Indonesia Open 2019 Live Score: PV Sindhu vs Akane Yamaguchi Live Scores, Commentary and Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 21, 2019 14:53 IST

Yamaguchi def Sindhu 21-15, 21-16 to win the title!


14:53 (IST)21 JUL 2019

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14:51 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Sindhu began well but looked physically and mentally exhausted as the match progressed. Akane remained sharp till the end of the match.


As for Sindhu, this was her first final after 7 months! It's a much welcome return to form for her. Hopefully she will be able to build on this and keep performing well in the upcoming tournaments!

14:47 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Akane hits at Sindhu's body and Sindhu can't return it back!

The title is Yamaguchi's!

21-15, 21-16 to the Japanese!

14:46 (IST)21 JUL 2019


4 match points for Akane!

14:45 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Again Akane attacks Sindhu from the front court and Sindhu has no answer.

19-15 to Akane

14:43 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Akane hurt her knee and is being treated

14:42 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Sindhu grabbed one point but again overdid a crosscourt shot that went wide.

Akane 18-14

14:41 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Akane keeps bringing the body attack and Sindhu simply fails to read the shot.

The plan has worked so far for the Japanese!

It's 17-13 to Akane

14:39 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Sindhu one vital point back but Akane won the longest rally of the match to inch further ahead at 16-11

14:36 (IST)21 JUL 2019

It's 15-10 to Yamaguchi.

Can Sindhu find some variation and keep her errors at bay?

14:33 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Difference between them is still of three points.

Akane 12-9

14:31 (IST)21 JUL 2019

A quick reflex from Sindhu sends the shuttle wide!

Akane up 11-8 at the time of the interval.

14:30 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Much better approach from Sindhu!

Finishing at the net was beautiful!


14:30 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Finally the Indian gets one point as Akane's shot gets blocked by the net.

Sindhu 7-10

14:28 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Sindhu fails to retrieve a net shot.

It's 9-6 to Akane

14:27 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Sindhu is trying hard to keep herself rooted in the front court. Running short of ideas right now.

8-5 to the Japanese

14:26 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Yamaguchi is still ahead at 6-5

14:24 (IST)21 JUL 2019

It's 4-4 now

14:24 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Sindhu smashed down an Akane tight spinning net shot!

She is trailing 3-4

14:22 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Akane's relentlessly targeting the Sindhu backhand.

And that is reaping rich dividends!

Akane up 4-1

14:21 (IST)21 JUL 2019

It's 1-1 in the second game!

14:19 (IST)21 JUL 2019

That was quite a comeback from Yamaguchi!

14:18 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Fantastic smash on return of serve from Akane!

Yamaguchi takes the first game 21-15

14:17 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Under pressure, Sindhu making mistakes a lot.

Just lifting the shuttle and sending it long!


14:16 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Yamaguchi is coming forward a lot and attacking fabulously!

Taking the time away from the shuttle!

Sindhu has gone quiet and is trailing 14-18

14:15 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Superb injection of aggression from the Japanese to put Sindhu under pressure.

It's 15-14 for Akane

14:13 (IST)21 JUL 2019

It's getting closer once more.

Sindhu is up 14-13

14:11 (IST)21 JUL 2019

It's now Akane's turn to falter at the net.

Sindhu 13-11

14:11 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Sindhu struggled on the long backhand corner and the gap between them is now of one point.

Sindhu 12-11

14:08 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Good retrieval skills from both but the Japanese once again pushes it wide!

Sindhu 11-8 at the time of the interval.

14:07 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Yamaguchi overpresses a smash and sends it wide!

Sindhu 10-8

14:06 (IST)21 JUL 2019

They continue to be on level terms!


It's an absorbing match so far!

14:04 (IST)21 JUL 2019

And we are back to level!


14:04 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Reckless smashing from Akane!

Sindhu 7-6

14:03 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Akane stopped the momentum to make it 5-5 but squandered one point by pushing it wide.

Sindhu 6-5

14:01 (IST)21 JUL 2019

5 consecutive points to Sindhu


14:00 (IST)21 JUL 2019

And Sindhu takes the lead for the first time!


14:00 (IST)21 JUL 2019

What a point from Sindhu!

Great control to make the shuttle drop riggt inside the sideline!


13:59 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Sindhu is finally smashing hard!


13:58 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Sindhu is finally on the board!

Sindhu 1-3

13:58 (IST)21 JUL 2019

3-0 to Akane now

13:57 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Yamaguchi is targeting the corners very well and Sindhu is left flummoxed!

2--0 to Akane!

13:56 (IST)21 JUL 2019

It's already a long rally for the first point and it goes to Akane!

13:56 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Here we go!

13:55 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Can Sindhu join Saina as the champion of Indonesia Open? Let's find out!

13:55 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Sindhu had never been to the Indonesia Open final before.

13:54 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Can Sindhu win her first title of the year?

13:54 (IST)21 JUL 2019

Good afternoon!

The players have arrived on the court and are warming up.
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