India vs New Zealand Highlights, 1st ODI: New Zealand beat India by 7 wickets

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IND vs NZ Highlights, 1st ODI Live: A complete domination from Tom Latham, and New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson saw the Blackcaps win quiet easily by 7 wickets and 17 balls to spare. India was totally outplayed tonight. New Zealand now lead the 3-match ODI series 1-0. Follow Sportskeeda for the IND vs NZ Live Score of 1st ODI


15:11 (IST)25 NOV 2022

That's all from our end for this live coverage of the first ODI between India and New Zealand. We will come again soon with the coverage of the second ODI. Till then, stay tuned to Sportskeeda!

15:09 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Williamson, New Zealand captain: At the halfway stage I thought it was a competitive total. The wicket was starting to turn a bit. And the cross-seamers got a bit out of it. But as we know on this ground if you build partnerships you can chase anything. Incredible knock by Latham. Absolutely on fire. We're talking in the middle about getting through this over and that over. And then he just flicked a switch. Incredible innings. On this ground with the drop-in pitch, if you bowl nice and straight, it can be hard to get the ball away a little bit. It was an over or two where he flicked a switch. We got that big over and he just kept going. One of the more special ODI knocks I've seen. It was a very good wicket. Spin played a big role as we saw. Nice to get a win. When we started seeing it turn like it did, you think a number of things. But I thought the seamers did a very good job. It was nice to make a contribution. With Tommy going the way he was, just tried to complement that. Just super special to be at the other end and see it.

15:05 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Dhawan, India captain: We felt good about the total. First 10-15 overs the ball did a lot. It's a bit different than other grounds. Have to plan accordingly. Today we've bowled short of length and Latham attacked us there. That's where he took the game away from us especially in the 40th over. That's where the momentum shifted. Really enjoy playing here. Would've been happier if we won but that's part and parcel. They're all young boys and lots of learning for them. Bowling side and fielding side as well (what areas need improvement?). We need to implement our plans more wisely and make sure we don't make the batsmen play on their strength.

15:00 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Tom Latham, Player of the Match: It was just one of those days when everything came off well. Built a partnership with Kane and had a bit of fun, just reacted to things and it paid off. It's about being in strong positions and react to what they were bowling. Was able to find the gaps. The preparation has been ideal, it's been nice and was able to hit the ball right today. Sundar was getting some turn, found a bit hard to play against him. It's a small ground and we could capitalize at the end. Don't know where that came from, just one of those days.

14:56 (IST)25 NOV 2022

This is the second time when New Zealand has beaten India while chasing 300+ in ODIs.

14:52 (IST)25 NOV 2022

New Zealand is 1-0 up in the 3-match ODI series now.

14:52 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Tom Latham top scores with 145(104) and he receives the Player of the Match award!

14:51 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Williamson hits the ball away and it goes to the boundary line! New Zealand has won this first ODI in convincing fashion and India needs to think about a lot before the next game comes up.

14:50 (IST)25 NOV 2022

After 47 overs, New Zealand is 305-3.

14:50 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Latham hits the fence again, New Zealand needs 2 to win!

14:48 (IST)25 NOV 2022

New Zealand gets past 300 runs! They are just a hit away from victory.

14:47 (IST)25 NOV 2022

This is a record partnership between Williamson, and Latham for NZ vs IND in ODIs. They beat the previous record of 200 which was made by Ross Taylor, and Tom Latham in 2017.

14:44 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Goes again! Two more boundaries to Latham and he has moved on to 138*. New Zealand needs just 11 to win from 4 overs.

14:44 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Goes again! Two more boundaries to Latham and he has moved on to 138*. N ew Zealand needs just 11 to win from 4 overs.

14:42 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Latham hits the ball for four and with it, the 200-run stand between Latham, and Williamson comes up in just 156 deliveries. They literally stole the match from India with this 4th wicket partnership.

14:41 (IST)25 NOV 2022

45 overs done, New Zealand is 282-3.

14:37 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Oh boy, what an innings this has been from him, he has taken to every Indian bowler today and has made this run-chase look like a piece of cake.

14:37 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Arshdeep Singh is really going through a tough time today, he gets hammered for a six now. Latham doesn't want to waste any time here.

