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  • IPL 2018 Auction - Rajasthan Royals in action; RR make stunning swoop for Jaydev Unadkat

IPL 2018 Auction - Rajasthan Royals in action; RR make stunning swoop for Jaydev Unadkat

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 28, 2018 17:01 IST

Follow the live updates of the players signed by Rajasthan.


17:01 (IST)28 JAN 2018

That's that then. Thanks for joining us!

16:21 (IST)28 JAN 2018

A look at the Rajasthan Royals roster

16:10 (IST)28 JAN 2018

So Chameera was the Royals' final buy as the auction comes to and end

16:05 (IST)28 JAN 2018

It's Dushmanta Chameera and RR are the only bidders at 50 lakhs

16:00 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Chris Gayle is first up. Surely he will find a bidder now. And he does. To the Kings XI Punjab for 2 crores

15:58 (IST)28 JAN 2018

We are back for the final session. 15 players remain.

15:39 (IST)28 JAN 2018

That ends the session. RR still have 2 crores left and can nominate one name from the list of unsold players who they would like

15:34 (IST)28 JAN 2018

RR are also in for Aryaman Vikram Birla. They start off the bidding war at 20 lakhs. Punjab dip their toe in the water but RR emerge victorious again at 30 lakhs

Vikram Birla to RR for 30 lakhs

15:33 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Jatin Saxena is Jalaj Saxena's elder brother. Interestingly enough

15:33 (IST)28 JAN 2018

A whole host of unsold players and then RR wake up again. Jatin Saxena for 20 lakhs

15:27 (IST)28 JAN 2018

RR have 20 players in their roster now and can buy a maximum of five more players. They have a remaining purse of 2.65 crores

15:25 (IST)28 JAN 2018

They are the only bidders and get him for 20 lakhs. Decent buy

15:25 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Just as I say it, they raise their paddle for Mahipal Lomror

15:24 (IST)28 JAN 2018

It's gone quiet in the RR camp again.

15:11 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Ben Laughlin at 50 lakhs and Rajasthan make the only bid. SOLD.

Laughlin to RR for 50 lakhs

15:04 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Corey Anderson and Dale Steyn remain UNSOLD

15:04 (IST)28 JAN 2018

That signing means RR have met their minimum squad requirement of 18 players.

15:00 (IST)28 JAN 2018

14:58 (IST)28 JAN 2018

This time, they are the only ones and snap him up for 20 lakhs.
Chopra to RR for 20 lakhs

14:58 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Prashant Chopra up next, another keeper, and yet again RR in the mix

14:54 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Parthiv Patel to RCB for 1.7 crores

14:54 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Parthiv Patel now and Rajasthan target him as well. They are after a keeper. Bid stands at 170 lakhs and RCB snatch him away from under the Royals' nose

14:52 (IST)28 JAN 2018

And SOOOOLD. To Delhi Daredevils for 1.4 crores

14:52 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Rajasthan start the bidding at 75 lakhs. Delhi too decide to enter the fun. 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130 and 140 it is with Delhi

14:51 (IST)28 JAN 2018

But here they are, targetting Naman Ojha

14:51 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Rajasthan Royals don't really have the funds to target the big names.

14:48 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Gayle remains UNSOLD

14:47 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Chris Gayle first up. What a way to start. At 2 crore

14:47 (IST)28 JAN 2018

And we are back. 64 unsold players up for grabs now. Tighten your seat belts

13:45 (IST)28 JAN 2018

13:40 (IST)28 JAN 2018

We are done with all the names and after a 50-minute lunch break, the teams will submit a list of unsold players who they are interested in and they will be made available in the auction again.

13:39 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Utkarsh Singh is the last name before the lunch break, and he goes UNSOLD

13:38 (IST)28 JAN 2018

So, another leggie in the Rajasthan ranks. Exciting times

13:38 (IST)28 JAN 2018

The Royals have woken up again. MS Midhun for 20 lakhs. Rajasthan the only bidders and they get him.
Midhun to Royals for 20 lakhs

13:37 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Fabid Ahmed, Akhil Herwadkar, Monu Singh, all remain unsold and we are running through the names now

13:36 (IST)28 JAN 2018

The Royals have gone quiet again. Players come and go but the paddle remains firmly on the table

13:23 (IST)28 JAN 2018

13:15 (IST)28 JAN 2018

What a great moment for him and for cricket in Nepal

13:14 (IST)28 JAN 2018

And it's the first Nepal player in the auction next. Sandeep Lamichhane, and he heads to Delhi for 20 lakhs.

13:11 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Ben Dwarshuis to KXIP for INR 1.4 crore.

13:10 (IST)28 JAN 2018

it's the Royals who do at 140 lakhs and Kings XI Punjab get the Australian. Not a great deal according to me but what do I know?

13:08 (IST)28 JAN 2018

They look confident with their 60 lakhs bid but KXIP raise the stakes. Who will blink first?

13:07 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Up next Ben Dwarshuis. Without the mustache may I add. And Rajasthan Royals are in big time

13:01 (IST)28 JAN 2018

12:58 (IST)28 JAN 2018

After waiting on the wings for so long, the Royals are active again in ana attempt to fill their squad

12:58 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Next up Shreyas Gopal. RR with the only bid at 20 lakhs and they have him. Shreyas Gopal to the Royals for 20 lakhs

12:57 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Rajasthan back out at 50 lakhs though and Mumbai get their man

12:56 (IST)28 JAN 2018

It's for Tajinder Dhillon. They start the bidding at 20 lakhs but Mumbai make their entry as well. 

12:56 (IST)28 JAN 2018

Finally Rajasthan wake up from their slumber

12:48 (IST)28 JAN 2018

It's up to 7.2 crores already. Completely out of nowhere. And SOLD to Kings XI Punjab.
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