Manchester United vs Chelsea Live Score and Commentary, Premier League football 2017-18

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Manchester United 2 - 1 Chelsea (Lukaku 39', Lingad, 76'; Willian 31')


21:35 (IST)25 FEB 2018


Oh, that was a rather interesting game, wasn't it? Lukaku was superb, Pogba was good erring on the side of very good, Lingard was brilliant! Chelsea, on the other hand, dominated for large parts of the game - hazard was superb, Azpilicueta was on his A game, but Alvaro Morata's toothlessness cost them. Although, the goal he did score was ruled off for a very contentious offside goal - replays confirmed he was on!

Mourinho, politeness personified, walks off with a grim smile. 

21:30 (IST)25 FEB 2018

97' Lingard heads it just ahead of COURTOIS!

21:30 (IST)25 FEB 2018


21:29 (IST)25 FEB 2018

94' Pogba wins a brilliant freekick inside the Chelsea half. 

21:28 (IST)25 FEB 2018

92' OH! Romelu Lukaku absolutely pulverised the Chelsea defence here as he outfights Rudiger and then outsprints three Chelsea defenders before smashing it at Christensen. 

21:25 (IST)25 FEB 2018

91' There will be four minutes added on.  

21:24 (IST)25 FEB 2018

90' Pogba chases a lost cause and forces Christensen to hack it clear. 

21:23 (IST)25 FEB 2018

89' Young tries to sneak in ahead of Willian and win the ball high up in the Chelsea area - but that he does illegally. 

21:23 (IST)25 FEB 2018

88' Yellow for Morata has as he goes through the back of Smalling - who has marauded forwarded, no really, he has. 

21:21 (IST)25 FEB 2018

87' OH POGBA! He bullies Azpilicueta and Fabregas, tries to keep it in the corner, but fails. 

21:20 (IST)25 FEB 2018

86' Morata has the ball in the back of the net!!! He squeezes it under De Gea's legs but that's ruled out for offside!

21:18 (IST)25 FEB 2018

85' Willian is hugged and brought down by Matic. That's a yellow and he knows it. Giroud tried a backheel - he connects with nothing but thin air

21:18 (IST)25 FEB 2018

83' Valencia marauds forward, breezes past Alonso and Kante and wins a freekick. Which is rubbish from Young. 

21:17 (IST)25 FEB 2018

82' Rudiger smashes into McTominay - and Matic takes exception to it. I wouldn't want to pick a fight with the big Serbian. 

21:15 (IST)25 FEB 2018

81' Alonso tries to switch play and he ends up playing it out of play.  

21:15 (IST)25 FEB 2018

80' Sanchez is subbed off for Bailly as Mourinho battens down the hatches

21:14 (IST)25 FEB 2018

79' Matic bullies Giroud, Drinkwater bullies Matic and Chelsea try to start another flowing move... the ball is moved forward by Alonso and Giroud tries to cushion it out to Morata; but he's offside. 

21:12 (IST)25 FEB 2018

78' A Lindelof mistake almost allows Pedro to attempt a cross, but Smalling does well to makes sure it's just a corner. Giroud comes on for Moses, Conte's throwing the kitchen sink at it. 

21:11 (IST)25 FEB 2018

OH MY! Romelu Lukaku drifted out wide and whipped in an absolute peach of a ball that Lingard run onto and headed supremely well into the back of the net. 

21:10 (IST)25 FEB 2018


21:09 (IST)25 FEB 2018

75' OOO! Christensen does supremely well to win the ball off Pogba's forehead. 

21:08 (IST)25 FEB 2018

74' Marcos Alonso leans into Valencia, pushes him and that's a freekick which Young stands over - near the corner flag. 

21:07 (IST)25 FEB 2018

72' Pogba and Christensen come together and Conte takes the chance to bring on Pedro instead of HAZARD! Strange one that

21:06 (IST)25 FEB 2018

70' United move forward with intent and Alexis chips it into space but Lingard's beaten to it by Rudiger. 

