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Netherlands vs Argentina live score, FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar: Argentina win a heartstopper on penalties

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 10, 2022 03:58 IST

Netherlands vs Argentina LIVE score and updates: Argentina win a heartstopper on penalties Follow Sportskeeda for Netherlands vs Argentina 2022 FIFA World Cup LIVE score and updates.


03:58 (IST)10 DEC 2022

So that brings to an end two pulsating quarter-final games both of which went to penalties. We have two more coming up tomorrow. Do join us for those. Till then take rest and be ready for tomorrow. I need to sleep! Bye for now.

03:57 (IST)10 DEC 2022

03:54 (IST)10 DEC 2022

03:53 (IST)10 DEC 2022

03:52 (IST)10 DEC 2022

We will sign off. Before that we will leave you with a couple of tweets.

03:51 (IST)10 DEC 2022

So tears from Netherlands while Argentina are singing and dancing along merrily. That's the story of the shootouts in a nutshell.

03:42 (IST)10 DEC 2022

Emiliano Dibu Martinez saved the first two penalties to give Argentina a heavy cushion and despite Enzo's miss, Lautaro held his nerve to close out the deal. We saw Martinez be the hero in the Copa America semi-final in the shootout against Colombia and he came up with unbelievable saves to take his side to the semi-final.

03:39 (IST)10 DEC 2022

That goal took the game into extra-time and Argentina threatened as they brought on Angel Di Maria. Enzo hit the post with the last kick of the game. And the dreaded penalty shootout came.

03:37 (IST)10 DEC 2022

OH MY HOLY DAYS! WHAT A GAME! Unbelievable. Argentina were cruising at 2-0 with 10 minutes of normal time and additional time left. But Netherlands never gave up and Wout Weghorst scored twice as they resorted to longball tactics. A superbly worked free-kick off the last kick in the 11th minute of added time, saw Netherlands equalise.

03:29 (IST)10 DEC 2022

As we saw in the Croatia-Brazil game, heartbreak and ecstasy on both sides. Phew. I can't type. I need to sleep!

03:27 (IST)10 DEC 2022

PENALTY SCORED BY Lautaro Martinez! Netherlands 5 Argentina 6. Lautarooooooooooo! He sends Noppert the wrong way by finding the bottom-left corner. Right into the side-netting. Very well placed and Argentina celebrate and roar in delight.

03:26 (IST)10 DEC 2022


03:26 (IST)10 DEC 2022

Lautaro Martinez with the last kick. Score and he will take Argentina through. Miss and then it is sudden-death.

03:25 (IST)10 DEC 2022

PENALTY SCORED BY Luuk de Jong! Netherlands 5 Argentina 5. Netherlands stay alive still. Luuk de Jong sends Martinez the wrong way, sliding it into his left.

03:25 (IST)10 DEC 2022

PENALTY MISSED BY ENZO FERNANDEZ! Netherlands 4 Argentina 5. Pressure! And Netherlands are still in it. Enzo takes a long run and drags this wide of Noppert's right-hand post with the keeper going the right way.

03:23 (IST)10 DEC 2022

PENALTY SCORED BY Wout Weghorst! Netherlands 4 Argentina 5. Good penalty that as it is placed into Martinez's right-hand post. Right in the corner.

03:23 (IST)10 DEC 2022

PENALTY SCORED BY Gonzalo Montiel! Netherlands 3 Argentina 5. Such a calm and reassuring penalty. Side-footed into the corner sending Noppert the wrong way - diving to his right.

03:22 (IST)10 DEC 2022

PENALTY SCORED BY Teun Koopmeiners! Netherlands 3 Argentina 4. Martinez does not dive and the penalty is to his left.

03:21 (IST)10 DEC 2022

PENALTY SCORED BY Leandro Paredes! Netherlands 2 Argentina 4. Right into the side-netting from Paredes as Noppert dives the right way to his right. Unstoppable penalty that.

03:20 (IST)10 DEC 2022

PENALTY SAVED FROM Steven Berghuis! Netherlands 2 Argentina 3. My word what a save. To his left this time as Martinez dives and parries the powerful kick. He celebrates wildly as well.

