Kabaddi Masters Dubai 2018: Group A, India vs Pakistan, Live Match Updates

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India 36 - 20 Pakistan (Full Time)


21:19 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Following this convincing win, India will look to test some of the bench strength against first-timers Kenya on Saturday while Pakistan will need to re-think their strategies before they take Kenya on Sunday. 

That's all from the opening game between India and Pakistan, switch tabs to follow the exciting clash between Iran and Korea! 

It's been an absolute pleasure bringing you all the updates from this riveting clash, this is Prasen Moudgal signing off! Ciao!

21:15 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Ajay Thakur started off his campaign in fine fashion, picking up points in his first three raids as he went on to finish with 10 points from the game including two fine tackle points while Rohit Kumar came in late in the half to create more problems for the Pakistan team. 

Credit where it is due, Pakistan did well to keep the likes of Rahul Chaudhari and Pardeep Narwal quiet but the spotlight fell on the all-round performance as the duo of Surjeet Singh and Surender Nada kept the Pakistan raiders at bay, dictating terms to lead India to an easy victory in the end. 

21:12 (IST)22 JUN 2018

India win 36-20! 

The perfect way to start the tournament for the Indian team!

21:11 (IST)22 JUN 2018

India strike to get another point on the buzzer raid! A dominating performance from the Men in Blue as they decimate Pakistan in the opening game!

21:10 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Rohit Kumar in for the do or die raid! Picks another point with a fine running hand touch on the right corner. 

21:09 (IST)22 JUN 2018

India leads 34-20 with just less than a minute to go. 

21:08 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Rohit Kumar now having a quiet walk along the half-line. 

21:08 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Mudassar Ali picks a point on the Do or Die! Surjeet Singh tries to get across but Mudassar does well to pick a point. 

21:07 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Do or die raid for Rahul Chaudhari! Agonisingly misses out on the point as Pakistan collect yet another super tackle!

21:05 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Back to back empty raids as the clock runs down. 

21:04 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Back live now. 

Pakistan down to three men on the mat. 

21:03 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Time-out in place. 

India lead 34-17 with five minutes to go in the match. 

21:03 (IST)22 JUN 2018

India strike back with a defence point! Yet again, Ajay Thakur comes in with a strong ankle hold and the raider had nowhere to go. 

21:02 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Do or die now for Rohit Kumar! Falls to the strong Pakistan defence! 

First super tackle for Pakistan as they throw Rohit off the court. 

21:00 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Muhammad Nisar fails on the do or die raid! Ajay Thakur this time contributes with a strong ankle hold!

20:59 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Do or die for skipper Thakur! Pressure, no problems! 

Makes it look so easy, runs towards the left cover, lures a tackle and then twists into the Indian half. 

20:57 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Back live now. Pakistan will need to pull their socks up to get a grip back on this encounter. 

20:55 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Time-out in place.

India lead 31-15 with less than 10 minutes to play. 

20:55 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Do or die raid for Pakistan, smart work from the raider! Loses out on time, steps into the lobbies and Sandeep Narwal is on the move as he gets a touch on the raider. One point each. 

20:53 (IST)22 JUN 2018

First raid of the match for Deepak Niwas Hooda. Goes back with an empty raid. 

20:52 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Rahul Chaudhari succumbs on the do or die raid! Yet again, the Pakistan defense stands tall. 

20:51 (IST)22 JUN 2018

One for the left corner now! Nada goes in with the ankle hold and the rest of the defense cleans up. 

20:50 (IST)22 JUN 2018

And now Sandeep Narwal strikes! Comes in running from the right corner and stops the raider in his tracks. 

20:49 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Do or die raid for Ajay! He strikes! 

Power on display from the skipper as he carries the defender past the half-line with immense body power. 

20:49 (IST)22 JUN 2018

India now down to three men. Ibrar Hussain is the raider. Nothing from that raid. 

20:47 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Substitution for India. Sandeep Narwal comes in for Rohit Kumar. 

20:46 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Review called in by Pakistan for a possible super raid here. Mudassar does well to escape from Nada, gets a touch on Mohit Chhillar but the question remains if he got a touch on Surjeet Singh. Yes, he does!

SUPER RAID for Mudassar, the first of this match as well! 

20:45 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Rahul Chaudhari has been pinned down! Nasir Ali brings his experience into play as he brings Rahul down with an ankle hold. 

20:44 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Desperate times, desperate measures. The left corner comes in the pull Rohit into their own court as he walks away without a point, a poor back hold and Rohit just slides in his own court to pick a point. 

20:43 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Surjeet's pro-active defending pays off! Comes in with a strong block to throw the raider off the court. 

20:42 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Second all-out inflicted immediately! Good effort from the defender with a reverse hold but Ajay gets away easily. 

20:41 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Live now for the second half! Ajay Thakur to start proceedings.

20:38 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Second half coming up! Can we see Manjeet Chhillar, Monu Goyat making their way to the mat? Only time will tell!

20:38 (IST)22 JUN 2018

With a massive 12-point deficit, Pakistan will need to re-strategise their plan and regain lost ground. The defence unit has looked good as expected with the bulk of points and the raiders will need to up their game to pose a challenge to the strong Indian defence. 

20:36 (IST)22 JUN 2018

India leads 22-9 at the end of the first half!

The Ajay Thakur-led side has managed to dominate their neighbours in the first half with the skipper himself leading from the front with fve raid points. Pardeep Narwal has been a pale shadow of his own but the strength in the team has camouflaged his inability to pick points. 

Rahul Chaudhari has managed to find his feet in the final few minutes of the first half while the defence, led by Surjeet Singh has also been on the top of its game. 

20:34 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Ajay Thakur uses all his height to get away from the defender and pick another point to end the first half on a high!

20:33 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Rohit gets yet another point as Pakistan are now down to one man. 

20:33 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Surjeet Singh yet again comes in with a strong back hold to bring down the raider, who almost got through the chain of defenders to picks a point but has to jog away to the benches. 

20:32 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Oh, no! Another error from the Pakistan men as Wasim Sajjad now steps out of the court to award another easy point. 

20:31 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Ibrar Hussain succumbs to the might of Surender Nada as the rest of the Indian defense envelopes around him!

20:31 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Rohit Kumar continues his good run, gets a vital touch on Nasir Ali!

20:30 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Mohit Chhillar is finally amidst the action as he puts in a strong thigh hold to bring down the raider! 

20:29 (IST)22 JUN 2018

First all-out inflicted on Pakistan! Surrender raid from the Pakistan raider as India now enjoys a comfortable 6-point lead. 

20:28 (IST)22 JUN 2018

India lead 10-8 with less than five minutes to go. 

20:28 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Rohit Kumar strikes on his first raid! Gets an easy touch point on the right corner. Pakistan now down to one man. 

20:27 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Schoolboy error from the Pakistan defender as he steps off the court to award an easy point to India!

20:26 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Substitution for India! Rohit Kumar comes in. 

20:26 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Back live now!

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