21:05 (IST)25 FEB 2018

69' Hazard is brought down on the left - Willian takes a pop at it and De Gea inexplicably spills it once again! The ball almost squeezed in. 

21:03 (IST)25 FEB 2018

68' From the corner, the Belgian keeper flaps at it; but in the midst of all that panic  - Chelsea clear. 

21:02 (IST)25 FEB 2018

67' AMMA! AMMA! AMMA! WHAT WAS THAT! Alexis chipped in a ball that looked pointless till Lukaku contorted his body into a flying bicycle volley that takes the very best of Courtois to keep out. 

21:00 (IST)25 FEB 2018

66' Lingard wins a corner off Azpilicueta... but his corner is rubbish as well. Young then bullies Willian off the ball and tries to race Drinkwater down the left flank - but nothing comes of it. 

20:59 (IST)25 FEB 2018

64' Lingard's first involvement is to hammer into Willian, win the ball back, and lay it off to Sanchez. The Chilean lays it off to Pogba - but the midfielder's pass is rather rubbish. 

20:57 (IST)25 FEB 2018

63' Finally some changes as Lingard as Martial is taken out for Jesse Lingard. 

20:56 (IST)25 FEB 2018

62' Alexis Sanchez lets fly from thirty yards... it's low, hard, and well wide. 

20:55 (IST)25 FEB 2018

61' Alexis finally plays a good ball in the final third and Lukaku lays it off to Martial, but the Frenchman's dink into the box is straight at Moses. 

20:54 (IST)25 FEB 2018

60' Willian cuts in, takes out Matic before screaming one into row Z

20:53 (IST)25 FEB 2018

59' Drinkwater slides around like a kindergarten kid let loose on a waterslide - Martial almost makes away with the ball but Azpilicueta mops things up. 

20:52 (IST)25 FEB 2018

57' Morata does well to hold up the football and win a freekick. Drinkwater takes a pop from well out and inexplicably De Gea spills it - but Alonso is beaten to the rebound by Valencia. 

20:50 (IST)25 FEB 2018

55' Young wins a corner off Moses, and Alexis wastes it. He does, though, track back to win the ball back. 

20:49 (IST)25 FEB 2018

53' Martial and Pogba combine superbly - but Alexis inexplicably dithers again and loses the ball. Pogba's playing well here. Alexis is most definitely not. 

20:47 (IST)25 FEB 2018

51' Hazard is released by a lovely ball from Willian and he tries to tee up Morata, but Smalling intercepts brilliantly. 

20:46 (IST)25 FEB 2018

50' Pogba pulls out some beautiful flicks as he sends Moses to the cleaners before laying it off to Martial; who's touch lets him down. 

20:45 (IST)25 FEB 2018

49' OH MY! Smalling dives in on a ball that he looked to have under control, Morata takes his time with it - and Smalling recovers to block the Spaniard's shot

20:43 (IST)25 FEB 2018

48' Pogba bosses Kante off the ball and turns to do that fast ambling gallop of his, but Azpilicueta reads the situation brilliantly, comes out to  help his teammate out. 

20:41 (IST)25 FEB 2018

47' Pogba clambers all over Kante and Atkinson adjudges that a foul. 

20:40 (IST)25 FEB 2018

46' De Gea clears the ball right out of play and Chelsea are starting that patient passing rhythm once again

20:39 (IST)25 FEB 2018


20:28 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Two lovely goals, and both right here for your perusal!

20:28 (IST)25 FEB 2018

20:28 (IST)25 FEB 2018

20:24 (IST)25 FEB 2018


A very good Willian goal was followed by a very good Lukaku goal and those two goals have illuminated a game that's grown into a rather interesting match. 

20:23 (IST)25 FEB 2018

47' Morata and Matic jump for a ball - the Serbian leans into his face with his elbow. The Spaniard's felt that. 

20:21 (IST)25 FEB 2018

46' Two minutes added on. Alexis and Lukaku combine to play Martial into the box, but the Frenchman's strayed offside. 
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