KPL 2018, Mysuru Warriors Vs Hubli Tigers: Live Score, Updates and Commentary cricket

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Live commentary and updates from the match between Mysuru Warriors and Hubli Tigers


18:15 (IST)26 AUG 2018

So well, that's about it from today's first KPL game, do join us for the second game that begins soon - it is the Bijapur Bulls facing the Ballari Tuskers.
See ya there!

18:14 (IST)26 AUG 2018

There is no change in standings for either side - Hubli stays second with three wins from three games and behind Bengaluru on net run-rate, while Mysuru stays fourth, with one win from two games.

18:12 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Vinay Kumar, the Hubli Tigers' captain:
We were missing Abhishek Sakuhja who is our main death bowler, so I had to take the responsibility. Happy with way the boys stepped up. Mysuru played really well. We can take a lot of positives, especially how the youngsters performed. But at the same time we can also work on our fielding - had we taken our chances, we could have won more easily."

Jagadeesha Suchith, the Mysuru Warriors captain:
"I think we had a good game. Unfortunately we ended up on the losing side. It is still early days in the tournament. A lot of credit goes to Manager, backed himself and played some amazing shots."

18:09 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Mohammed Taha, Hubli Tigers (Man of the Match): It was a good game. I like playing such games. I just look to play my shots.

18:08 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Brief Scores:

Hubli Tigers 182/6 in 20 overs (Taha 68, Sujit 31, Vinay 30*, Vyshak 3/45, Bhareth 2/33) beat Mysuru Warriors 179/9 in 20 overs (Shoaib 58, Arjun 31, Amit 24, Suraj 3/24, Mahesh 2/35) by 3 runs.

18:08 (IST)26 AUG 2018

It was all free-flow for Warriors when Hoysala, Amit and Raju were there at the crease, as they scored but at 91 in the first ten overs.

But then some quick wickets started hampering with the chase, and the side lost track of what they were meant to do. It was not until Shoaib shone, that things looked hopeful for Mysuru again. With his dismissal, however, the side crumbled down inches short of the finish line.

18:00 (IST)26 AUG 2018

It was an amazing game. The flow of momentum kept shifting between the two sides, and in the end, every run mattered, as Hubli completes a narrow win. Just imagine - had Mysuru bowled just four wides lesser, the result would have been different. That is how close this match was.

17:58 (IST)26 AUG 2018


17:55 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Excellent last over from Kranthi Kumar, he did it for his side under pressure. After giving away 9 in five it was a brilliant decision to use a slower delivery in the very last ball, and it is game over for the Warriors.

Warriors 179/9 after 20 overs.

17:53 (IST)26 AUG 2018

But no! it's a WICKET! Manjunath lashes out wildly at the ball, fails to connect, and the ball will fly high but short, to short third man, where the fielder accepts it with open hands (literally).

S P Manjunath c Mahesh Patel b Kranthi Kumar 8(9) [4s-1], fall of wicket 179/9 in 20 overs.

17:51 (IST)26 AUG 2018

9 from 5 taken, 4 to win from the final ball. PRESSURE!

17:49 (IST)26 AUG 2018

It all boils down to this now. Can Warriors make it? Kranthi Kumar will bowl the last over.

17:49 (IST)26 AUG 2018

15 runs off that over. Shoaib departed, but not before inflicting enough damage. Two sixes from him, as he crossed his fifty.
13 runs needed in 6 balls now.

Warriors 170/8 after 19 overs.

17:47 (IST)26 AUG 2018

AND BIG WICKET! Shoaib is gone. After a couple of maximums, he holes one out to the fielder at sweeper cover, just when the Warriors were in sight of a victory. Darshan is delirious.

Shoaib Manager c (sub)Shivraj S b Darshan MB 58(31) [4s-4 6s-4], fall of wicket 169/8 in 18.5 overs.

17:43 (IST)26 AUG 2018

FIFTY! Remarkable innings from Shoaib there. And what a way to reach there. Hits a humongous six over long-on to reach the mark.
51*(28) so far.
4 fours, 3 sixes.

17:42 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Kranthi Kumar will continue from the other end.

17:41 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Great over from Vinay. Just five runs and an important wicket for the Tigers. Manjunath gets off the mark with a four.
28 needed from 12 now.

Vinay's final figures: 4 - 0 - 29 - 0

Warriors 155/7 after 18 overs.

17:38 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Vinay Kumar will bowl his final over now.

WICKET! Run-out. 1 run completed. Taha throws from the deep, and the keeper just has to take off the bails. Much needed wicket there.

Sharath run out (Taha/AM Kiran) 13(10) [4s-1], fall of wicket 151/7 in 17.1 overs.

S P Manjunath comes to the crease.

17:35 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Twelve runs off it. Shoaib continues to reach the ropes at least once every over - this time too, and it's a six. Remember that he was dropped early on.
Meanwhile, The Warriors cross 150.
33 needed in 18 now.

Kranthi injured himself after the first ball, after which Darshan completed the rest of the over.

Warriors 150/6 after 17 overs.

17:28 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Extensive field changes made by Hubli before the seventeenth over, which will be bowled by Kranthi Kumar.

17:25 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Ten runs from it, Shoaib finds the fence once again. Good over for Mysuru.
45 needed in 24 now.

Warriors 138/6 after 16 overs.

17:20 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Vinay Kumar has brought himself back to begin the death bowling.

