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TNPL 2018: LYCA Kovai Kings Vs Dindigul Dragons: Live Score, Commentary & Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 18, 2018 22:39 IST

Follow all the action as the Kovai Kings take on the Dindigul Dragons.


22:39 (IST)18 JUL 2018

After losing the first game, the Dragons have comeback strongly to take two big wins in two matches and have also improved their NRR. The Kings were easily 30 runs on a proper belter in Dindigul. N Jagadeesan (66*) and NS Chaturved (72) made sure that their team eased away to an easy win. That's it from today's game. Let's meet again for the match between VB Kanchi Veerans and iDream Karaikudi Kaalai at 7:15 PM tomorrow. Till then, this is Vignesh Ananthasubramanian signing off from Dindigul.

22:39 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Dindigul Dragons win by eight wickets.

22:37 (IST)18 JUL 2018

B Anirudh just slog swept MP Rajesh for a six and the ball disappeared out of the ground. What a hit! 

22:35 (IST)18 JUL 2018

K Vignesh finishes his spell conceding 41 runs along with the wicket of Hari Nishaanth. He conceded eight off his last. Dragond need 15 runs off 18 balls. 

DD 171/2 after 17 overs

22:31 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Nine runs came off the 16th over bowled by Shahrukh Khan. The Dragons need 23 runs to win and they will look to finish things off in a couple of overs. 

DD 163/2 after 16 overs

22:26 (IST)18 JUL 2018

A successful over for Kings. Six runs and a wicket off the 15th over bowled by Rajesh. 

DD 154/2 after 15 overs

22:25 (IST)18 JUL 2018

150 up for Dragons in 14.4 overs. 

22:22 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Finally a wicket for Kings. Chaturved tried to hit another six and ended up offering an easy catch to Shahrukh Khan at long-off. 

NS Chaturved c Shahrukh Khan b MP Rajesh 72 (26)

22:21 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Dragons are in a hurry here. They take 15 runs off the 14th over and bring the equation down to 38 runs off 36 balls.

DD 148/1 after 14 overs

22:18 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Fifty for N Jagadeesan off 40 balls with the help of four sixes and one six. 

This is Jaggi's eighth TNPL fifty. 

22:17 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Two fours and a six came off Suresh Babu's third over and in the process, Chaturved reached his fifty. Jagadeesan is one share of his fifty. 

DD 133/1 after 13 overs 

22:14 (IST)18 JUL 2018

FIFTY for NS Chaturved off 28 balls balls with the help of four sixes and as many boundaries. He reaches the milestone with a six. 

22:12 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Kings are not lucky enough to have a wicket in the 12th over as the bails fail to come off. Still, it was a good over from Raja as just four runs were conceded. 
DD 117/1 after 12 overs.

22:10 (IST)18 JUL 2018

M Raja is unlucky there as the ball hits the stumps but the bails got dislodged and came back to it's actual position. Jagadeesan should consider himself lucky there. 

22:07 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Suresh Babu comes back strongly as he conceded just four runs off his second over. Kings need more of this in the coming over to pull things back. But, as of now, it is Dragons all the way. 

DD 113/1 after 11 overs. 

22:03 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Eight runs came off the tenth over bowled by MP Rajesh. The Dragons are running away with the game. 

DD 109/1 after 10 overs

22:00 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Akhil Srinaath comes into the attack and is greeted by Chaturved with a big six that went out of the ground. The Dragons also reached their team 100. 

DD 101/1 after 9 overs. 

21:56 (IST)18 JUL 2018

A good over to begin with from MP Rajesh. The batsmen struggled to find the gaps on the field and managed to score just four runs off it. 

DD 89/1 after 8 overs

21:52 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Left-arm spinner Suresh Babu comes n to the attack and has been taken for nine runs in his first over. 

DD 85/1 after 7 overs

21:48 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Even K Vignesh wasn't spared by the Dragons batsmen. NS Chaturved started off the over with two sixes and one four before Jagadeesan hit a beautiful straight drive and took 22 off the sixth over.

DD 76/1 after 6 overs

21:43 (IST)18 JUL 2018

10 runs came off the fifth over bowled by M Raja. The Dragons batsmen are looking to finish off the game quickly and improve their NRR. 

DD 54/1 after 5 overs

21:38 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Yet another successful over for Vignesh. He conceded eight runs off his second and took the wicket of Hari, who was looking dangerous. But the damage has already been made. 

DD 44/1 after 4 overs

21:36 (IST)18 JUL 2018

KV Strikes!!!! Hari Nishaanth skies one and the bowler ran back to complete a simple catch. 

Hari Nishaanth c and b K Vignesh 19 (9)

21:32 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Yet another over that has yielded more than 10 runs. Dragons will take this after the second over bowled by KV. A total of 13 came off it. 

DD 36/0 after 3 overs

21:26 (IST)18 JUL 2018

A good comeback over from K Vignesh as the TN pacer concedes just four runs off it.

