Manchester United vs Anderlecht Live Score and Commentary, UEFA Europa League, UNITED LEAD

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Manchester United 2 - 1 Anderlecht (Agg. 3 - 2) Mkhitaryan 9', Hanni 32', Rashford 106'


03:05 (IST)21 APR 2017


Manchester United are through to the semifinals of the UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE after an absolutely EPIC match in which Anderlecht stood toe-to-toe, punch-for-punch and played with all the heart and verve befitting of European continental quarterfinalists. 

Jose Mourinho acknowledges this by first applauding the amazing away support before going on to shake the hand of every Anderlecht player. 

Congratulations to United, commiserations to a magnificent Anderlecht.

'twas a pleasure bringing you this match - and thank you for your company

Anirudh Menon signing out....


03:02 (IST)21 APR 2017


03:01 (IST)21 APR 2017

119' UNITED GO ON THE ATTACK AND MARTIAL ROLLS THE BALL INTO THE NET after running onto a cute through ball by Mkhitaryan but he's a mile offside

03:01 (IST)21 APR 2017

118' Mbodji is playing emergency centre-forward now and he almooost flicks it onto Acheampong.

03:00 (IST)21 APR 2017

117' Anderlecht are laying siege to United's box  - the ball is pinballing around, United players are flinging themselves at shots... until finally Thelin hammers into Romero in challenge of a high ball and gives United a breather

02:59 (IST)21 APR 2017

116' Anderlecht almost make United pay for their cowardice... Acheampong gets onto a Mbodji header into the box - but Romero is right there and it bounes off his right leg. Close again! And Anderlecht are by no means done with this tie... Bruno swings int superbly, but Romero punches out... 

02:58 (IST)21 APR 2017

114' Mkhitaryan tries to punt one forward to Rashford, but Ruben is always getting there first. The Spaniard's clearance, though, is straight at Mkhitaryan and he pings it wide to Martial.. who (presumably under strict, and loud, instructions from Mourinho) passes it all the way back to the halfway line. 

02:56 (IST)21 APR 2017

113'... But Carrick is in Stanciu's way, and the Romanian is forced back. In the face of increasing pressure, Martial does well to win a freekick off Dendoncker

02:55 (IST)21 APR 2017

112' Fellaini makes a nuisance of himself, and wins united a corner. Mkhitaryan's delivery is too close to Ruben and Anderlecht can counter...

02:54 (IST)21 APR 2017

111' Carrick does supremely well to win a foul of Tielemans and take the sting off the game. He will look to slow it down to walking pace now. 

02:53 (IST)21 APR 2017

109' OOOH! SAVE RUBEN! Martial powers through the middle of the field before playing it out to Mkhitaryan.. the armenian passes it onto Pogba - but the engmatic Frenchman's shot is well saved by Ruben... and hacked away by Spajic

02:51 (IST)21 APR 2017

108' Anderlecht need to go for it now, and Tielemans sends a set-piece deep into the box in the hope of finding an answer... Fellaini's mammoth noggin' ensures that doesn't happen.

02:50 (IST)21 APR 2017

WHAT A FINISH THAT WAS. After an exhibition of horror shooting over 105 minutes, Rashford takes a Fellaini knock down, sends Dendoncker to the wrong fire with a lovely shuffle of his feet before HAMMERING it low into the goal. WOOF!

02:48 (IST)21 APR 2017


02:47 (IST)21 APR 2017


02:46 (IST)21 APR 2017


This is becoming quite the marathon session isn't it?

02:45 (IST)21 APR 2017

105' OOOOOO! TIELEMANS SMASHES IT AT ROMERO WHO CAN'T REALLY GATHER IT.. somehow the Argentine scrambles onto this feet and recovers before Thelin can steal in and win the ball

02:44 (IST)21 APR 2017

104' The Reds look way more dangerous in this first half of extra time and have absolutely battered the Belgians, but they have nothing to show for it thanks to some splendid rearguard action from Mbodji and Spajic in particular

02:43 (IST)21 APR 2017

103' United countered with Martial pinging a ball to Fellaini who laid it off to Rashfoooord... who sidefooted it into Obradovic. 

02:43 (IST)21 APR 2017

102' Pogba almooost nicks the ball off Stanciu's toes, but the Romanian does well to wriggle his way out of trouble. Finally, Anderlecht pass the ball around a bit - before Thelin gives it away to Blind. 

02:41 (IST)21 APR 2017

101' POGBA HAS THE BALL IN THE NET.... but NO! Fellaini had been penalised for a push on Spajic as he rose above the defender to lay it onto the path of Pogba.  

02:40 (IST)21 APR 2017

99' Shaw pumps it in, Spajic smashes it out... Pogba tries to folllow it up with a delivery of his own but Obradovic is in the way and it's yet another United corner. 

02:39 (IST)21 APR 2017

98' OH WOW! Superb delivery in from Rashford but Fellaini can't get his hair to direct the ball goal ward! Spajic as ever got his head to it simultaneously and headed it away. 