17:20 (IST)26 AUG 2018

The death overs will begin now. The equation has come down to 55 needed in 30 balls. They did well in the first ten overs, but then some repeated fall of wickets have hampered the chase. What will happen next?

17:19 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Shoaib Manager looks in charge, expressing his intent with a couple of fours. Ten runs from the over in total.

End of bowling from Mahesh, his figures read 4 - 0 - 35 - 2.

Warriors 128/6 after 15 overs.

17:16 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Mahesh is in for his last over now.

17:16 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Wicket off the first ball, but ten runs added afterwards. Shoaib and Sharath gather one four each.

Warriors 118/6 after 14 overs.

17:14 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Praveen Dubey will continue from the other end.

WICKET! Flighted delivery, Bhareth's loft did not clear the fielder at long-on. All six wickets so far, for the spinners.

Bhareth NP c Kranthi Kumar b Praveen Dubey 6(9), fall of wicket 108/6 in 13.1 overs.

Srinivas Sharath will come in now to bat.

17:12 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Nine runs from it, including a six from Shoaib - the fielder at long-on could have latched on to the ball, but instead drops it over the fence.
The Warriors bring up their 100.

Warriors 108/5 after 13 overs.

17:10 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Mahesh Patel is in for his third over.

17:09 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Four more runs added to the board.

Warriors 99/5 after 12 overs.

17:08 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Praveen Dubey is back into the attack.

17:08 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Brilliant over, just four runs, and a couple of wickets too. Bhareth narrowly missed out on getting run-out.

Hubli will need more of overs like these. Are the Warriors going down?

Warriors 95/5 after 11 overs.

17:06 (IST)26 AUG 2018

ANOTHER WICKET! Mahesh brings out his bag of tricks. Poor shot from Siddharth, as he moved away and then tried to latch on to a cut, only for Taha to claim a catch at backward point. Hubli taking charge now. Mahesh on a hattrick.

Siddharth c Taha b Mahesh Patel 0(1), fall of wicket 91/5 in 10.2 overs.

Bhareth NP is the new man at the crease.

17:03 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Mahesh Patel is back with the ball, he was expensive in his first over.

WICKET! Suchith, cleaned up. He was looking to nudge that leg-break to the on-side, but it won't work. Ball goes straight for the bails.

J Suchith b Mahesh Patel 6(4) [4s-1], fall of wicket 91/4 in 10.1 overs.

Krishnamurthy Siddharth walks to the crease.

17:00 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Despite the fall of wickets, Warriors have been able to maintain a run-rate above nine in the end of the first half of their innings. But with Amit falling just now, it will be make-or-break at this stage for them. Hubli may as well exercise their authority over the game now.

16:58 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Eight runs from that over, but the highlight will be Amit's wicket. He was in form for Mysuru in the last game as well.
Suchith opens his account with a four.

Warriors 91/3 after 10 overs.

16:55 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Suraj is back for his third over.

AND AGAIN, WICKET! Debutant's magic on show here. Amit floats one over long-off, but there is a fielder in the deep, and the ball will perch right in his palms. Important wicket, that. Will Suraj turn the whole game around?

Amit Verma c Kranthi Kumar b Suraj Seshadri 24(16) [4s-4], fall of wicket 83/3 in 9.1 overs.

Jagadeesha Suchith is the next batsman.

16:51 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Six runs off it. 

Warriors 83/2 after 9 overs.

16:49 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Praveen Dubey is the new bowling change from Hubli.

16:49 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Another wicket for Tigers' Suraj, and six runs added to the board by Warriors. Amit hits another four.

Warriors 77/2 after 8 overs.

16:47 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Suraj is back at the other end.

WICKET! Raju hits one high over mid-off, and Vinay Kumar runs in all the way from extra cover, makes a spectacular dive, and completes the catch. The debutant is having a good day. Both Hubli openers in his pockets now.

Bhatkal c Vinay Kumar b Suraj Seshadri 22(19) [4s-2], fall of wicket 71/2 in 7.2 overs.

Shoaib Manager comes to the crease.

16:43 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Amit has apparently taken over from Arjun, as he finds the fence again.
Eight runs scored from the over in total.

Warriors 71/1 after 7 overs.

16:40 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Kranthi Kumar is back with the ball.

16:40 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Good batting powerplay from Warriors, they looked dominant and capable of going ahead totally. 63 runs scored in the first six overs.

16:39 (IST)26 AUG 2018

A big wicket on debut for Suraj, that too on his very first ball. But then Amit smacked two fours, in an attempt to get back the momentum.
Ten runs from the over.

Warriors 63/1 after 6 overs.

16:33 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Suraj Seshadri in for Kranthi Kumar at bowling.

AND WICKET! Immediate result. Man-in-form Arjun tries to give himself some run to make a cut, he misses but the ball doesn't. Knocking the bails right off.

Arjun Hoysala b Suraj Seshadri 32(18) [4s-2 6s-3], fall of wicket 53/1 in 5.1 overs.

Amit Verma comes to the crease.

16:33 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Another six from Hoysala, while Raju Bhatkal gets dropped at midwicket.
12 runs are added by the duo, meanwhile.

Warriors 53/0 after 5 overs.

16:31 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Mahesh Patel comes into the Tigers' attack now.

16:28 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Another four, and another six from Hoysala. He is helping his side hope for a win here.
Thirteen runs from the over in total.

Warriors 41/0 after 4 overs.

16:23 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Kranthi Kumar replaces Darshan MB in bowling.
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