Manchester City vs Manchester United Live Score and Commentary, Premier League 2017-18

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Man City 2 - 3 Man United (Kompany 25', Gundogan 30'; Pogba 53', 55', Smalling 69')


23:56 (IST)7 APR 2018


What a bloody beautiful game this is... Manchester United absolutely eviscerated their neighbours in the second half and that was a display well worth this win. 

Oh, how those lads turned up. MANCHESTER UNITED!

That's all from me, Anirudh Menon signing out as I go hoarse with shouting... 


23:54 (IST)7 APR 2018

96' We are into the 96th minute... and Valencia takes an age to take the throw-in...

23:52 (IST)7 APR 2018

95' De Bruyne whips one in from the left and Kompany toe-pokes it into the stands. The Etihad is awfully quiet right now. MY GOD UNITED. 

23:51 (IST)7 APR 2018

94' Pogba and Rashford look to keep it in the corner; and promptly give away a goalkick

23:50 (IST)7 APR 2018

93' Pogba toys with Sane en route to winning a corner; and Mourinho takes the opportunity to take off the brilliant Ander Herrera for Victor Lindelof

23:50 (IST)7 APR 2018

92' Jesus gets into the book for an absolutely inane foul on Ander Herrera. What a turn around this is. As the witty af Amar Anand just said, if Ravi Shastri were looking at this, he'd have said "What a day for Sports"

23:49 (IST)7 APR 2018

91' FIVE MINUTES OF ADDED TIME - and Kompany kicks it off with a yellow for arguing over a Jesus tackle that's punished... that ain't a tackle, it's a foul. Vincent. 

23:48 (IST)7 APR 2018

90' OH MY! The corner pinballs around till Sterling pokes the ball toward the goal - but he smacks it at the post from three yards out! After more pinballing around, Matic smashes it upfield where Rashford does oh so well to win a freekick off Danilo. Yellow. 

23:47 (IST)7 APR 2018

89' OH MY GOOD LORD DAVID BLOODY DE GEA WHAT ARE YOU YOU INCREDIBLE HUMAN BEING YOU WILL YOU MARRY ME? Delph lifts a beautiful ball into the box which Aguero wins - and De Gea pulls off the most incredible save

23:45 (IST)7 APR 2018

88' The corner comes to nothing, but City play keep-ball... till Delph lifts a cross right into De Gea's hands

23:44 (IST)7 APR 2018

87' OH! 4 v 4, Lukaku takes a touch more time than necessary and City break with incredible intent - and it takes a superb tackle from Young to deny Sterling a free cross as he enters the box down the right

23:43 (IST)7 APR 2018

86' Herrera plays it short to Lukaku who looks to curl one in but it's a hopeless one. 

23:42 (IST)7 APR 2018

85' Mourinho looks to batten down the hatches and takes of Lingard for young Scott McTominay; on the field Pogba and Herrera do brilliantly well to win another freekick deep in City territory

23:41 (IST)7 APR 2018

84' The incessant City pressure is killed off by Herrera winning a smart foul off Jesus. United move forward at pace - and Lukaku combines beautifully with Pogba, who looks to play in Lingard but just overhits it

23:40 (IST)7 APR 2018

83' De Bruyne, what a player! The Belgian ghosts towards the edge of the box and looks to play in Jesus - it moves past the Brazilian and lands at Aguero's feet; where out of nowhere Young apparates into being and smacks it away from the Argentine's toes

23:39 (IST)7 APR 2018

82' Alexis Sanchez is taken off - after arguably his best 40 odd minutes in a red Mancunian shirt - and local lad Marcus Rashford comes on in his stead

23:38 (IST)7 APR 2018

81' Yellow for Pogba as he snaps into Otamendi to stop another City counter. The Argentine takes exception to the tackle and some more argy-bargy ensues

23:37 (IST)7 APR 2018

80' In the ensuing counter, Lingard got sandwiched by three City players and that sparks off a mini-brawl that consumes a couple of minutes

23:36 (IST)7 APR 2018

78' OH MY GOOD LORD! WHAT A TACKLE! OH, MY DAYS!! From the freekick, City counter with incredible intent and as they race forward 5 v 3, de Bruyne does the de Bruyne thing and slips in Aguero - the Argentine looks to have a clean shot; but Ashley Young slams into him with a magnificent tackle that first takes man then takes ball

23:34 (IST)7 APR 2018

77' HO HO HO Sanchez hurdles past three challenges before Sane wins his challenge - Lingard intercepts another and wins a freekick back off the German. Once again, the Chilean stand over it. 

23:33 (IST)7 APR 2018

76' Ilkay Gundogan off, the Menace of Manchester, Sergio Kun Aguero sprints on... this is turning out to be some derby. 

23:32 (IST)7 APR 2018

75' Herrera and Gundogan tangle, and the Basque gives away a freekick - where Danilo loses out to Ashley Young and concedes a goalkick

23:31 (IST)7 APR 2018

74' UFF! Sane looks to play in Jesus with a sliderule pass but Bailly ninja-tackles the ball out of the box - it bounces off to Gundogan but his smack from distance is well blocked by Herrera

23:30 (IST)7 APR 2018

73' De Gea almost sells his team with another poor clearance, but De Bruyne's header back down the ground is too powerful even for the lightning pace of Sterling. 

