India vs Indonesia | AFC U16 Championship, Live Updates and Commentary

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FT : India 0-0 Indonesia


20:15 (IST)27 SEP 2018

You can check Latest points table here and Results here

20:11 (IST)27 SEP 2018

FULL TIME : India 0-0 Indonesia

Both teams qualify for the Quarter finals! India to face South Korea.
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20:08 (IST)27 SEP 2018

3 Minutes Added on. 

20:07 (IST)27 SEP 2018

88' ESCAPE! India let off as series of shots from close somehow do not end up at the back of the net. 

20:03 (IST)27 SEP 2018

87' Lalrokima comes on for Rana.

20:01 (IST)27 SEP 2018

86' Indonesia have a shot go wide. 

20:01 (IST)27 SEP 2018

85' Both the teams seem to have now settled for a draw with positives moves seldom up the pitch. 

19:54 (IST)27 SEP 2018

79' Indonesia swing in a corner, Neeraj fumbles to catch the ball but India somehow clear their lines. 

19:52 (IST)27 SEP 2018

76' Freekick wide of target. 

19:50 (IST)27 SEP 2018

75' Sailo booked. Indonesia have a freekick in a dangerous position. 

19:46 (IST)27 SEP 2018

71' WHAT A MISS! Sailo finds Ricky in the box who just had to find the net past the defenders with the goalkeepers way off his position, but the latter fires it straight on to the defender as yet another chances goes abegging. 

19:41 (IST)27 SEP 2018

66' Sailo replaces Giveson. 

19:38 (IST)27 SEP 2018

63' Brilliant ball towards Mello over the back four who fails to connect the shot. 

19:37 (IST)27 SEP 2018

61' Ravi down injured after clashing into Andre, an onrushing Indonesian vying for the ball. 

19:36 (IST)27 SEP 2018

59' Ravi goes for goal from a freekick but his attempt is rather feeble as the Indonesian shot-stopper collects the ball with ease.

19:32 (IST)27 SEP 2018

57' The second half has been relatively slow with both teams largely involved in an intense midfield battle. 

19:31 (IST)27 SEP 2018

54' Bikash goes into the book. 

19:23 (IST)27 SEP 2018

48' Shahbas booked for a rough tackle on Bahadur. 

19:19 (IST)27 SEP 2018

Second half kicks off.

19:04 (IST)27 SEP 2018

HALF TIME : India 0-0 Indonesia

It has been Indonesia all the way in the first half with serious of positive moves up the pitch troubling Neeraj in regular intervals. India came out alive in the final minutes of the second half with goalmouth action of their own. India need to avoid defeat by any means possible to qualify for the next round. Stay Tuned to Sportskeeda for the second half. 

19:01 (IST)27 SEP 2018

1 Minute added on.

18:59 (IST)27 SEP 2018

43' MISS! Indonesia come extremely close to open the scoring.

18:57 (IST)27 SEP 2018

41' WIDE! Toiba latches on the incoming aerial ball from the freekick to head it wide of the target. 

18:56 (IST)27 SEP 2018

40' India win a freekick as Vikram Pratap is brought down at the near side in the Indonesian box. 

18:53 (IST)27 SEP 2018

Elsewhere : Iran lead 4-0. India has to avoid defeat. 

18:53 (IST)27 SEP 2018

34' Indonesia has a freekick hit the Indian wall. 

18:52 (IST)27 SEP 2018

Elsewhere : Iran are leading Vietnam 3-0 making it omnipotent for India to see this game through without a defeat.

18:49 (IST)27 SEP 2018

32' MISS! David's shot is inches wide from distance. 

18:48 (IST)27 SEP 2018

30' India are let off with a scare as the defence was caught napping at the back with the ball almost ending up with a Red shirt in the box who just had to tap it home. 

18:44 (IST)27 SEP 2018

26' SAVE! Niraj Kumar makes an acrobatic save to deny the Indonesians. 

18:43 (IST)27 SEP 2018

21' Corner yields nothing for the Blue Colts as Indonesia are back on the ball.

18:42 (IST)27 SEP 2018

20' MISS! Ricky's shot goes wide after a deflection. India earn a corner. 

18:40 (IST)27 SEP 2018

17' Givson Singh gets away from his marker and breaks into counter but his first touch lets him down and Indonesia recover. 

18:30 (IST)27 SEP 2018

14' David shoots from distance but the shot is wide. India living dangerously. 

18:28 (IST)27 SEP 2018

11' Indonesia swing in a corner, Bikash clears it for safety. 

18:28 (IST)27 SEP 2018

8' Indonesia playing possession based football with India waiting to hit on counter. 

18:22 (IST)27 SEP 2018

6' Ridge Mello gets in a cross from the left to find Vikram who heads it over the target. 

18:21 (IST)27 SEP 2018

5' Indonesia pile on early pressure but India bail themselves out from the nervy situation. 

18:19 (IST)27 SEP 2018

2' India resorting to Long balls early on with the stadium brimming with loud chants from the Indonesians.

18:19 (IST)27 SEP 2018


18:16 (IST)27 SEP 2018

18:15 (IST)27 SEP 2018

National Anthems over. Good Crowd at the venue. Scores of Indonesian fans with few Indian fans present.

18:14 (IST)27 SEP 2018

The teams are lining up for the National Anthem.

18:13 (IST)27 SEP 2018

Hello and Welcome to Sportskeeda's LIVE coverage of the India vs Indonesia Group tie in the AFC U16 Championship in Malaysia. A win for India is imminent to qualify for the next stage. Kick-off at 6:15 PM IST
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