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Indian Football Live | India v Thailand | King's Cup Score, Result, Commentary Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 08, 2019 15:55 IST

India 1 (Anirudh Thapa) - 0 Thailand


15:55 (IST)8 JUN 2019

That's it from us today. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for our coverage of this game, and all Indian football transfers and news updates. For now, this is a very pleased Aaditya Narayan saying goodbye. I'm off for a celebratory biryani, you should probably go, too. 

15:54 (IST)8 JUN 2019

FULL TIME: India 1-0 Thailand

That's India's second straight win over Thailand. Igor Stimac's first win as India coach. A clean sheet for the defence. Adil Khan superb at the heart of the defence. Rahul Bheke settled down after being pushed back to his natural right-back position. Some serious positives for India out of this tournament. Next, the Intercontinental Cup in Ahmedabad next month. 

15:52 (IST)8 JUN 2019


15:52 (IST)8 JUN 2019

90+4' Thailand throw everything at India, but there's no quality as Thithiphan overhits a pass towards Tristan. 

15:50 (IST)8 JUN 2019

90+2' Theerathon's corner is deep, but Pansa's header is wide. 

15:49 (IST)8 JUN 2019

90+1' How have India survived that? Lovely cross from Theerathon, Amrinder's come out to collect and got nowhere near. Teerasil has got the header, but he's hit it straight at Amrinder. Thailand have a corner!

15:48 (IST)8 JUN 2019

90' 4 minutes of added time at the end of the game. 

15:47 (IST)8 JUN 2019

89' Just wide! Beautiful ball from Theerathon, and that's a free header in the six-yard box for Peeradol, but he's not got any connection on it. And it's gone wide. 

15:46 (IST)8 JUN 2019

87' Adil to the rescue once again! A long ball from the back is headed down towards Supachai by Teerasil, but Adil is in the way, and he's got just enough on that tackle. 

15:45 (IST)8 JUN 2019

87' Adil is booked for time-wasting

15:44 (IST)8 JUN 2019

86' Theerathon's corner, Sahal has inexplicably left that alone and Jhingan has cleared that!

15:43 (IST)8 JUN 2019

85' Thailand have a corner, Theerathon's cross blocked again, this time by Thapa. 

15:41 (IST)8 JUN 2019

83' Long shot from Sumanya again! He's scuffed it again. Amrinder has no problem again. 

15:40 (IST)8 JUN 2019

82' Sumanya's cross. Bheke's block. Thailand have a corner. 

15:39 (IST)8 JUN 2019

81' Sahal goes for goal! That lacks power though, and Sirawak has an easy catch. 

15:38 (IST)8 JUN 2019

80' India have a free-kick in a dangerous position, possibly shooting range, as Amarjit is fouled after a neat piece of footwork. 

15:35 (IST)8 JUN 2019

77' India have a free-kick in a dangerous position after Pansa shoves Manvir in the back. 

15:34 (IST)8 JUN 2019

76' Big chance for India! It was almost a 5-on-2 situation, but that cross from Thapa was in-between Manvir and Jacki, and India had no conviction on the counter-attack. 

15:33 (IST)8 JUN 2019


ON - Sahal Abdul Samad
OFF - Raynier Fernandes

15:33 (IST)8 JUN 2019

75' Supachai receives it from Theerathon and then takes a shot, despite having Supachak on the run. The shot has gone wide. 

15:32 (IST)8 JUN 2019

74' India are going to have to ensure they don't fall deeper and deeper as this game wears on, and the Thais throwing everything at the Blue Tigers. 

15:27 (IST)8 JUN 2019

69' ALMOST 2-0! Theerathon with a weak ball back to the goalkeeper Siwarak, Manvir has closed him down, and as Suphan tried to clear that off the line, he's smashed his knees onto the post. 

15:26 (IST)8 JUN 2019

68' Manvir's hold-up play again takes India up the pitch, and India have a throw as Adisorn has to clear with Jacki lurking. 

15:25 (IST)8 JUN 2019

67' Tristan with a superb low cross looking for Teerasil, but it's just away from the captain, and Amrinder can claim. 

15:24 (IST)8 JUN 2019

66' Sumanya with lovely play! He's shown Subhasish a clean pair of heals before trying to find Supachai in the six-yard box, but Jhingan steps in and clears. 