02:37 (IST)21 APR 2017

97' Nothing comes off the initial delivery from the corner but Rashford skins Appiah down the line with a burst of searing pace - and the Frenchman enters the ref's book. 

02:37 (IST)21 APR 2017

96' Mkhitaryan swerves in and out of a forest of bodies - magic from the Armenian - before playing it into Rashford... but guess who's there? Kara Mbodji has been IMMENSE TONIGHT. 

02:35 (IST)21 APR 2017

95' Dendoncker gets the better of Pogba, but Tielemans swift pass forward is well cut out by Carrick

02:34 (IST)21 APR 2017

94' Tielemans plays it along the ground to Stanciu, but the Romanian can't put a cap on that training ground routine as he smashes one high into the crowd.

02:34 (IST)21 APR 2017

93' Mkhitaryan unleashes one, but it's straight at Ruben... Martial is now playing through the middle as Martial takes up his station on the left... Dendoncker has a go at the other end, but it swerves just wide thanks to a toe from Valencia. 

02:33 (IST)21 APR 2017


02:32 (IST)21 APR 2017

91' United are pinging the ball about as they try to find some normalcy in what has become a nightmare - just as i type that, Fellaini goes down clutching hos shoulder. Hope he's alright, or United are playing this with 10.

02:30 (IST)21 APR 2017

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has limped off to be replaced by Martial. This is NOT United's night

02:26 (IST)21 APR 2017

OUCH! JUST SAW A REPLAY.. Zlatan's knee bend at a horribly unnatural angle as he landed - this looks deadly serious. 

02:26 (IST)21 APR 2017


02:25 (IST)21 APR 2017

92' One last attack for United... Carrick pings it to Ibra, but he trips on landing and now he's down clutching his knee.. this just went from bad to worse for Mourinho. 

02:24 (IST)21 APR 2017

91' Zlatan and Rashford combine brilliantly before the latter sweeps a superb little ball onto the path of Shaw that is intercepted by the magnificent Spajic

02:24 (IST)21 APR 2017

90' Two minutes added on... United want to finish it now!

02:23 (IST)21 APR 2017

89' Acheampong is smothered by Fellaini and Bailly, but the latters ball out is horrible. Stanciu tries to make him pay for it by going on a power dribble down the middle, but Eric Bailly is having none of it.

02:22 (IST)21 APR 2017

88' Mkhitaryan foes brilliantly to wriggle past Dendoncker before he plays it to Pogba. The ball falls to Zlatan, who flicks a lovely ball onto the path of Rashford, but the English lad's shot can only disturb the side netting at the near post.

02:21 (IST)21 APR 2017

87' Appiah does superbly again to stop Rashford's charge down the wings and slow everything down to a manageable tempo. United are passing it around decently here... (just as I say it Pogba passes it straight to Mbodji), but it's their finishing that has been criminally poor

02:19 (IST)21 APR 2017

85' Rashford has the ball in the back of the net - as he ran onto Pogba's pass, but the ref had already whistled for offside ages back. It looked a very close call that, and replays confirm there was nothing in it. A 50-50 that just so happened to go in the defender's favour

02:17 (IST)21 APR 2017

84' Acheampong needs some medical attention and the managers have a chance to bark orders at their charges as the players take a bit of break in what has been a breathlessly end-to-end match

02:16 (IST)21 APR 2017

83' Luke Shaw and Antonio Valencia try pinging it onto Zlatan, but both hit it too long. 

02:15 (IST)21 APR 2017

82' OH MY! OH MY! WHEN IBRAHIMOVIC MISSES THOSE CHANCES, OLD TRAFFORD HAS TO FEAR THAT THIS ISN'T THEIR NIGHT. Carrick played a lovely little ball into the feet of the Swede who proceeded to smash it to the corner flag from the edge of the box. Horrible, horrible finish. 

02:14 (IST)21 APR 2017

81' Bruno nutmegs Shaw (you can almost hear the Ole) and the Englishman doesn't like it one bit - so he pushes him to ground. Tielemans swings the setpiece in but it's too close to Romero

02:13 (IST)21 APR 2017

80' The ball is worked into the box where Zlatan volleys it closer to the corner flag than the goal. 

02:12 (IST)21 APR 2017

79' Kiese-Thelin comes on for the tired-looking Teodorczyk before Spajic smashes into Mkhitaryan and concedes a freekick near the halfway line. 

02:11 (IST)21 APR 2017

78' OH WOW! HOW DID HE MISS THAT?!?! Mkhitaryan's delivery fell to Pogba some six yards away from the goal, but the Frenchman can only find the top tier with his volley. 

02:10 (IST)21 APR 2017

77' Rashford again whips in a superb ball that Mbodji does well to head away from danger - corner again.,,,,

02:10 (IST)21 APR 2017

76' Penalty appeals at the other end as Achempong goes down under pressure from Valencia, but the ref is having none of it. As it has all \day, the ball immediately reaches the other penalty area through a superb Rashford cross from the left, but Spajic nicks in ahead of Pogba to head it clear

02:08 (IST)21 APR 2017

75' Rashford's corner doesn't clear the first man. Rubbish. 
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