Indian Football Live | SAFF Women's Championships 2019 - India Women v Nepal Women Live Score, Result, Commentary and Updates

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India 3 (Dalima 26, Dangmei 63, Anju 78) - 1 (Sabitra 33) Nepal, Second half.


16:44 (IST)22 MAR 2019

India are the SAFF champions and it's a disappointment for Nepal at home.
Fifth edition of the tournament and India have dominated throughout.
In this key final, India proved they are the deserving winners by pumping three past Nepal. Dalima with the free-kick, Dangmei Grace with a wonderful finish and Anju Tamang with a poacher's goal.
They run through the field with the Indian flag and have kick-started the celebrations in Biratnagar.
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16:37 (IST)22 MAR 2019

90+5' India wasting away precious seconds. But Nepal are pushing until the very end. They have a corner now.
Anita takes and Aditi collects.

16:33 (IST)22 MAR 2019

Five minutes added.

16:33 (IST)22 MAR 2019

90' Substitution - India
Sweety finishes her duty and is replaced by Ranjana Chanu.

16:32 (IST)22 MAR 2019

89' Aditi gets involved in the action again, this time picking a long-range effort. And soon after, Sabitra fouls Sweety Devi, who needs treatment and has to be taken off the game.

16:29 (IST)22 MAR 2019

87' Yellow to Aditi Chauhan for taking her own sweet time to play the goal kick. India won't mind.

16:28 (IST)22 MAR 2019

85' India have dropped deep to defend their two-goal cushion and Nepal have a corner.
Decent header by Nepal's Sabitra off the take by Anita but the ball goes out of play.

16:26 (IST)22 MAR 2019

82' SAVE! Aditi stands tall for India.
Sabitra Bhandari of Nepal pushes her way through and finds herself in front of the goal. She tries to pick the bottom-right corner with a left-footed shot but Aditi Chauhan flaps it first and then collects to keep the score intact.

16:21 (IST)22 MAR 2019

78' Goal - Anju Tamang
And that more or less seals it for India
Anju Tamang breaks free from her marker at the right time and Indumathi spots it. She heads it forward and the substitute latches onto the pass and finds the bottom-left corner to make it 3-1.

16:20 (IST)22 MAR 2019

77' Aditi Chauhan fumbles with the ball after a dangerous cross and almost gives India a scare. Thankfully, she recovers before the Nepali striker can pounce on it.

16:16 (IST)22 MAR 2019

74' Substitution - Nepal
OFF - Niru Thapa
ON - Rekha Poundel

16:14 (IST)22 MAR 2019

72' Substitution - Nepal
OFF - Dipa Rai
ON - Saru Limbu

16:10 (IST)22 MAR 2019

Anju Tamang's dispossessed in the box and the ball seems to have gone out of play. But Ratanbala anyway whips it towards goal, which only hits the side-netting.

16:08 (IST)22 MAR 2019

64' And that will be the last contribution from Sandhiya.
Substitution - India
OFF - Sandhiya Ranganathan
ON - Anju Tamang

16:05 (IST)22 MAR 2019

India are back in the lead and what a move!

Sandhiya provides a nice through-ball for Dangmei, who has only the goalkeeper in front of her.
With a dummy, she tricks the goalkeeper to commit but she also has to find a way past the retreating marker.
No worry for Dangmei, she chips it and slots it into the net, wheeling away in celebration.

16:03 (IST)22 MAR 2019

60' MISS!
Perhaps, a great chance to take the lead. Ratanbala plays it through to Sanju, who looks to pass to Sandhiya instead of taking a poke at the goal. Nepal's Punam intercepts.

16:01 (IST)22 MAR 2019

58' Injury concern for India as Jabamani Tudu is down on the ground and needs treatment. Early substitution coming?

15:56 (IST)22 MAR 2019

53' Nepali defender Punam concedes a free-kick just outside the box, after bringing down Sandhiya.
It's set up sweetly for Dalima Chhibber but the right-back's attempt is too high.

15:53 (IST)22 MAR 2019

49' Ratanbala Devi gets close, physically working her way through by deflecting it off the Nepali defenders. Just in front of the goal, Nepal's Anjila charges out and picks it up.

15:51 (IST)22 MAR 2019

Sanju makes a complete mess of it. Brilliant lift over the defence by Dalima Chhibber for India but Sanju's shot off the half-volley goes to the moon.

15:49 (IST)22 MAR 2019

46' Sabitra gets the second half underway for Nepal but it will India who will be looking to better the hosts before the end of regulation time.

15:33 (IST)22 MAR 2019

45+2' THAT'S HALF-TIME. Stunning goal from Dalima, awful defending to concede the equaliser. India will be kicking themselves. 

Nepal have been the better side, though, and the scoreline maybe does flatter India, even if they will be annoyed for conceding the way they did. 

15:31 (IST)22 MAR 2019

45' Superb from Aditi Chauhan!
Sabitra Bhandari is played through on goal, and she's one-on-one with Aditi, but her shot is saved, and then Aditi gets up and stops the rebound as well. Stunning!

15:28 (IST)22 MAR 2019

42' The corner's cleared. In the second phase of play, Dalima looks to play Grace in, but she's offside, and Nepal have a pressure-relieving free-kick

15:27 (IST)22 MAR 2019

42' India have a corner now, as Dalima accelerates down the right wing, and plays her cross behind, off the Nepali defender

15:26 (IST)22 MAR 2019

Sanju gets the ball to the by-line on the left flank, and pulls it back to Dangmei Grace on the edge of the six-yard box. But the winger has scuffed her shot, and it has rolled through to the Nepali 'keeper. 

15:25 (IST)22 MAR 2019

40' THat's a blatant foul on the edge of the box, on Sandhiya is brought down by a Nepali defender, who was already on the floor. The referee's just ignored it. Remarkable!

