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  • IPL Auction 2019: Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Auction Live Updates, Players list, price details & more

IPL Auction 2019: Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Auction Live Updates, Players list, price details & more

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 18, 2018 21:21 IST

Welcome to the live coverage of the 2019 IPL auction


21:21 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Thanks for joining in guys.  Will it be Whistlepodu again during IPL 2019? Let's see - Happy advance Christmas wishes to you all and have a great year ahead!

21:16 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Here are the two players whom CSK picked at the auction: Mohit Sharma and Ruturaj Gaekwad 

21:15 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Is that for not picking Yuvraj Singh??

21:15 (IST)18 DEC 2018

21:10 (IST)18 DEC 2018

That's it from the IPL Auction 2019 - CSK certainly had their share of moments and helped quite a few rookies become crorepatis

21:08 (IST)18 DEC 2018

CSK management were the most relaxed amongst of the lot...    

21:04 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Even though CSK weren't that active at the auction table, they set the twitter on fire with their cheeky tweets -  

21:03 (IST)18 DEC 2018

That's how CSK reacted when MI bagged Yuvraj!

21:03 (IST)18 DEC 2018

21:01 (IST)18 DEC 2018

It seems CSK think tank are packing the bags - Hahaha! That's one of the most interesting auctions for CSK - Not much to do but still had their moments in the auction...

21:00 (IST)18 DEC 2018

That's it - CSK can't bid anymore

21:00 (IST)18 DEC 2018

CSK pick Ruturaj Gaekwad - Maharashtra opening batsman for 20L - His List A average 50 - SR 95 - T20 Ave: 26 - SR 140

20:59 (IST)18 DEC 2018

CSK can pick one more player - Indian, of course

20:59 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Probably the last round of the day! M Ashwin to Kings XI

20:34 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Jason Holder - The tall allrounder - Gnyabagam varudhey moment for CSK

20:32 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Sai Kishore - TN spinner - Will CSK back him?

20:31 (IST)18 DEC 2018

CSK game - All out attack from CSK - RCB get Akshdeep but at a way higher price! 

20:30 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Akshdeep Nath - hits jackpot thanks to CSK!

20:29 (IST)18 DEC 2018

190L with CSK - 240L with RCB

20:28 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Akshdeep Nath - That's a big twist - Is that 'Annamalai' strategy or real CSK game? RCB in too 

20:27 (IST)18 DEC 2018

No MSD-Yuvi in CSK - What's that YOU-WE tweet all about then?

20:26 (IST)18 DEC 2018

There comes the twist - Mumbai Indians bid for Yuvraj and Yuvi for MI

20:25 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Yuvraj Singh back

20:24 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Unsold players are back!

20:18 (IST)18 DEC 2018

CSK.. Where is the bid? 

20:09 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Who's next in CSK's list? I mean - for their Annamalai strategy :P

19:58 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Stating it precisely!

19:57 (IST)18 DEC 2018

19:50 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Manpreet Grewal - Remember the name? MS Gony! Yes the Punjab pacer who took five wickets against Tamil Nadu a few days back...

19:49 (IST)18 DEC 2018

CSK twitter account - the most active one - too has been quiet for the past one hour 

19:47 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Who are the players in the wish list of CSK?

19:34 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Welcome back after the break...

18:50 (IST)18 DEC 2018

18:38 (IST)18 DEC 2018

CSK are making crorepatis out of this auction - Guess they are bored of sitting quiet - so when they enter , they enter with a bang - The auction ends at 3.4 crore 

18:37 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Quite a few players need to thank CSK!  

18:36 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Surely, that's a CSK tactic - CSK in vera level mode! Barinder Sran sold to MI for 3.4 Cr -  

18:35 (IST)18 DEC 2018

CSK vs MI - On field and off field - Fierce rivals

18:35 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Or is it another "Annamalai" moment from CSK 

18:34 (IST)18 DEC 2018

CSK enter bid for Barinder Sran - Left-arm pacers certainly in their radar

18:33 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Even I'm having a bit of mixture - while updating CSK's day at the auction ! 

18:15 (IST)18 DEC 2018

CSK are quiet even on twitter - That's strange 

18:14 (IST)18 DEC 2018

That's a quiet CSK auction table...

17:57 (IST)18 DEC 2018

"People called me zero" - The CV Varun story here for you guys

17:51 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Another gem from CSK handle - Whoever handles this account must be a fan of the legend 'Goundamani' 

17:50 (IST)18 DEC 2018

17:47 (IST)18 DEC 2018

That 'Annamalai' moment from CSK - Varun the beneficiary 

17:46 (IST)18 DEC 2018

17:40 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Kings XI going strong...

17:39 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Chennai lad Dinesh Karthik bids for another TN cricketer - Varun -- KKR in...
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