India vs West Indies Live Score, Womens T20 World Cup 2023: IND-W win by 4 wickets, Richa, and Deepti star in the victory

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IND-W vs WI-W Live Score Updates: Richa Ghosh ensured she stayed until the end and took her tea through to the finish line and you bet she did it brilliantly. With a blazing knock of 44 runs including five boundaries, Deepti started things off for India with 3 top scalps. IND-W now have two wins in two games and they are going well in the tournament. Follow Sportskeeda for the live score of the T20 World Cup 2023.


21:47 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Signing off

We hope you enjoyed this live between India and West Indies. We'll be back with another World Cup fixture. Till then, stay tuned to Sportskeeda!

21:46 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Deepti Sharma, Player of the Match

Deepti Sharma, Player of the Match: I feel good. What we discussed in the meeting and the plans I had against the West Indies batters, we were able to apply that in the middle. That is a milestone and I am happy with the achievement (first Indian to 100 T20I wickets). I am focusing on the rest of the World Cup games. There is a bit of turn in this surface and I focus on bowling stump to stump.

21:45 (IST)15 FEB 2023


India now have 4 points with two wins in two games with a positive NRR. They are just behind England in the group. West Indies is at number 4 after this loss and they need to reintrospect.

21:37 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Richa wins it for India

A lift of the leg and a boundary on the leg. Richa Ghosh has won it for India with an electric innings of 44*(32). India now have two wins in two while WI-W lose their second consecutive match in the group.

21:36 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Vaidya comes in

Devika Vaidya is in to bat next at number 6. for India Women.

21:35 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Kaur gets out

The partnership has been broken but it took too long as the damage has already been done. The Indian skipper walks back after well made 33. IND-W is 115-4.

21:29 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Just 4 needed

After 17 overs, IND-W is 114-3. They require 4 runs in the next 18 balls.

21:26 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Single digits required

Played from the backfoot, and thumped for four more runs. This shot was played with sheer strength you gotta say, powerful from Richa. IND-W need just 6 runs now.

21:25 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Richa goes bang

Rich is rushing towards victory as she slaps one over the in ring for her second boundary. She moves on to 35 runs with that.

21:24 (IST)15 FEB 2023

A boundary for Ghosh

Four off the first delivery from Richa Ghosh gets IND-W a seven-run over. IND-W is 105-3 after 16 overs. They're inching towards victory with 14 to get in the final four.

21:18 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Chance goes begging

A risky single taken by Ghosh, and Harmanpreet  had the skipper in trouble but a fumble from the fielder and keeper helps IND-W let their wicket count remain intact. Its 92-3 after 14 overs.

21:16 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Boundary for Kaur

Geta  juicy one on the bat and Kaur won't miss out on this scoring opportunity. She gets a boundary and moves on to 30. 

21:10 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Economical for WI-W

Just 5 came off Selman's over, a good one for the bowling side. IND-W stands at 84-3 after 13 overs. They require 35 runs in 42 balls.

21:04 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Richa goes up and over

Finally she gets it past the boundary line with a pull. Ghosh gets on top of the bounce and thumps the ball for for runs. 

21:01 (IST)15 FEB 2023

11 over completed

Six runs came off Selman's first, IND-W is 70-3. They need 49 runs in 54 balls.

20:58 (IST)15 FEB 2023

No run

A swing and a miss from Richa Ghosh as the free-hit goes in vain for IND-W.

20:57 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Selman Oversteps

Not the ideal start for Selman as she oversteps and now IND-W have a free-hit. 

20:54 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Halfway through

After 10, IND-W is 64-3. They need another 55 runs in the next 60 deliveries. The players will now take a drinks break.

20:50 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Two in two

This time its in the air and well enough for yet another boundary. A productive over for IND-W as they gain 16 runs out of it. Its 60-3 after 9 overs.

20:49 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Crisp from Kaur

Breaking the shackles, the Indian skipper gets one in between the fielders for a handsome boundary, this will do world loads of good to her confidence.

20:48 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Fletcher with the ball

Afy Fletcher, the right-arm leg break bowler has been handed the ball.

20:47 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Update on Taylor

Stefanie Taylor has been taken inside the dressing room in a stretcher to recover as we wait for more news.

20:46 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Run Chase

IND-W need 75 runs in 72 balls at 6.25 RPO.

20:44 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Stefanie Taylor injured

Taylor faced a leg injury while throwing the ball back from short fine. The physio is having a look at her. A stretcher has been brought in which is not a good sign. We hope there's nothing major.

20:42 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Ramharack making lives difficult

Ramharack has been the prime bowler for WI-W in this match and she continues to do so with just a run conceded alongside a wicket in this over. Its 44-3 after 8 overs, IND-W.