15:24 (IST)22 MAR 2019

That equaliser has woken the crowd up again, and India are back up against it. The Blue Tigresses need a hold of the ball for a while, here. 

15:19 (IST)22 MAR 2019

Nepal roar back in style.
It's a dangerous ball over the Indian defence and all Sabitra Bhandari has to do, after missing the initial header, is push the Indian defenders behind her and tower over them to see the ball past Aditi Chauhan.

15:17 (IST)22 MAR 2019

32' SAVE!
Ratanbala Devi directs a volley powerfully toward goal from the edge of the box. This time, Anjila collects.

15:15 (IST)22 MAR 2019

30' How important is that early advantage for India? The Blue Tigresses push on for a second, hoping to smother Nepal with a flurry of chances.

15:13 (IST)22 MAR 2019

in a favourable position for India and Dalima Chhibber powers it in from the set-piece.
From 30 yards out, Dalima lifts it over the Nepali defence to drop it at the far post. Nepali's GK Anjila reacts too late. She leaps and tries to tip it over but the shot has too much power in it.

15:08 (IST)22 MAR 2019

23' Sabitra tries her luck again, this time for the edge of the box. But the shot hardly catches strength and is a straightforward save for goalkeeper Adiit Chauhan.

15:05 (IST)22 MAR 2019

India thought they had nullified the threat but even after the tackle on Niru Thapa, Sabitra Bhandari gains the possession and has a chance to open the scoring. But she moves to her right for space and ends up shooting above and beyond.

15:02 (IST)22 MAR 2019

There's trouble at the Nepali box because of a dangerous lob over their defence. Sandhiya rushes towards it but Anjila, the Nepali goalkeeper, comes to the edge of the box and punches it out.
Seconds later, Sanju has a poke at the goal from the left edge of the box but it's easily saved.

14:58 (IST)22 MAR 2019

Great work by Dalima Chhibber and Dangmei Grace on the right flank.
The Indian full-back sets Grace up for a chase and just when you think it's all lost, Grace flaps it to the centre. Sandhiya charges across to meet it but the Indian striker get a shot in.

14:56 (IST)22 MAR 2019

11' Goal? Miss? No, offside.
Nepal's Manmaya steals possession in the midfield and plays it through to Sabitra Bhandari, who is all by herself in the Indian box. She shoots and misses but even if she had scored, it wouldn't have counted.

14:54 (IST)22 MAR 2019

7' Panic at the box. Anita Basnet's corner is dangerous but India survive, thanks to Ashalata Devi's timely clearance. The counter-attack is broken by Nepali defender Hira Kumari.

14:51 (IST)22 MAR 2019

6' Cross goes wayward.
Sanju is on the left and there are a couple of Indian bodies at the centre. But her delivery is poor and the chance is waste.

14:49 (IST)22 MAR 2019

4' First corner for Nepal and Anita Basnet's take is headed away by the Indian defence.
Seconds later, Sabitra Bhandari finds herself with just the goalkeeper to beat but she was played offside by Jabamani Tudu.

14:47 (IST)22 MAR 2019

2' SHOT! Nepal with the early momentum and they have successfully pushed India into defending deep.
Nepali defender Gita Rana tries her luck from distance but it's off target.

14:45 (IST)22 MAR 2019

India, dressed in their orange alternate jersey, to play from the left of the screen to right. Sandhiya gets us underway!

14:39 (IST)22 MAR 2019

The chief guest has met with all the players and it's time for the national anthems of both teams.
Jana Gana Mana.....

14:33 (IST)22 MAR 2019

Woman to watch out for: Last time around, India were pegged back because of two early goals by Sabitra Bhandari. Aditi Chauhan made some schoolboy errors to hand Nepal the advantage during their Hero Gold Cup match.
Things could be different on this hot afternoon in Nepal.

14:31 (IST)22 MAR 2019

The winners of the SAFF Women's Cup will walk away with a cheque of Rs 2,00,000. The runners-up get half of that.

14:24 (IST)22 MAR 2019

Just about 20 minutes to kick-off on the first of the two blockbuster Friday matches. The players are warming up and the excitement is building in Biratnagar, Nepal for the big India v Nepal Women's SAFF Championship match.

14:16 (IST)22 MAR 2019

India go with an unchanged XI into the final against Nepal. Expect appearances off the bench from Anju Tamang and Manisha for sure.

14:07 (IST)22 MAR 2019

India Bench: Lako Phuti Bhutia, Manisha, Anju Tamang, Ranjana Chanu, Roja Devi, Sumithra Kamaraj, Michel Castanha, Lingthoingambi Devi Maibam (GK), Sowmiya Narayanasamy

Nepal Bench: Kabita Dhimal Amrita Jaishi, Rekha, Anjana Rana, Sharmila Thapa, Usha Nath (GK), Puja Rana, Anita KC, Saru Limbu

14:01 (IST)22 MAR 2019

Here's how the teams line-up:

India Women Starting Line-up: Aditi Chauhan (GK), Sweety Devi, Jabamani Tudu, Ashalata Devi, Sangita Basfore, Ratanbala Devi, Sanju, Dangmei Grace, Indumathi K, Dalima Chhibber, Sandhiya Ranganathan

Nepal Women Starting Line-up: Anjila Tumbapo Subba, Punam Jargha Magar, Hira Kumari Bhujjel, Renuka Nagarkote, Sabitra Bhandari, Anita Basnet, Gita Rana, Niru Thapa, Manmaya Limbu, Manjali Kumari Yonjan, Dipa Rai

13:45 (IST)22 MAR 2019

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's Live Coverage of the India v Nepal Women's game in the SAFF Women's Championships final.
This is Aravind Suchindran and I'll take you through this time over the next few hours.
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