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  • Olympics 2021: Aditi Ashok, Diksha Dagar Women's Golf LIVE - Aditi Finishes 4th. Nelly Korda (US) Wins Gold, Mone Inami Wins Silver after defeating Lydia Ko (Bronze) in playoff hole

Olympics 2021: Aditi Ashok, Diksha Dagar Women's Golf LIVE - Aditi Finishes 4th. Nelly Korda (US) Wins Gold, Mone Inami Wins Silver after defeating Lydia Ko (Bronze) in playoff hole

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 07, 2021 06:01 GMT

Aditi Ashok, Diksha Dagar Women's Golf LIVE Day 4 (Round 4) scores, updates & commentary


06:01 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

To wrap things up: Nelly bags Gold, Mone Silver in a playoff with Lydia (Bronze) after they tie for 2nd place. Aditi stood 4th, missing a medal by a whisker.

Aditi matched Nelly stroke by stroke throughout the round today. She gave her all. She's come a long way from being 41st in Rio Olympics to 4th here in Tokyo. 20year old Diksha will gain a lot of experience from her outing here. She continued to improve herself in every round. Just to cite what difference these performances have made, my local pro & coach - Mita just informed me that her phone's been ringing with requests from parents to enroll their kids in her Golf academy! Hold your heads high girls, for this is just the beginning.

This is your Golf host Dheeraj on signing off. It was a privilege to bring you stroke by stroke live commentary & updates. Hope you enjoyed it as much we did bringing it to you! Thank you & Stay safe.

05:22 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Thank you all fans out there for cheering our girls! Augurs very well for Golf in India. Super exciting young talent. I'm taking a short break and will be back to wind it up. Stay tuned.

05:15 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Phew! There you have it:
Gold: Nelly Korda (USA)
Silver: Mone Inami (Japan)
Bronze: Lydia Ko (New Zealand)

Aditi Ashok finishes brilliant 4th & Diksha Dagar a commendable 50th

05:11 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

No she can't!! Mone Inami (Japan) wins Silver, Lydia Ko (New Zealand) settles for Bronze

05:10 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

She took her time and what an effort! Tap in par for Mone. Lydia has to make this par to force 2nd playoff hole

05:08 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Lydia chips it a bit too right expecting a bigger break from right to left, but a good attempt though. All eyes on Mone now

05:05 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Mone puts it on the green, but its a loooong putt for a birdie, a two-putt par more realistically. Lydia will look to do an up & down par.   

05:04 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

She laid it up with an 8 iron. Good play. Puts pressure back on Mone to find the green 

05:02 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

A tough tough second shot from bunker for Lydia

05:01 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Here's the leaderboard at the completion of 72 regulation holes:

04:59 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Mone drives down the fairway, Lydia finds right side fairway bunker

04:59 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

436 yards par 4 18th

04:58 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Now Playoff for Silver coming up between Mone and Lydia.

04:57 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

What a run Aditi had. She matched with the leader, Nelly stroke for stroke in the final round, despite the big difference in driving distances. Nelly was -2 for the round against Aditi's -3. Mind you Nelly Korda is world no 1 in women's golf

And another inspired round by Diksha Dagar. We are mighty proud of you girls! This will provide a big boost to golf in India

04:48 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

There you have it: Nelly Korda wins Gold medal at Tokyo Olympics. Now we have a playoff for Silver & Bronze between Mone Inami & Lydia Ko.

Aditi finishes a commendable 4th, just outside the medal contention

04:45 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Not to be! Alas...Nevertheless, brilliant golf by Aditi over all 4 days. She's out of contention. 

04:43 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Nelly Korda sets up a tap in par for Gold medal

04:43 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Ooh! Lydia leaves it short. This 4-footer par putt will seem like a 10-footer 

04:42 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Aditi will be keenly watching Lydia's putt here

04:41 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Lydia Ko just needs a two putt par. So does Nelly

04:40 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Nelly does well to set up a another birdie for herself. Only way Aditi can get a medal now is to birdie this hole.

04:38 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Aditi went a bit left with a draw. On the green. Gives herself an outside chance of an birdie.

04:37 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Mone Inami finishes with a bogey.

04:36 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Don't think I'll be wrong to say, that the next shot for Aditi is probably the most important one of her life. This will decide everything. Can she set up a birdie here on her 72nd hole of the tournament?

04:34 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Aditi has a 188yard shot to the pin that is almost in the center of the green. She need a birdie here to remain in contention for a medal

04:31 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Mone plops it up on the green. A long par save. Under pressure, these putts seem even more long...

04:29 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Aditi finds the fairway on the 18th off the tee. Good shot

04:28 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Mone Inami finds the bunker on her approach shot on 18th. It's a 'fried-egg' lie on the slope of the bunker. Very difficult shot this one for her

04:26 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Aditi needs to birdie the 18th. It's not gonna be easy

04:26 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Leaderboard with one hole to go:

04:23 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Nelly misses her birdie putt, cleans up a par on 17th. Still tied for the lead.

04:23 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Almost a birdie for Aditi!!! She settles for a par on 17th.

04:22 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Ooh! good try by Lydia, taps in a birdie

04:21 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Lydia Ko for an eagle putt to go joint topper

04:20 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Aditi chips the 35yard distance, goes left of the pin. A tricky birdie putt for her now

04:18 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Mone Inami with a birdie on 17th. Ties for the lead with Nelly. Great play!

04:17 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

The wet grass after the rain will only make it a bit tricky. 

04:16 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

There you go! One birdie from Aditi in her remaining two holes will do it!

04:14 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Players would've used this break to compose and gather their thoughts. Only top 5 players on the leaderboard are in contention here. Waiting for the hooter to get things underway.  

04:13 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

People, we are back live now!

04:10 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

With play about to resume in the final round, this is how the leaderboard is stacked up currently:

04:06 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Diksha Dagar puts up a very decent round today. She completed her last round at 1-under par. She finished +6 through the tournament. Tied 50th

04:03 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Ok, we have an update: Play expected to resume at 1.15pm JST (9.45am IST)

03:54 (GMT)7 AUG 2021


03:51 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Leaderboard after Round 3 (54-holes):

03:49 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

If no further play is possible today and tomorrow, then the standing at the end of 54-holes (Round 3) will decide the medals.

03:41 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Ofcourse, we will continue to update you as we hear more on it. 

03:40 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

As per information available with us, once the conditions improve enough for play to resume, golfers will head back and start exactly where they left off. It's only around 12.40pm local time there. We probably need another 45minutes to an hour of clear weather to finish the round today with only two more holes to be completed. Mind you the leaders tee'd off last today morning. Almost everyone has finished or are on their last hole of the day.

If no further play is possible today, we do have a reserve day tomorrow to come back and finish the remaining holes.

03:35 (GMT)7 AUG 2021

Play has been suspended temporarily, given rain and lightening risk. Stay tuned.
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