DD 23/0 after 2 overs

21:21 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Dragons can't ask for a better start as their openers have cashed in on Dhas' military medium pace and took 19 runs from his over. Hari was severe with two sixes off the six balls. 

DD 19/0 after 1 over 

21:16 (IST)18 JUL 2018

We are back for the chase. N Jagadeesan and C Hari Nishaanth open the batting for the Dragons while W Antony Dhas to bowl the first over for Kings. 

21:05 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Dindigul Dragons have really managed to pull things back here in the last three overs as Kovai were looking set for a total in the vicinity of 200 when Shahrukh and Akkil (54*) were going all guns blazing. Things had started in a completely opposite direction with two early run-outs but the middle overs helped LKK crawl back in the match and post a par score here in Dindigul.

It remains to be seen whether the Ashwin-led home team can chase this down here. Stay tuned for LIVE updates!

21:02 (IST)18 JUL 2018

One run and a wicket from the first three deliveries, a single, a double and a boundary to wrap up thing for Lyca Kovai Kings.

LKK 185/5 after 20 overs

20:59 (IST)18 JUL 2018

A good first ball to start the over which Akkil played back into the hands of the bowler. A single came off the next but Dhas could only sky the third one straight up which Ashwin pouched easily inside the 30-yard circle.

A Dhas c Ashwin b Kaushik 1(2)

20:56 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Last over of the innings coming up, Kaushik to bowl it!

20:55 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Excellent over from Mohammed who mixed his speed brilliantly to keep in-form Akkil quiet. A very important over in the larger scheme of things, only 6 runs off it!

LKK 176/4 after 19 overs

20:53 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Antony Dhas walks in.

20:52 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Shahrukh, who has been striking brilliantly, straight drives Mohammed for a boundary to start the over but plays straight into the hands of long-off on the next delivery. The batsman has played an outstanding knock here!

Shahrukh Khan c Hari Nishanth b Mohammed 86(54)

20:50 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Can they get to 200?

20:49 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Rohith returns but Shahrukh sends him for a boundary on the very first delivery of the over. The batsman then muscled Rohith for a six on the fourth ball and followed it up with an innovative shot for a four to complete the 100 partnership. 17 runs from this over as Kovai inch closer towards the 200-run mark.

LKK 170/3 after 18 overs

20:45 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Adithya Arun returns into the attack and keeps it full and wide, which helped him on the first three deliveries but an outside edge off Akkil's bat adds four runs to Kovai's total and another boundary off the last delivery saw the batsman complete his half century.

LKK 153/3 in 17 overs

20:41 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Ravi Ashwin finishes his quota of four overs with figures of 4-0-29-1.

20:40 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Ashwin keeps it full and straight, not allowing the batsmen to swing their willow (except the last delivery which was wide and short) and another relatively quiet over - eight off it.

LKK 143/3 after 16 overs

20:37 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Ashwin to continue.

20:36 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Ramalingam Rohit changes ends and allows the Shahrukh-Akkil duo to add only five runs in the over - five singles and a dot ball.

LKK 135-3 after 15 overs

20:32 (IST)18 JUL 2018

A boundary after a misfield in the deep saw the pair complete their 50-run partnership and Shahrukh complete his half century. Khan then celebrated the milestone with a six over mid-wicket on the second ball. Ashwin conceded four more singles on the next four deliveries. 14 off this one!

LKK 130/3 after 14 overs 

20:27 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Ashwin back into the attack.

20:26 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Similar to the rest of his fellow bowlers, Arun went with the full and wide delivery as well to restrict Shahrukh Khan who is now three runs away from his half century. Akkil, though, on the other hand, has let things loose and got a maximum and a boundary in the over. 15 off this one!

LKK 116/3 after 13 overs

20:21 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Adithya Arun into the attack now.

20:20 (IST)18 JUL 2018

Three singles from the first three deliveries were followed by a maximum off a short ball over deep square leg by Akkil Srinath. The Rohit over finished with two more singles.

LKK 101/3 after 12 overs

20:16 (IST)18 JUL 2018

R Rohit, who gave away 15 runs in his only over, replaces Ravi Ashwin for the 12th over of the innings.

20:15 (IST)18 JUL 2018

J Kaushik gave away just five runs on the first four deliveries despite two wide balls but a boundary off the fourth ball from Akkil meant this was an expensive one!

LKK 90/3 after 11 overs

20:10 (IST)18 JUL 2018

After conceding a boundary off the first ball, Ashwin came back strongly to concede just one run off the next five balls to make it five of the over. Brilliant stuff this from the Indian offie. 

LKK 81/3 after 10 overs

20:06 (IST)18 JUL 2018

After conceding just two runs off the first five balls, Akhil Srinaath dispatches the ball over the mid-wicket fence to take eighth runs off the ninth over. 

LKK 76/3 after 9 overs
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