14:36 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Through extra cover now, Latham slashes his bat to gain four more runs. 

14:34 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Four singles came off the 44th over, New Zealand is 269-3. They need 38 from 36 to win.

14:31 (IST)25 NOV 2022

New Zealand is 265-3 with 7 overs left. They need run a ball to win.

14:30 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Williamson too gets into the act, scores a boundary and moves on to 83 runs!

14:28 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Umran comes in with the ball and Latham does what he has been doing today, another maximum off his bat. He wants to end things quickly for New Zealand it seems.

14:27 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Latham has been mind blowing today! He found a boundary on regular occasions and helped New Zealand keep the run-rate intact. Williamson has played the second fiddle to him really well too.

14:25 (IST)25 NOV 2022

5 runs scored in the 42nd over, New Zealand is 252-3 with 55 runs needed from 48 balls.

14:20 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Six runs off the 41st, New Zealand needs 60 runs from 54 balls.

14:15 (IST)25 NOV 2022

After 41, New Zealand is 241-3.

14:15 (IST)25 NOV 2022

A single and there it is, a 100 for Tom Latham in just 76 balls! What a powerful innings from the New Zealand wicket-keeper.

14:14 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Four-consecutive boundaries from Latham's bat. Shardul Thakur is facing a nightmare.

14:13 (IST)25 NOV 2022

A four towards deep backward point, Latham moves on to 99 runs. He is one away from a magnificent century!

14:12 (IST)25 NOV 2022

India is in desperate need of a wicket and it should be Latham right now, otherwise it'll be too late for them.

14:11 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Now goes down the ground and gets four! Latham is marching New Zealand to victory and India is just not able to stop his wrath.

14:10 (IST)25 NOV 2022

A third six for Latham! He is destroying the bowler's momentum by smacking them for a boundary on the first delivery. New Zealand is speeding their run-rate well.

14:08 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Another high run scoring over. New Zealand gain 9 runs of the 39th. It's 216-3.

14:07 (IST)25 NOV 2022

A brilliant yorker from Arshdeep but Latham somehow manages to squeeze it fine for four runs. Good start to the over for New Zealand.

14:02 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Seven runs scored off the 38th, New Zealand is 207-3 with Williamson on 72* and Latham on 69*.

14:00 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Latham crunches the first delivery off Sundar for a four over mid-wicket. He moves on to 68 runs now.

13:59 (IST)25 NOV 2022

New Zealand is inching towards 5.50 RPO and the required run-rate is still over 8. However, India still needs to pick up 7 wickets and it will be difficult if they don't get a wicket here.

13:58 (IST)25 NOV 2022

9 runs scored of the Arshdeep over, New Zealand reaches 200 after 37 overs.

13:57 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Latham goes huge and clears the boundary line easily for a maximum! Arshdeep is back into pressure because of this gigantic hit. Latham is in no mood to stop at the moment.

13:52 (IST)25 NOV 2022

4 came off the over, including a wide. New Zealand is 191-3 after 36 overs. They need 116 runs from 14 overs.

13:52 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Sundar is in to bowl his 9th over of the innings, he hasn't gone for much but needs to pick up a wicket for his side. With overs, New Zealand is getting closer to victory.

13:51 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Boundary for Latham, his 8th of the match. He moves on to 55(55), New Zealand is 187-3 after 35.

13:50 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Latham reaches fifty, a dominating knock from the wicket-keeper batsman here. Can he take New Zealand to victory or will India uproot his wicket?

13:47 (IST)25 NOV 2022

India is in dire need of a wicket here. The partnership between Latham, and Williamson is now 94 runs strong. Can the bowlers give India a breakthrough?

13:45 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Five singles off the Sundar over, New Zealand is 180-3 after 34 overs.

13:41 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Latham is on the charge here, a four and a six off Umran results in a 12-run over for New Zealand. It's 175-3 after 33.

13:33 (IST)25 NOV 2022

7 runs scored off the 32nd over, New Zealand is 163-3 after 32.

13:27 (IST)25 NOV 2022

A four of the last delivery helps New Zealand. Six of the over, it's 156-3 after 31 overs.

13:27 (IST)25 NOV 2022

Shardul Thakur is in to bowl the 31st over. 
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