03:19 (IST)10 DEC 2022

PENALTY SCORED BY Lionel Messi! Netherlands 2 Argentina 3. Messi sends Noppert the other way with a slide-rule pass to the keeper's right.

03:19 (IST)10 DEC 2022

PENALTY SAVED FROM Virgil van Dijk! Netherlands 2 Argentina 2. Martinez dives to his right to make a flying save. He is pumped. That was into the corner from Martinez came up trumps.

03:18 (IST)10 DEC 2022

Netherlands to take the first kick.

03:18 (IST)10 DEC 2022

Time for either Andries Noppert or Dibu Martinez to become their nation's heroes. 

03:15 (IST)10 DEC 2022

EXTRA-TIME ENDS! Netherlands 2 Argentina 2. Argentina created chances and Enzo hit the post in the last minute of second half extra-time. Netherlands were surviving and now it's to penalties.

03:14 (IST)10 DEC 2022


03:13 (IST)10 DEC 2022

Enzo Fernandez HITS THE POST. From a corner, Messi passes to Enzo who shoots from outside the box but with Noppert beaten, the shot hits the outside of the post and goes out for a goal-kick. So so close.

03:12 (IST)10 DEC 2022

Great turn by Lautaro Martinez and he shoots but Noppert does well to dive and palm it away. That was a stinging drive.

03:10 (IST)10 DEC 2022

From a corner, German Pezzella's header is powerful and on target but just over the crossbar.

03:09 (IST)10 DEC 2022

And now Enzo Fernandez's shot takes a deflection and just loops over the crossbar.

03:08 (IST)10 DEC 2022

What a chance for Lautaro Martinez but the ball hits Virgil van Dijk and goes away for a corner.

03:06 (IST)10 DEC 2022

Netherlands make a substitution: Noa Lang on for Cody Gakpo.

03:05 (IST)10 DEC 2022

YELLOW CARD TO German Pezzella for bringing down Cody Gakpo.

03:04 (IST)10 DEC 2022

Argentina make their last change: Angel Di Maria on for Lisandro Martinez.

03:02 (IST)10 DEC 2022

YELLOW CARD TO Gonzalo Montiel for saying something to the referee. He will miss the next game if Argentina get through. Silly again.

02:59 (IST)10 DEC 2022

Argentina make a change: Gonzalo Montiel on for Nahuel Molina. 

02:58 (IST)10 DEC 2022

Second half of extra-time begins.

02:56 (IST)10 DEC 2022

Both sides have two changes remaining. Remember for extra-time you get an extra substitution.

02:56 (IST)10 DEC 2022

Nothing in that half and we are 15 minutes away from penalties.

02:55 (IST)10 DEC 2022

First half of extra-time ends. 

02:54 (IST)10 DEC 2022

A free-kick from Messi and it's dinked to the far stick where Otamendi at full stretch can't get there.

02:54 (IST)10 DEC 2022

A total of 11 players have been booked in this game.

02:46 (IST)10 DEC 2022

STAT courtesy BBC: Netherlands have scored five goals in the last 15 minutes of matches in Qatar, more than any other team in the 2022 World Cup.

02:40 (IST)10 DEC 2022

First half of extra-time begins.

02:40 (IST)10 DEC 2022

So another 30 minutes of this. And if not then we go to another penalty shootout.

02:36 (IST)10 DEC 2022

FULL-TIME! Netherlands 2 Argentina 2. When it looked dead and buried Wout Weghorst came up with two goals in the last 20 minutes to force extra-time. Argentina just wilted under the longball tactic from Netherlands. Direct and firing crosses into the box, and it worked. On to extra-time.

02:35 (IST)10 DEC 2022


02:34 (IST)10 DEC 2022

GOAL! Wout Weghorst in the 101st minute! Netherlands 2 Argentina 2. What a cleverly worked free-kick that was. When everyone was expecting a shot, Koopmeiners passed the ball to Weghorst who held off a defender and then slid it in past Dibu Martinez. Argentina were not expecting that at all and are caught napping. Practically off the last kick of the game, Netherlands level. What.A.Game.

02:33 (IST)10 DEC 2022

The 10 minutes are up. Last chance for Netherlands.

02:32 (IST)10 DEC 2022

YELLOW CARD to Lionel Messi for protesting that decision.
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