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PMCO Spring Split Live Match Highlights India and South Asia Group Stage Day 4 Standings ​

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 10, 2020 14:11 GMT

PUBG Mobile Cup Open Spring Split Live Match Highlights for India and South Asia Group Stages


14:11 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Overall Kill Leaders

14:05 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Screenshot (200).png 2.15 MB
match standings for Game 2 of the day

14:04 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Team insane with a man advantage of ELMT Esports secures its first Chicken Dinner of the day!

14:03 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Team Insane and ELMT Esports are fighting for the Chicken Dinner in the final zone 

13:59 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

MegStars is caught off guard by team Insane, which results in their elimination from the map

13:45 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Team insane eliminates the whole squad of iNTIATIVE as they become the first team to get eliminated from the game

13:41 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Revenge Esports' Akshay knocks out VSG.Crawlers' hB but he gets revived by his team mates

13:34 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Navjot is the only remaining member of Mayhem who will now aim for placement points.

13:33 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

However, Team Gox fights back and eliminates three-members of  Mayhem. What a turn around!

13:32 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Mayhem's Shadow knocks out Team Gox's Viper and instantly finishes him with UZI

13:30 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Mayhem cannot just stop!

13:28 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

The second match is being played in Sanhok and the flight path stretches from Lakawi to Camp Alpha

13:23 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Mayhem continues its domination and has now won 4 Chicken Dinners in five games! Insane stuff from the young squad.

13:19 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Screenshot (197).png 2.16 MB

13:14 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Screenshot (198).png 2.14 MB
Match standing of Game 1 of Day 4

13:12 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

With another Chicken Dinner to its name, Mayhem is comfortably sitting in the top half of the table

13:11 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Screenshot (196).png 1.99 MB

13:09 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Mayhem's Nanjot had the most kills(6) in the game and thus is the MVP for the game

13:08 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Mayhem won the Chicken Dinner with 16 kills in their bag

13:08 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Mayhem wins another Chicken Dinner as they eliminate VSG.Crawlers, Icky Mafia and Team Tamilas in the final zone

13:06 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Mayhem is eyeing another Chicken Dinner and it is looking likely since all of their four members are alive

13:04 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

5 teams are remaining in the game with only 10 players surviving on the battlefield

13:03 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Mayhem continues their impressive journey in the tournament, as they eliminate the last two members of Super Girls near a small house

13:02 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

U Mumba's Bhishma who was heal battling in the 5th zone, gets eliminated by the Playzone

12:59 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Revenge Esports gets eliminated in the 15th position. A huge setback for the team

12:58 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Revenge Esports gets completely annihilated by ELMNST Esports near a ridge.

12:55 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

A close escape! ELMNT Esports' Frost barely escapes with a sliver of health as he gets assaulted by VSG.Crawlers

12:52 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

KikiOp and TTcarryOP landed in the same location but only TTcarryOP was able to find a weapon

12:52 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Raven's TTcarryOP is off the mark as he eliminates U Mumba's KikiOp

12:48 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

The flight path of the match stretches from Shooting Range to Novorepnoye

12:46 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

The first match is underway and it is being played in Erangel

12:39 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Mayhem's Shadow and Fnatic's Scout have been the standout performers in the tournament so far and will look to replicate their performances on Day 4

12:37 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Screenshot (194).png 2.86 MB

12:36 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

The casters for the day are Manu 'Krat' Karki and Ketan 'k18' Patel

12:33 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Teams from Group C and Group B will collide on Day 4 of the Group Stage

12:32 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

The Livestream for PMCO Group Stage Indian region is underway

12:32 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

12:30 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

The Livestream for PMCO Group Stage Indian Region is starting shortly

12:22 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Day 4 schedule for PMCO South Asian region Group Stage

12:19 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Kill leaders until now
Screenshot (192).png 2.24 MB

12:13 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

12:10 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

A1 Esports and Nepali Ho Ni have dominated previous days and will look to do the same today

12:09 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

Group B teams will take on Group C on Day 4 and the casters for today's matches are Varun 'isuperjonny' John and Ocean 'Ocean' Sharma

12:07 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

The Day 4 of Group Stage for the South Asian region is underway

11:31 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

The Livestream for PMCO Indian region Group Stage will start in 1 hour

10:28 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

The Livestream for PMCO Indian region Group Stage will start at 6 PM IST

10:28 (GMT)10 FEB 2020

The Livestream for PMCO South Asian region Group stage will start at 5:30 PM IST 
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