20:38 (IST)15 FEB 2023

IND-W in trouble

Looking to up the anti, Shafali has fallen prey of Ramharack's delivery who picks up her second wicket. IND-W is 43-3.

20:33 (IST)15 FEB 2023

6 came from it

The batting powerplay is done and dusted. A boundary off the bat of Shafali earned IND-W six runs off the over. Its 41-2.

20:30 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Another one down

Its Jemimah this time who gets dismissed, a good caught and bowl from the skipper Matthews has earned WI-W their second scalp. India in a spot of bother at 35-2 after 5 overs.

20:25 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Pull back

Just 6 runs came off the last two including a wicket. IND-W is 34-1 after four overs.

20:23 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Mandhana gets dismissed

Tring to move to the pitch of the ball, Mandhana gets down the track a little too much and gets stumped. WI-W pick up their first breakthrough with the help of Ramharack. The score is 32-1.

20:17 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Hayley Matthews to bowl

Hayley brings herself in to bowl. This move may have come in after the bashing the pacers faced. The pitch favors the spinners so the WI-W skipper chose to hold the ball.

20:15 (IST)15 FEB 2023

IND-W in attack mode

The Indian women are surely make the most out of the powerplay with 3 boundaries in the over, two coming off the bat of Mandhana and one from Shafali. IND-W are speeding along at 28-0.

20:14 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Three smacks from Shafali

An extraordinary display of batting from Shafali Verma as she drills three balls for a boundary. IND-W is 14-0 after the first.

20:08 (IST)15 FEB 2023

India open

Indian openers Shafali Verma, and Smriti Mandhana are at the crease to track down 119 runs. It's Shamila Connell to start the proceedings with the ball.

20:03 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Work to do

 WI-W have lost their last 14 T20Is because of their failure to register a par-score with the bat. It has been a similar case today and their bowlers really need to bring in their A-game with the ball. WI-W can't afford another loss here.

20:02 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Splendid bowling

 At the halfway stage, it looked threatning for IND-W as they weren't able to break the partnership. But all thanks to Deepti's 2 wickets in one over, the batting side started to crumble. This has been an excellent effort from India's bowling department. 

19:59 (IST)15 FEB 2023

IND-W need 119 runs to win

 A brilliant finish by Deepti Sharma as she gives only 4 runs and picks a wicket. WI-W end at 118-6 in their 20 overs.  

19:54 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Deepti Sharma gets 100

100 T20I wickets for the Indian spinner Deepti Sharma comes up with tha wicket of Fletcher. A huge milestone for her as she becomes the first-ever Indian to do so. WI-W is 115-6.

19:52 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Gajnabi Departs

Renuka gets a wicket off the last ball of her over, she completes with figures of 1/22 in 4 overs, WI-W is 114-5 with one over remaining.

19:48 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Hard luck for IND-W

A brilliant over from Vastrakar mixed up with yorker, bouncers, and slower balls goes for 7 runs after an edge goes behind the keeper for four. WI-W is 107-4 after 18 overs.

19:42 (IST)15 FEB 2023

100 up

Goes down the track and pierces the ball in between the two boundary women on the leg-side. A second boundary of the over earns WI-W 12 runs. Its 100-4 with 3 overs to go.

19:40 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Losner punished

A freebie on the leg side from Vaidya helps Nation sweep well and fine enough for four valuable runs. WI-W need many more of these as we are left with the final four overs.

19:37 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Nation gets a life

Nation goes for a big slog down the ground and finds Deepti Sharma but the ball gets out of her reach as the dive goes in vain. India haven't been up to the mark in the field today, a point to ponder over for them.

19:36 (IST)15 FEB 2023

After 15 overs

Five overs remain in the first innings with WI-W standing at 82-4.

19:33 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Dramatic turn of events

WI-W have lost 3 wickets in a span of 8 balls as a run-out sends back Chinelle Henry for just 2 runs. The batting side is in trouble with 79-4.

19:30 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Deepti you beauty

Another one falls down as the review pays off successful for IND-W. Its Stefanie Taylor who gets out for a well made 42. Its 78-3 after 14 overs.

19:26 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Second wicket down

Shemaine Campbell gets caught by Madhana and so she has to make the long walk back to pavilion. WI-W is 77-2 now as Deepti gets her first wicket.

19:25 (IST)15 FEB 2023

WI-W on the charge

Nine runs came off the over, a good one for the batting side. The score is 75-2 after 13 overs.

19:20 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Vastrakar in her second spell

Pooja had a brilliant first spell, giving away just 5 runs and taking a wicket in two overs. Will she strike once again for IND-W?

19:19 (IST)15 FEB 2023

Good one for WI-W

A boundary off the first delivery makes it a 7-run over for WI-W. The score is 66-1 after 12 overs.
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