks the pull to the right of mid-on for a boundary

13:36 (IST)26 FEB 2024

60.1 Tom Hartley to Dhruv Jurel

flatter delivery angling in, Jurel pulls it down to mid-on

13:32 (IST)26 FEB 2024

We may be into the final over of the match now! Both these youngsters are doing it pretty confidently here, under immense pressure! England are staring down the barrel. One big hit away now, are the hosts! 

13:36 (IST)26 FEB 2024

End of over 60 (14 runs), India 186/5

Dhruv Jurel 33(71)
Shubman Gill 52(124)
Shoaib Bashir 79/3

13:36 (IST)26 FEB 2024

59.6 Shoaib Bashir to Dhruv Jurel

uses his feet and Bashir drags the length back by angling into the batter. Jurel turns it to the right of short mid-wicket for a single. One hit away to win the series for India

13:34 (IST)26 FEB 2024

59.5 Shoaib Bashir to Shubman Gill

shuffles a bit and eases the length delivery down to long-on for a single

13:34 (IST)26 FEB 2024

59.4 Shoaib Bashir to Shubman Gill

drags the length back and pushes the length delivery back to the bowler

13:29 (IST)26 FEB 2024

Down to single digits for India! Shubman Gill gets to yet another 2nd innings fifty! 

13:33 (IST)26 FEB 2024

59.3 Shoaib Bashir to Shubman Gill

SIX MORE! Brings up his fifty in style! Pitched up on a good length angling in, Gill uses his feet again and heaves it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum

13:33 (IST)26 FEB 2024

59.2 Shoaib Bashir to Shubman Gill

drags the length back and angles it in,  Gill turns it down to short mid-wicket

13:29 (IST)26 FEB 2024

Graeme Swann on air says, "This game is gone now!

13:33 (IST)26 FEB 2024

59.1 Shoaib Bashir to Shubman Gill

SIX! Enough of you, says Gill to Bashir. Sees the flighted delivery, shuffles down the pitch and hammers it over long-off for a maximum

13:28 (IST)26 FEB 2024

India are doing it in singles with a lot of ease. There is hardly any risk being taken at the moment. That is so refreshing to see from two young batters! 

13:31 (IST)26 FEB 2024

End of over 59 (3 runs), India 172/5

Shubman Gill 39(119)
Dhruv Jurel 32(70)
Tom Hartley 64/1

13:31 (IST)26 FEB 2024

58.6 Tom Hartley to Shubman Gill

pitched up angling on off-stump, Gill works it to long-off and takes another run

13:31 (IST)26 FEB 2024

58.5 Tom Hartley to Dhruv Jurel

fires it on leg-stump, Jurel is late into his flick and gets a leading edge down to mid-off. One run

13:26 (IST)26 FEB 2024

The 50-run partnership is up between Gill and Jurel! Extremely important, and highly impressive! 

13:30 (IST)26 FEB 2024

58.4 Tom Hartley to Shubman Gill

50 partnership is up. Flighted delivery on off, eased down to long-off for a single

13:29 (IST)26 FEB 2024

58.3 Tom Hartley to Shubman Gill

good length delivery angling on middle stump, nudged to short mid-wicket

13:25 (IST)26 FEB 2024

The Barmy Army is quiet right now! That is some effort by the Indian batters, we must tell you! 

13:29 (IST)26 FEB 2024

58.2 Tom Hartley to Shubman Gill

fires it into the pads and the ball doesn't turn. Gill tries to smother but it ricochets the front pad and rolls down to short fine leg

13:28 (IST)26 FEB 2024

58.1 Tom Hartley to Shubman Gill

quicker and flatter angling in, Gill turns it to short mid-wicket

13:24 (IST)26 FEB 2024

Maiden over. Jurel is assured at the crease though. He is not willing to give up one bit. All he is interested in is to hang in there and score these winning runs with his partner. 

13:27 (IST)26 FEB 2024

End of over 58 (0 runs), India 169/5

Dhruv Jurel 31(69)
Shubman Gill 37(114)
Shoaib Bashir 65/3

13:27 (IST)26 FEB 2024

57.6 Shoaib Bashir to Dhruv Jurel

back of a length outside off, Jurel gets on top of the bounce to punch this to the right of the bowler

13:27 (IST)26 FEB 2024

57.5 Shoaib Bashir to Dhruv Jurel

spins back from a good length, Jurel jabs it to backward short leg

13:26 (IST)26 FEB 2024

57.4 Shoaib Bashir to Dhruv Jurel

good length on off-stump, Jurel nudges it to short mid-wicket

13:26 (IST)26 FEB 2024

57.3 Shoaib Bashir to Dhruv Jurel

pitched up outside off, Jurel defends it to the off-side

13:26 (IST)26 FEB 2024

57.2 Shoaib Bashir to Dhruv Jurel

drags the length back and angles it into the pads. Jurel gets hit on the thigh pad

13:25 (IST)26 FEB 2024

57.1 Shoaib Bashir to Dhruv Jurel

leans across with a big lunge but can't get closer to the length delivery. It spins back and thuds the front pad

13:21 (IST)26 FEB 2024

Only one run is scored off this over, but it doesn't matter. The runs are coming along anyhow and these two batters have done the hard yards not to throw it away at this stage. 

13:25 (IST)26 FEB 2024

End of over 57 (1 runs), India 169/5

Shubman Gill 37(114)
Dhruv Jurel 31(63)
Tom Hartley 61/1

13:25 (IST)26 FEB 2024

56.6 Tom Hartley to Shubman Gill

spears it from a good length and it drifts a bit around middle stump. Gill blocks it to mid-off

13:24 (IST)26 FEB 2024

56.5 Tom Hartley to Shubman Gill

angles it on leg-stump from a good length, Gill turns it to short mid-wicket
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