15:23 (IST)8 JUN 2019

64' Thapa! Lovely ball into space from Raynier, and Thapa has driven forward with it, and as it opened up, got in a shot, but he scuffed it and it's gone wide. Jacki was making a run down the right, but Thapa chose to ignore that. 

15:22 (IST)8 JUN 2019

64' Awful take from Sumanya, who hits it far too deep, and Subhasish can leave it alone at the far-post. India have a goal-kick. 

15:21 (IST)8 JUN 2019

63' Free-kick for Thailand, after Sumanya is fouled by an agricultural mow from Bheke

15:20 (IST)8 JUN 2019

61' Chance for Teerasil! Supachak with a lovely cross from the left towards Teerasil in the far post, and that header is fortunately straight at Amrinder. 

15:18 (IST)8 JUN 2019

60' Deflection! Supachak with an attempted curler after cutting in from the left, but Adil's in the way, and luckily with Amrinder wrong-footed, the ball has gone wide off the post. 

15:16 (IST)8 JUN 2019

58' Theerathon's corner is better and the clearance from Subhasish is weak. Supachai takes a shot and that's blocked by Bheke! Big block 

15:16 (IST)8 JUN 2019

58' Theerathon's corner is cleared away by Adil. Theerathon puts the ball back into the box, and that's cleared behind for a corner by Adil again!

15:15 (IST)8 JUN 2019

57' Amrinder's on the ground after taking a blow to the head from Adil, while that clearance was being made. 

15:14 (IST)8 JUN 2019

56' India make their second change

ON - Jackichand Singh
OFF - Farukh Choudhary

15:14 (IST)8 JUN 2019

55' Oooh, that's close! Low cross from Tristan, and that's cleared by Adil from in front of Amrinder. 

15:11 (IST)8 JUN 2019

53' Thithiphan with a shot from distance, but he's scuffed his left-footed shot and Amrinder has no problem. 

15:10 (IST)8 JUN 2019

52' Lovely tracking back from Farukh. He intercepts the throw-in, and then wins a throw for India with good play under pressure

15:10 (IST)8 JUN 2019

52' Another very threatening delivery from Thapa, with Adil attacking it, but he's fouled his marker. Thailand have a clearing free-kick. 

15:09 (IST)8 JUN 2019

51' India make their first change

ON - Manvir Singh
OFF - Balwant Singh

15:08 (IST)8 JUN 2019

50' Free-kick for India on the left flank. Thapa with some neat footwork, and then draws the foul from Tristan

15:07 (IST)8 JUN 2019

49' Farukh hits the post! He gets the ball around 25 yards from goal, and unleashes a left-footed shot, but with Sirawak beaten, it's come back out off the post. Balwant on the rebound skews his shot horribly. 

15:06 (IST)8 JUN 2019

48' Bheke with a nice interception on the right flank, and looks to find Balwant with an early ball, but it's blocked by Theerathon

15:04 (IST)8 JUN 2019

46' Thithiphan's gone down, after Vinit catches him on the ankle in his follow-through

15:03 (IST)8 JUN 2019

46' PEEEEPPPP!! India get us back underway, through Balwant

15:03 (IST)8 JUN 2019

The players are back on the pitch in Buriram. Can India hold on?

14:51 (IST)8 JUN 2019

HALF-TIME: India 1-0 Thailand

Anirudh Thapa gave India the lead. Adil Khan was everywhere, with one assist and several magnificent defensive contributions. Thailand have had the better of the half since India scored. Join us in a bit for the second half. 

14:48 (IST)8 JUN 2019

45+3' HALF-TIME! India go into the break with the lead, but they have survived by the skin of their teeth

14:47 (IST)8 JUN 2019

45+2' What a huge chance! Farukh Choudhary has fluffed a big big chance to make it 2-0. He was one-on-one with Siwarak, and should have taken the shot, but instead he cut back and tried to pass it to Balwant, but he gets no power on the pass, and the Thai defence can clear. India really really should be 2-0 up. 

14:46 (IST)8 JUN 2019

45+1' ADIL KHAN MAGNIFICENT! Thithiphan finds Tristan in a superb position on the right, and he takes the shot, but it is superbly blocked by Adil, who has been a one-man defence. 

14:45 (IST)8 JUN 2019

45' Three minutes of injury time at the end of the first half. 
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