23:29 (IST)7 APR 2018

71' City are trying to stretch United out - and Pep's going to help them by throwing on Kevin De Bruyne and Gabriel Jesus for the two Silvas 

23:27 (IST)7 APR 2018

WOOOOOF! WOOOF! WOOOF!!! Alexis curls in another beautiful ball that floats all the way across to Chris Smalling - who calmly sidefoots it past Ederson. Calm. Composed. Brilliant

23:26 (IST)7 APR 2018


23:26 (IST)7 APR 2018

68' Danilo smashes in with a hail-mary challenge on Sanchez; and the Chilean stands over another freekick......

23:25 (IST)7 APR 2018

67' Danilo looks to lift in a ball to Leroy Sane but he's easily outmuscled by Valencia. Like a fly bouncing off an 18-wheeler, that

23:23 (IST)7 APR 2018

66' De Gea looks to find the United battering ram, but the ball's too high even for Lukaku. City are now back to trying their rat-a-tat-tat passing of theirs

23:22 (IST)7 APR 2018

65' And that's reflected in David Silva winning a foul of Herrera just outside the box... in De Bruyne territory. In the Belgian's absence, Gundogan curls it inches above De Gea's crossbar but the Spaniard had it covered

23:21 (IST)7 APR 2018

64' OOO! David Silva looks to pick out Sane with another of his laser-guided balls but Valencia intercepts smartly. City are getting back their confidence now

23:20 (IST)7 APR 2018

63' Lukaku does superbly to control a whack of a Smalling clearance, before Sterling looks to bully him - hahahaha, really? - and ends up fouling him and earning a caution in the process. 

23:19 (IST)7 APR 2018

61' OOO! Sanchez looks to play it first time to Lukaku, and but for a brilliant interception by Otamendi, that would have seen the Belgian charge forward one-on-one

23:18 (IST)7 APR 2018

60' WOOOF! Fernandinho passes the ball sideways to Sanchez - and the Chilean breaks with United 2 v 3; the Brazilian makes up for his mistake by holding the United no 7 up, but he can still tee up Lingard; whose shot is not that far away from Ederson's far post. 

23:17 (IST)7 APR 2018

59' United's turn to go pass-pass... Lingard plays in Valencia down the right and the Ecuadorian nutmegs Delph on the way to bulldozing into the box; and losing out to Fernandinho!

23:15 (IST)7 APR 2018

58' OOO! Fernandinho picks out David Silva with a peach of lifted pass that David Silva tries to cushion onto the path of Gundogan, but Bailly's alert and smacks it clear

23:14 (IST)7 APR 2018

57' City are trying to kill United's new-found rhthym by passing it around for a bit - but Bernardo Silva betrays City's nerves by playing it well wide of anyone in blue... or even red. 

23:13 (IST)7 APR 2018

OH HO HO HO! HAS HE TURNED UP FOR THIS HALF OR WHAT? Alexis Sanchez, once again, picks out a delightful ball from the left flank and Pogba powers a lovely, tougher than it looks, header into the net. WOOF! GAME F****ING ON!

23:12 (IST)7 APR 2018


23:11 (IST)7 APR 2018

Oh, hell yeah! Sanchez motored down the right, wriggled past Delph and picked out Herrera with a useful ball... the Basque then beautifully set up Pogba with a cushioned-chest pass... and one-on-one with Pogba, he gave Ederson the eyes and smacked it into the back of the net

23:10 (IST)7 APR 2018


23:10 (IST)7 APR 2018

52' Whistles ring around the Etihad as United pass the ball around in the single most comfortable minute they've had all day

23:09 (IST)7 APR 2018

51' Sterling rips into United left-flank, turns Young inside out and tees up Gundogan in a crowded box with a delightful ball... and the German grazes the top of De Gea's crossbar with his fine effort... on target, and the Spaniard was getting nowhere near that

23:07 (IST)7 APR 2018

50' Sane doesn't like what he's seen so far so he motors forward, plays a neat ball wide and Sterling wins a corner off Smalling.... which comes to nothing

23:06 (IST)7 APR 2018

49' United are playing with a vim and vigour not seen at all in the first 45; Some manic high pressing leads to the unusual sight if City misplacing a pass and Matic tees up Pogba - who's left footer is comfortably fielded by Ederson

23:05 (IST)7 APR 2018

48' Alexis Sanchez takes the corner, and Kompany gets the faintest of nicks on it - to take it away from Pogba, who'd have had the free-est of free headers

23:05 (IST)7 APR 2018

47' Ryan, I'd be happy to tell you that red-shirts are indeed passing it to red-shirts at the moment... Sanchez does well to play off a Lukaku-Pogba layoff and play in the big Belgian - who's attempt at goal is blocked well Danilo; who seems to have pulled something in the process. Corner for United

23:03 (IST)7 APR 2018

46' United press down the right flank, Pogba with some nice touches - before Herrera plays it out with an awful ball. 

23:03 (IST)7 APR 2018


Ryan Giggs, powder dry as ever, drawls "I hope one red shirt passes to another red shirt"
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